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Brian O MurchuJul 8 2013, 11:21amThe first race in this years trail league is Earls Drive/Djouce Trail! For those who volunteered, please can you re-volunteer as this information wasn't transferred over with event update
Brian O MurchuJul 12 2013, 12:15pm
Am doing a recce of the course on Tuesday 23rd if anyone would like to join!
John J BarryJul 12 2013, 1:50pmI'll go with you Brian.

Doing laptop Wednesday so I can get my 'fix' on Tuesday:-)

Time? Djouce Wood Car Park I suppose?
Brian O MurchuJul 22 2013, 9:32pmRecce rescheduled to Thursday, around 6.30pm if anyone wants to join!
Brendan LawlorJul 24 2013, 10:37pmHi, Please put Jack Lawlor down as a volunteer please
Brian O MurchuJul 24 2013, 11:40pmDone! I have him down as a running volunteer, please advise if otherwise. Also can Jack indicate what time he expects to be at the race on Wed? (it will help me allocate roles)
Mick HanneyJul 25 2013, 6:05amMikey has most of the race gear. I have computer and first aid and tables. I'll be there good and early for registration next week.

No raffle tickets or race vouchers (for prizes) in kit.
Brendan LawlorJul 25 2013, 10:27amSorry Brian, Jack is away next week so he will have to volunteer the following week.apologies
Brian O MurchuJul 25 2013, 9:49pmRemoved!

Brian O MurchuJul 25 2013, 9:52pm
In this race there are x2 river crossing, x2 windblown trees to duck under and x2 fallen trees to go over on course. Please obstacles are pictured in the photos section. Please traverse these obstacles responsibly.

Oran MurphyJul 29 2013, 12:48pmBrian, I can de-mark if you need someone. Don't think I'd be able to make it out early enough to help with marking unfortunately.
Colin DoyleJul 29 2013, 1:13pm@ Oran,

Thats perfect thanks Oran, I'll mark early in the day so if you can de-mark that would be great. I'm only going to use hazard tape so it will be easy enough to do.

Brian O MurchuJul 29 2013, 1:41pm-Carpooling is encouraged from the Glencormac Inn.

-Please have exact change for entry fee if you can.

-There will be NO early starts (unless you're in the 240% bracket).

-There are some obstacles on the course, please navigate these responsibly.
Sam ScrivenJul 30 2013, 10:28amJust wondering if End of League prizes will be available for collection at the prizegiving?
Seán HealyJul 30 2013, 11:16amDo you need any more Non-Running Volunteers for this event? I'll be able to make it up early so dont mind marking the course etc,
colin doyleJul 30 2013, 11:44amHi Sam, as far as I'm aware the end of league prizes will be at the race, Ask Jimmy Sinnott when you see him. I'll ask Brian to make an announcement at the race start regarding such.

Sean, We're fine for course marking, I'll have it in place from about 4.30 pm.
However 3 turn marshalls are needed, 1.for junior/senior Split. 2.for uphill right turn at the top of the lake/junior final turn. & 3. where route rejoins fire road 200metres from the finish.

If any of these sound appealling then they can be yours:?
Brian O MurchuJul 30 2013, 11:50amHi Sean,

I just emailed you!
Brian O MurchuJul 30 2013, 4:09pmHi Jesko,
Can you get in touch, I emailed you to your tcd account
Brian O MurchuJul 30 2013, 7:38pm
Thanks to everyone who has volunteered, no more helpers required. There is still a vacancy for Shadow Laptop if anyone wants to learn that role.

Registration will be open 18:15 - 19:10
Mick HanneyJul 31 2013, 9:07amIs there a Race Director for Trail League race 2? Ideally they would collect the race gear tonight.
Anne HodgeJul 31 2013, 12:01pmIn the car-pool I have offered a lift from Merrion Square to the race but forgot to say it is one way only. I am returning to Maynooth via the M50 / N4 afterwards (not going back into town). Sorry about that.
Brian O MurchuJul 31 2013, 12:06pmHi Anne,
I sent you an email, did you receive it?
Catherine DevittJul 31 2013, 2:29pmIn response to Anne's post, I will be driving back to Sandymount/Ballsbridge area. Have no problem giving lifts back in that direction - however, will be leaving shortly after the race.
james cahillAug 1 2013, 12:32amThank you Brian and all your volunteers, great fun on the trail run this evening
Brendan LawlorAug 2 2013, 8:51amThank you Brian and crew for a great race. Lovely to see Colleen Robinson and John Fitzgerald both back in action again - we missed ye!

Also big welcome to the ladies from Roundwood Athletic Club making their mountain running debut in their own back yard - well done girls, see ya all next week!
Joseph LyonsAug 3 2013, 12:13amHi I think their was a mix up with my result,I ran the long course bit put down that I ran the short course could you take a look at this thanks