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Paul SmythAug 20 2013, 10:04amI'm looking for a lift. Anyone going from anywhere near Citywest/Tallaght?

smythp at
Alan AylingAug 20 2013, 12:45pmNormally quite happy to give you a lift Paul, but unfortunately I can't make this race.
Paul SmythAug 21 2013, 8:56amThanks Alan.
Gavan DohertyAug 22 2013, 11:49amHi all,

Just a note about the Nav Challenge 1 this Sunday. A few people have asked me:
- will I be able for the Short Course (physically and navigation-wise)?
The short course is 8km long, with 480m climb, so it's similar to some of the longer Wednesday night Leinster League Races.
The navigation is quite straightforward (mostly forest tracks/paths, with some open mountain close to the forest).

- do I need to bring a map?
No, a map will be provided for all competitors with the checkpoints marked on it

- can I start early?
Absolutely no problem and encouraged if you're around the 160% mark or more in other IMRA races

- do I need any special kit?
Not if you're doing the Short course, no special kit needed.

There are more details on the event page, but if there are any questions please feel free to post.

The forecast is looking good, so hopefully see you Sunday.

Greg ByrneAug 22 2013, 1:19pmI'm also looking for a lift if anyone is heading out via Rathfarnham on Sunday morning with space in their car?

Greg -
Stuart ScottAug 22 2013, 2:52pmSounds good Gavan!

If anyone is still wavering, the Nav Challenges are the perfect stepping stone for anyone with aspirations to 'graduate' to the weekend races. They are an ideal way to learn and practice nav skills in a controlled setting while still getting a decent bit of exercise, and there'll be plenty of people on hand to talk you through the basics should you need it.

And here's hoping the long course is just as challenging as ever, preferably without Philip's 'Jungle of Death' from a few years back!

Paul, Greg, if you could get yourselves towards Sandyford/Carrickmines you're welcome to a lift but hopefully there'll be others from your directions.

John CondonAug 22 2013, 3:26pm'Jungle of Death' likes the sound of that
Gavan DohertyAug 22 2013, 8:03pmI could do with a few more 'optional' volunteers (running and non-running!):

1) putting out checkpoints:
the more remote ones can be put out on Saturday afternoon/evening if anyone fancied a stroll, but ideally if you're confident with a map

2) taking back in checkpoints:
from (hopefully) about 3pm on Sunday afternoon. again the remote ones could wait until monday, and the nearby ones could be taken in on a mountain bike

3) photographer:
running or non-running!

4) first aid officer:
non-running, but probably only needed from about 12 - 3pm

let me know if you're up for any of those slots. similar slots will be available for Nav Challenge 2 and 3. volunteer online, call me on 086 262 1445 or email me on gavan.doherty [at]

Paul SmythAug 24 2013, 8:48pmGav,

Is the map printed on water-resistant paper or should we bring plastic bags?
Gavan DohertyAug 24 2013, 9:49pmHi Paul,

maps with pre-marked course on it are on waterproof Aquascribe paper.

That said weather is looking perfect:

hopefully the waterproof properties won't be needed!

Jill WalkerAug 25 2013, 1:28amDoes anyone know if Jimmy will be there - I'm looking to collect my end of league prize.
Paul O'GradyAug 25 2013, 8:23amJill, Jimmy doesn't generally run these races - and with average numbers in the twenties or thirties, he won't be coming down just to give out bags.

I would guess that you will have to wait until the AGM race in November - unless Jimmy makes alternative arrangements.
John CondonAug 25 2013, 6:25pmMany thanks to Gavan and crew for a great event today. Hat tip to Gareth as well for a great course.
Well done all.

Mick HanneyAug 25 2013, 7:28pmCrone capers was the bees knees. Thanks to Gareth for architecting this one and to Gavan & team for a very well run event. The SI controls were brilliant and to get your results moments after you crossed the line with (in my case slow) splits was a bonus. Well done Dan on his win.
Brían O'MearaAug 26 2013, 9:20amGreat event. Thanks to Gavan & helpers.
Tom O'SullivanAug 26 2013, 11:25amI'd like to second the above compliments for the Gavan and his team. The custom map for the event was impressive, but the timimg gadget was really swish. Fair play and roll on Sept 8th in Glendalough.

For anyone tempted to try the short course, it was a good route with fairly straightforward navigation, a very do-able race for anyone who has run the Leinster League.

John BellAug 27 2013, 10:04amRace report up.

Thanks again to Gavan and vounteers for an excellent event.
Angus TynerAug 27 2013, 10:42pmPut in a report as well
Gavan DohertySep 3 2013, 8:47amAt Nav Challenge 1 we had about 20 people do the short course, including 2 families with small kids in tow!

I'll put up a separate appeal for (running) volunteers for this sunday (Nav Challenge 2), but wanted to thank the various heroes who made Nav Challenge 1 happen:
Miles Newman for clumping around the day before and getting the checkpoints out (Mayo abu!)
Rachel & Stuart
Gareth Little for planning (hope the wounds are healing up)
Gerry Cunningham for stepping in to Gareth's shoes at the last minute
Mary Healy & Pat McCavana for SI help (I think people did find it interesting to have their times & split times as they 'crossed the line')
Brendan Doherty
Noreen, Anne & Barry

We're hoping to get a redacted map up online, but in the meanwhile here are the grid refs for Nav Challenge 1 checkpoints (could be taken in any order, 4 for the short course, all 6 for the long):
Start (Crone car park) - O 193 142
T junction of track - O 197 131
T junction of track - O 190 139
Tonduff North - O 159 137
River Junction - O 185 123
Coffin Stone - O 171 105
Maulin Summit - O 183 131