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Wicklow Way Relay

A relay race from Kilmashogue to Shillelagh along the Wicklow Way
Saturday 24th May, 2014
Climb (m):
Distance (km):
Event Difficulty:
7 (2,2,3) - Moderate Terrain, 200M - 500M ascent, >10Km
Race Marking:
Only major junctions marked - Only major junctions marked
GPS Allowed:
Route Description:
The Wicklow Way must be followed as signposted, unless specifically listed below. Leg Descriptions are available but they are a little out of date so use as a guide only. When in doubt, look around you! Or post here. Also, no shortcuts are allowed and teams risk being disqualified if reported.

  • Leg 8: Leave the WW at Stranakelly Crossroads and run to the finish. This will be marked.


23/04/2014 REGISTRATION: Opens 24th April at 9 pm, please read forum post for guidelines. First 30 teams get in. No early registrations. 25/04/2014 TEAM CHANGES: Register team changes (only once you have received your team number) Enter changes Registration form 2014" Email form to from 9 pm onwards. Follow forum for latest news and updates.
Organisers Instructions:

Teams consisting of between 2 and 8 runners will run the Wicklow Way in Relay. There are eight stages, between 8km and 22km long. Fee 15 euro per runner but minimum of 60 euro for teams of 2 or 3.

A Solo Ultra event will be run in conjunction with the WWR, running the entire length of the Wicklow Way. See separate event page for further information.

Prizegiving Location:
Kennys, Shillelagh

Volunteers (Non-Running)

You need to have done 2 non-running volunteer roles in a calendar year to qualify for end of year prize

Current Volunteers

Volunteers (Running)

Check with race director if they have a need for people volunteering and running. Race directors need a minimum number of people available throughout the race to make the race work so non-running volunteers are preferable. While it can be helpful, volunteering in a volunteer and race capacity does not count towards qualifying for end of year prize

Current Volunteers