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Mick HanneyJul 11 2013, 9:20pmTraditional handicap or format as used in Glendoo before (guess your time)? If the latter we might change route slightly as runners of the race before will have an advantage.
Mick HanneyJul 12 2013, 10:53amThe handicap race will be Brockagh. I believe a permit is now in place. I'm waiting for the details to be changed here.

We'll go with the traditional format handicap. It would be good to see the low percentage guys starting late and trying to catch the rest of the field. Hopefully we'll get a good turn-out and people get into the spirit of the event which is a bit of fun.

There are some gaps in key roles. A race marker and demarker and a first aider. A laptop lead too. Thanks.
Odhran HendleyJul 12 2013, 8:26pmHi Mick , You can switch me to race demarker to fill that role.

Mick HanneyJul 12 2013, 10:41pmThanks Odhran. If you have myimra access you should be able to change your role for this event? I can't see how.
Mick HanneyJul 12 2013, 10:44pmAnyone got access to the formula used to calculate the handicap start times, otherwise known as the how long after everyone else will Des start calculator?
Val JonesJul 13 2013, 9:17pmI believe it was Bruce Schenker who originally devised it
Bruce ShenkerJul 15 2013, 11:34amI can find the original program but I sent it to someone last year who fixed it up a bit (it had some trouble if you had more than 3 names in your name) , I will look through my email to find who i sent it to or I can send it again if necessary.
Mick HanneyJul 15 2013, 11:45amThanks Bruce. No need for the moment. I was sent something over the weekend (from Dermot) which was probably it so I'll review the functionality this week :-)
Mick HanneyJul 15 2013, 9:48pmThe predicted winning time will be 43 mins. Handicaps will be worked out to expect a 8:30 finish. The slowest handicap I expect will be twice the predicted winning time, which will have any such runners starting just after 7.

For convenience the race will probably start at the barrier and not the laneway, as organising minute by minute starts down the laneway would be a bit messy.

I'll email a volunteer plan to those that have signed up, thanks.

I hope faster runners will get into the spirit of the race and join in, for the fun of it.
Angus TynerJul 18 2013, 10:28amMick, what junior option are you considering?
Mick HanneyJul 18 2013, 11:25amJunior turn on Brockagh is usually on the 1st peak if memory serves so we'll marshall this accordingly and juniors should have their appropriate handicap start times on the list in due course.
Mick HanneyJul 18 2013, 7:53pmThanks to all who have volunteered to help.

Can any of the volunteers step up to laptop operator to assist Colum? Failing that, can someone step in to assist?Laptop should be straightforward as as its the handicap race I don't envisage the new for new registrations.

If anyone wants to do deputy Race Director feel free to familiarise yourself with the RD role feel free.

As soon as I have the Leinster League data I'll compile the handicap times and publish. I'll adjust the expected race time so that it will start and finish at the yellow barrier for convenience sake.

Brockagh Centre is available for parking but not for registration (not indoors at least). Registration will be within the car park of the Centre.

Apart from the above I have sufficient volunteers for the race itself. Jimmy might need a hand giving out LL prizes though.

Prize giving afterwards is the bar in Lynhams.
John LangenbachJul 19 2013, 1:33amHi Mick, I can help Colum but I haven't done the laptop duties before either (although it is about time I learnt!) so wouldn't be any use as a teacher. If he's down as the experienced kind of shadow looking for an apprentice we'll be fine and if he's the novice shadow I'd be, we'll probably muddle through. If you get a better offer, take it and I'll do the shadow role myself some other time.

Because it's the handicap race there could well be bunches finishing together and the laptop dudes may not keep up, so can you set up a long no-overtaking finish chute and/or ask people to hold their order until the number writers record them.

For handicap prizes you'll only need the first finishers but should the results from the laptop get uploaded as they are or be massaged to uncorrect for the staggered start times? (Not that I have the faintest idea what the process of getting the results from the laptop to the web usually involves or how many hours hassle on Thursday such an adjustment would involve.)
John J BarryJul 19 2013, 8:39amMick,

I intend on running on Wednesday. But if it's any use to you I can be there early. to land a hand for an hour or so on the ole laptop thingy.

Mick HanneyJul 19 2013, 8:49amThanks John J, I'll work with that. And thanks John L for the offer too, but I'll go with the experience. Good point about the results. I'm of a mind with not uploading the results to the IMRA database as it would skew matters, not being a reflection of true race results. The results can be shown on the forum at the every least.
John J BarryJul 19 2013, 9:56amMick,

Not to sure about not uploading the results.

I 'won' the M40 category (which I got nothing for!!!) a couple of years back in the Handicap race. I know it's complete nonsense but it's nice to be on top of the results once in my life.

I'm sure former winners of the event would feel the same.

I'm sure the tech guys would be able to modify the upload to exclude the results from the overall "Enduro Points".

Paul O'GradyJul 19 2013, 10:18amI agree John, I am very pleased with my one win from this race.

It would be a shame if people took the view that results only mattered to the elite runners.

The winner of the league handicap is basically the most improved runner over the course of the season, as they are the one who has beaten their average time by the most - and that should be recognised.
John J BarryJul 19 2013, 10:41amPaul,

That's a good description of a honourable winner of the handicap race.

An dishonourable winner could be a 'Conchudo' who held back the whole season with the sole intention if 'winning' the handicap race ;-) Shame on them!!!!
Mick HanneyJul 19 2013, 1:33pmFair enough John & Paul.

Anyone want to take photos next Wednesday? Perhaps let John take a back seat (or a run) for a change?
Mick HanneyJul 21 2013, 1:49pmThanks for that Kevin.

Post-script to Kevin's posting (which I have added to the race instructions):-

This race is for IMRA runners who have competed in the Leinster League. No new registrations accepted at this race.
Mick HanneyJul 21 2013, 4:45pmUpdated list (to take account of long course & some DNFs which were skewing figures). 1st Long Course. Predicted winning time 43 mins.

fullname start time
A.T. Kelly 7:29
Adam O'Keefe 7:32
Adrian Hennessy 7:53
Adrian Tucker 7:40
Adrian White 7:44
Aidan Blighe 7:34
Aidan Hogan 7:38
Aidan Keegan 7:37
Aidan Kelly 7:35
Aidan Maher 7:28
Aidan McMoreland 7:52
Aidan O'Donoghue 7:37
Aidan Roe 7:26
Aideen Keenan 7:32
Ailish Byrne 7:31
Aine McDonald 7:32
Aishling O'Connor 7:05
Aisling Corkery 7:25
Aisling Growney 7:28
Alan Ayling 7:38
Alan Eddie 7:25
Alan Guinane 7:32
Alan Jones 7:35
Alan Lawlor 7:42
Alan Madden 7:24
Alan Matthews 7:36
Alan Ryan 7:33
Alex Gleeson 7:44
Alice Clancy 7:19
Alison O'Mahony 7:15
Allan Coffey 7:23
Amanda Anderson 7:26
Ana Ocampo 7:02
Andreas Kusch 7:34
Andrew Moore 7:21
Andrew O'Connor 7:30
Andrew Rhatigan 7:24
Andy Clarke 7:19
Andy Scott 7:34
Angela Flynn 7:13
Angela Hayles 7:15
Angus Tyner 7:40
Anna Heffernan 7:19
Anna Sheane 7:13
Anne Hodge 7:10
Annette Kehoe 7:34
Anthony Alexander 7:32
Anthony Byrne 7:21
Anthony Finn73 7:32
Anthony O'Reilly 7:38
Antonia Cosgrove 7:13
Aoife Glainn 7:14
Aoife Lucey 7:25
Aoife O'Sullivan 7:29
Aonghus O'Cleirigh 7:50
Archie O'Donnell 7:38
Avril Mahon 7:00
Barry Cronin 7:49
Barry Dooley 7:22
Barry Magee 7:26
Barry Moore 7:38
Becky Quinn 7:36
Ben Mooney 7:42
Bernard Crampton 7:37
Bernard Fortune 7:43
Berndt Heim 7:20
Brendan Cahill 7:24
Brendan Coghlan 7:28
Brendan Deery 7:30
Brendan Doherty 7:00
Brendan Lawlor 7:25
Brendan Murphy72 7:37
Brendan Murphy84 7:49
Brendan O'Connor 7:29
Brendan O'Keeffe 7:34
Brendan Pollard 7:38
Brenno Pasto 7:39
Brian Carolan 7:25
Brian Farren 7:29
Brian Fennessy 7:25
Brian Furey 7:49
Brian Hill 7:32
Brian Leddin 7:39
Brian MacMahon 7:53
Brian McGuckin 7:36
Brian Naughton 7:33
Brian O'Meara 7:41
Brian Storan 7:36
Brian Sugrue 7:38
Bronagh Cheetham 7:26
Bruce Waldron 7:39
Bryan O'Neill 7:39
Caitlin Bent 7:04
Caoimhin Macmaolain 7:39
Carol Bracken 7:08
Caroline Boylan 7:13
Cathal Gallagher 7:33
Cathal Kearney 7:33
Cathal Lally 7:30
Cathal O'Donovan 7:42
Cathal Small 7:15
Catherine Devitt 7:42
Ceana Heron 7:16
Cearbhal Beggan 7:29
Charlie Lyons 7:45
Chris Blau 7:04
Chris Mullins 7:23
Christian Krueger 7:28
Christine Healy 7:35
Christopher Kitchin 7:36
Cian Friel 7:41
Ciara Kilray 7:27
Ciaran Aylward 7:47
Ciarán Johnson 7:15
Ciaran M Kelly 7:24
Ciaran McGrath 7:00
Ciaran Muldowney 7:33
Ciaran Walsh 7:20
Cillian Geoghegan 7:14
Cillian Stewart 7:31
Cionnaith O'Dubhaigh 7:37
Claire Keegan 7:24
Clare Baily 7:28
Clare Brock 7:29
Colclough John 7:30
Colin Brown 7:39
Colin Crotty 7:42
Colm Carey 7:41
Colm Dinan 7:33
Colm Kennedy 7:38
Colm MacManus 7:28
Colm Moran 7:40
Colum McKeown 7:39
Connie McCann 7:23
Conor Blackett 7:40
Conor Bourke 7:24
Conor Breslin 7:26
Conor D Kelly 7:43
Conor Doyle 7:40
Conor Lamb 7:35
Conor O'Keeffe 7:50
Conor O'Meara 7:36
Conor Short 7:50
Cormac O'Byrne 7:20
Cormac O'Ceallaigh 7:34
Cormac Ryan 7:44
Csaba Saransky 7:32
Curtis Foong 7:27
Damian Cronin 7:31
Damian Kelly 7:46
Damien Kirwan 7:34
Damien McKeever 7:31
Damien McParland 7:40
Damien Purcell 7:28
dan roberts 7:29
Daniel Morrogh 7:47
Daniela Boehm 7:24
Daniele Casal 7:42
Danny Wall 7:27
Dara Connolly 7:30
Dara Stanley 7:17
Darin O'Connor 7:18
Darragh Tierney 7:27
Darren Byrne81 7:19
Darren Duffy 7:35
Daryl Hughes 7:33
Dave Bradley 7:32
Dave Higgins 7:27
Dave Liddy 7:16
Dave Richardson 7:18
David A Butler 7:41
David Brady 7:12
David Butler80 7:24
David Calero 7:42
David Carroll2 7:19
David Cruise 7:25
David Duffy 7:32
David Irwin 7:35
David Kelly70 7:33
David Kennedy 7:38
David Leonard 7:44
David McCourt 7:37
David Power 7:50
David Rouse 7:23
David Sorohan 7:32
David Timoney 7:36
David x Walsh 7:36
Dearbhal Doyle 7:17
Deborah Meghan 7:29
Declan Byrne 7:34
Declan O'Dwyer 7:37
Deirdre Bell 7:16
Deirdre Bohar 7:15
Deirdre Coyle 7:11
Deirdre Fitzsimons 7:30
Denis Carey 7:38
Denis Connolly 7:36
Derek Brannigan 7:22
Derek Charles 7:24
Derek Kellett 7:20
Derek Livingstone 7:22
Derek McHugh 7:38
Derek Weston 7:32
Dermot Kearns 7:23
Dermot Lahey 7:23
Dermot McCormack 7:26
Dermot McNamara 7:29
Dermot Murphy 7:38
Des Kennedy 7:47
Diarmuid Meldon 7:39
Doireann Nash 7:27
Don Cuddy 7:24
Donal Glennon 7:40
Donal McKiernan 7:38
Donal Troddyn 7:19
Donnchadh Woods 7:29
Duchateau Armand 7:28
Dylan Waldron 7:36
Eamon Flannelly 7:33
Eamonn Hodge 7:40
Eamonn O'Neill 7:34
Eanna cunnane 7:51
Eavan Casey 7:14
Eddie Cousins 7:35
Eddie Daly 7:31
Edel McDonnell 7:22
Edel Zeller 7:16
Eileen Diskin 7:05
Eimear McDonnell 7:33
Eimear Nic An Bhaird 7:23
Eithne Lennon 7:31
Elaine McGreal 7:21
Eleanor Monaghan 7:15
Elena Tice 7:22
Elizabeth Breen 7:22
Elizabeth Wheeler 7:30
Ellen Carvill 7:30
Emma Barron 7:00
Emma Barry 7:30
Emma Hand 7:38
Emma Kennedy 7:00
Emma Sokell 7:32
Emmett Davis 7:06
Enda Maguire87 7:32
Enda Walsh 7:32
Eoin Keith 7:45
Eoin O'Neill 7:28
Eoin Syron 7:45
Ercus Stewart 7:26
Eric Beaty 7:25
Eric Flanagan 7:37
Erin Jo Tiedeku 7:16
Eva Fairmaner 7:24
Evan O'Keeffe 7:17
Evelyn Peters 7:04
Fabio Scalic 7:36
Feilim Borland 7:29
Fergal Connolly 7:47
Fergal Daly 7:40
Fergal Downes 7:33
Fergal O'Mahony 7:34
Fergal O'Sullivan 7:36
Fergal Trant 7:13
Fiona Sheerin 7:23
Frances Lordan 7:31
Gareth Little 7:39
Gary Crossan 7:52
Gary Park 7:45
Gavan Doherty 7:28
Gavin Byrne 7:40
Gavin Hunt2 7:28
Gavin Kenny 7:41
Gearoid Ryan 7:31
Ger Lawlor 7:37
Ger O'Flynn 7:31
Ger Power 7:12
Gerald Caffrey 7:32
Geraldine Beaubien 7:15
Gerard Butler 7:47
Gerard Cunningham 7:33
Gerard Keating 7:29
Gerard Madden 7:31
Gerry Kealy 7:43
Gloria Dykstra 7:16
Gordon Douglas 7:08
Gordon Wilson 7:29
Graham Kevin Bushe 7:42
Graham Roche 7:04
Grainne Forde 7:15
Greg Byrne 7:47
Harry McGee 7:00
Helen Dixon 7:27
Helen French 7:29
Hilary Jenkinson 7:25
Hugh Kinsella 7:47
Hugh Lambert 7:28
Hugh Thomas Costello 7:34
Ian Browne79 7:24
Ian Clifford 7:32
Ian Conroy 7:53
Ian Devlin 7:28
Ian McGrath 7:50
Iosac Colman 7:39
Irene Walsh 7:30
Jack Lawlor 7:39
James Butler2 7:28
James Cahill66 7:24
James Clancy 7:39
James Connell 7:12
James Curran 7:31
James Duncan 7:30
James Gardiner 7:39
James Hamm 7:47
James Higgins 7:17
James Tucker 7:39
Jarlath Hynes 7:42
Jason Halpin 7:17
Jason Kehoe 7:51
Jason Reid 7:48
Jean O'Neill 7:17
Jeff Fitzsimons 7:41
Jeff Swords 7:33
Jennifer Finlay 7:14
Jesko Zimmerman 7:21
Jill Nason 7:30
Jill Walker 7:18
Jim Corbett 7:40
Jim Fitzharris 7:21
Jimmy Synnott 7:39
Joe Fitzpatrick 7:05
Joe Lalor 7:34
Joe Tierney 7:31
Johan Dehantschutter 7:38
John Ahern 7:36
John Aherne 7:27
John Bell 7:42
John Blennerhassett 7:26
John Brennan 7:47
John Clancy 7:43
John Coleman 7:33
John Collins 7:36
John Condon 7:32
John Costigan77 7:40
John Davis 7:32
John Doherty 7:33
John Finn70 7:27
John Fitzgerald 7:14
John Flynn 7:21
John Halpenny 7:27
John Hussey 7:36
John J Barry 7:27
John Keane77 7:33
John Kelly71 7:20
John Kirwan 7:44
John Langan 7:31
John Langenbach 7:34
John Lawrence 7:29
John McAuley 7:46
John McCann72 7:24
John McDonnell 7:35
John Mollohan 7:32
John Moore2 7:30
John Rowe 7:26
John Walsh3 7:24
Jon Orr 7:37
Jonathan Darling 7:37
Jonathan Kelly 7:21
Jonathan Quinn 7:44
Joseph Feldpausch 7:30
Joseph King 7:36
Joy Johnson 7:32
Joyce Carey 7:12
Juan Gaspar 7:40
Juju Jay 7:12
Julie Flanagan 7:20
Julie Harkin 7:22
Justin Carty 7:25
Justin Dutton 7:44
Justin O'Connor 7:29
Justin O'Keeffe 7:31
Justin Rea 7:25
Karl Maguire 7:47
Karl O'Neill 7:41
Kate Cronin 7:42
Katherine Herron 7:27
Ken Cowley 7:28
Ken McDonagh 7:34
Ken Murray 7:23
Kenneth McCarthy 7:28
Kevin Bell 7:29
Kevin Deery 7:41
Kevin Derrig 7:32
kevin hill 7:37
Kevin Keane78 7:31
Kevin Lynchehaun 7:36
Kevin O'Malley 7:37
Kevin O'Riordan 7:36
Kieran Coleman 7:32
Kieran Crowley 7:31
Kieran Lynch 7:45
Kieran Rocks 7:32
Kim Ging 7:26
Kyle Heron 7:37
Laura Caulwell 7:19
Laura Flynn 7:33
Laura Schwirz 7:29
Laurence Colleran 7:37
Laurence Quinn 7:40
Liam Costello 7:36
Liam Kearney 7:22
Liam Mooney 7:39
Liam Prendergast 7:16
Liam Tilly 7:44
Liam Vines 7:41
Louis Mullee 7:29
Louise Butler 7:17
Louise Doolin 7:16
Lucy Moran 7:04
Lukasz Krzeminski 7:41
Luke Kenny 7:45
Lynda Talbot 7:18
Mags Greenan 7:35
Maike Jurgens 7:23
Maire O'Neill 7:16
Marcella Crampton 7:38
Maria O'Rourke 7:25
Maria Verrecchia 7:15
Mark Caviston 7:35
Mark Davies 7:27
Mark Doyle2 7:17
Mark Sheridan 7:43
Mark Tindale 7:30
Mark Walker 7:44
Mark Whitney 7:42
Mark Williams 7:17
Martin Bagnall 7:17
Martin Blacker 7:34
Martin Francis 7:38
Martin Kavanagh 7:43
Martin Leung 7:20
Martin McCarthy 7:32
Martin McCord 7:31
Martin McDonald 7:52
Martin O'Toole 7:33
Martin Smith 7:25
Martina Nolan 7:39
Martina O'Kearney 7:33
Mary Hanlon 7:28
Mary Nolan 7:23
Mathew Kavanagh 7:24
Melissa Devitt 7:23
Michael Blighe 7:35
Michael Bullock 7:32
Michael Devine 7:09
Michael Fallon 7:16
Michael Galligan 7:25
Michael Gygax 7:38
Michael Heatly 7:37
Michael Maughan 7:35
Michael McCarron 7:44
Michael McCormack80 7:34
Michael O'Doherty 7:34
Michelle McElvaney 7:33
Mick Farrell 7:35
Mick Hanney 7:38
Mick Worrell 7:12
Mike Gomm 7:00
Mike Jordan 7:37
Mike Long 7:37
Mikey Fry 7:41
Miles Newman 7:32
Miriam Delahunt 7:02
Miriam Maher 7:12
Nathy Groarke 7:37
Neil Brewster 7:31
Neil Keane 7:32
Niall Lynch 7:46
Niall McDonald 7:37
Niall McGee 7:25
Niall Mulhare 7:30
Niall Quinn 7:31
Niamh Barry 7:17
Niamh Carton 7:26
Niamh Garvey 7:32
Niamh Hartnett 7:27
Niamh O'Ceallaigh 7:11
Nicola Crean 7:23
Nicola Fallon 7:37
Nicola Madden 7:16
Nigel Carroll 7:34
Nigel Kent 7:26
Nigel Plowman 7:38
Noel Kehoe 7:26
Noel P Kelly 7:35
Odhran Hendley 7:34
Oliver Rynne 7:38
Ollie McGrath 7:41
Oran Murphy 7:38
Paddy Lord 7:37
Padraig Long 7:19
Pat Reid 7:31
Patricia Murphy 7:18
Patrick Byrne 7:37
Patrick Creegan 7:29
Patrick Sweetman 7:32
Patsy McCreanor 7:24
Paul Morrissey1 7:33
Paul Campbell 7:09
Paul Coleman 7:21
Paul Cullen 7:38
Paul Curran86 7:25
Paul Elliott 7:28
Paul Gilligan 7:36
Paul Grant 7:26
Paul Horan 7:31
Paul Keville 7:39
Paul Linehan 7:35
Paul Lumsden 7:33
Paul Mahon 7:45
Paul McKenna 7:30
Paul McRedmond 7:16
Paul Mitchell 7:41
Paul Moran 2 7:25
Paul Morrissey 7:17
Paul Nolan 7:50
Paul O'Connor 7:29
Paul O'Grady 7:19
Paul O'Mahony 7:35
Paul O'Meara 7:39
Paul Stafford 7:34
Paul Steele 7:09
Paul Sweetman 7:17
Paul Tierney (Tipp) 7:04
Paul Twomey 7:01
Paul Wallace 7:26
Paula Keohan 7:26
Paula Rea 7:13
Pauline Cleary 7:18
Pawel Mylowski 7:21
Peter Bell 7:33
Peter Cannon 7:12
Peter Doyle 7:35
Peter Gray 7:41
Peter King2 7:35
Peter O'Farrell 7:50
Phil Ward 7:24
Philip Bourke 7:28
Philip Boylan 7:31
Philip Brennan 7:40
Philip Cooney 7:37
Philip P Maher 7:30
Philip Shakespeare 7:30
Pol O'Murchu 7:29
Rachel Cinnsealach 7:16
Rafael Salazar 7:47
Raymond Caulfield 7:36
Richard Donelan 7:39
Richard Healy 7:53
Richard Kieran 7:40
Richard Leahy 7:36
Richard Moore 7:35
Richard Nunan 7:38
Richie Mac Liam 7:49
Rick Johnson 7:29
Rob Baker 7:34
Rob O'Neill 7:42
Robert Barker 7:24
Robert Costello 7:38
Robert Giles 7:29
Robert Healy 7:47
Robert Hickey 7:20
Robert Lee 7:36
Robert O Brien 7:39
Robin Keenan 7:38
Ronan Brandon 7:24
Ronan Fleetwood 7:24
Ronan Gately 7:33
Ronan King 7:39
Ronan Murray 7:36
Ronan O Siochru 7:38
Rory Campbell 7:46
Rory Devlin 7:32
Rory Villiers 7:30
Rosalind Hussey 7:33
Ross Vickers 7:41
Rozanne Bell 7:23
Ruairi McKenna 7:36
Russell Davidson 7:39
Ruth Jackson 7:20
Ruth Nic Giolla Iasachta 7:14
Ryan Leitch 7:30
Sam Scriven 7:38
Santina Doherty Farinella 7:15
Sarah Ni Ruairc 7:18
Scarlett Tice 7:23
Seamus Kilcullen 7:00
Sean Dunne 7:36
Sean Fallon2 7:31
Sean Filan 7:35
Sean Harte 7:39
Sean Healy 7:36
Sean Kelleher 7:31
Sean Murray 7:37
Sean O'Connell70 7:00
Shane Carroll 7:33
Shane Liddy 7:36
Shane Reynolds 7:38
Sharon Gough 7:22
Shaun Buchanan 7:09
Shay Foody 7:23
Simon Jackson 7:37
Simon Moynihan 7:33
Sinead Dunphy 7:28
Sinead O'Connor 7:05
Siobhain Duggan 7:28
Stephen Brennan 7:20
Stephen Coates 7:29
Stephen Coller 7:38
Stephen Furlong 7:38
Stephen McHale 7:29
Stephen Waters 7:32
Stuart Murphy 7:32
Stuart Scott 7:33
Stuart Wallace 7:33
Susan Davies 7:06
Susan French 7:31
Susanna Murdoch 7:13
Susanne Tilly 7:14
Tadgh Sullivan 7:31
Tanya Sheridan 7:31
Tara McFadden 7:16
Terry Lawless 7:37
Therese Hanley 7:29
Thomas Galvin 7:30
Thomas Moore 7:46
Thomas O'Sullivan 7:30
Tiarnach Donnelly 7:25
tiernan byrne 7:33
Tina O'Mara 7:26
Tom Byrne 7:40
Tom Egan 7:13
Tom O'Dwyer 7:37
Tomas keys 7:15
Tony Berkery 7:30
Tony Lyons 7:31
Tony O' Sullivan 7:30
Tony Salmon 7:26
Torben Dahl 7:39
Trevor Corrigan 7:22
Turlough Conway 7:48
Val Jones 7:25
Vanessa Sallier 7:36
Vinny Reynolds 7:28
Vivian O'Gorman 7:18
Vivienne Fenton 7:33
Warren Swords 7:42
Yvonne Bell 7:24
Yvonne Cleary 7:31
Zoe Melling 7:33
Zoe Tyner 7:29
Zoran Skrba 7:42
Mick HanneyJul 21 2013, 4:47pmShort Course Start times. Some duplication across short and long courses if the runner did both during the league.

Predicted short course winning time 35 mins.

fullname start time
Ben Kinsella 8:01
Brendan Doherty 7:40
Cian Galligan 7:58
Cillian Geoghegan 7:42
Deirdre Neff 7:48
Frances Coleman 7:32
Iosac Colman 7:53
Jack Lawlor 7:54
James Byrne 7:59
Jennifer Baron 7:32
Jennifer Brady 7:23
John Fitzgerald 7:00
Joseph Lyons 8:01
Kate Healy 7:23
kevin Cunningham 7:53
Michael Galligan 7:53
Paul McRedmond 7:55
Pol O'Murchu 8:01
Robert Bell King 7:57
Shauna Galligan 7:56
Zoe Tyner 7:47
Mick HanneyJul 21 2013, 6:21pmVolunteer info emailed out.

We have enough volunteers for this event. If you feel like volunteering check out the trail league and other events over the coming weeks.
Kieran RocksJul 22 2013, 9:56amMick, I don't mind taking photos if John wants a run.
Paul O'GradyJul 22 2013, 10:02amLads, how have you worked out these times - was it based on the percentage of the winning time or the numerical position finished in the races - because some of these times look very strange.
Mick HanneyJul 22 2013, 10:32amThe handicap times is not an exact science and will always throw up anomalies. They were worked out based on % times of winner in LL, up to a max of 200% of predicted winning time which is 43 mins. If you didn't race 7 races you were docked a minute for each race of the 7 not run.

Aideen KeenanJul 22 2013, 3:01pmAny volunteers going from city centre? will probably need to nab a lift if possible. Cheers.
Mick HanneyJul 22 2013, 8:25pmKieran - John is okay to take snaps so you are okay to run.

Paul & co. If anyone sees any unusual start times which are favourable / unfavourable to the runner let us know. The majority will be representative but theres a few that are out there.

I propose that contrary to the listings the last runners will all leave at 7:47pm.

The route steers left of the Brockagh first peak (470 metres) heading out. The junior turn will be adjacent to here.

I have enough volunteers, thanks.

Parking and registration at the Brockagh Centre.

If paying in cash exact change would be welcome.

The route will be well marked but please familiarise yourself with the map as there won't be a route description given before each, of the many, starts!

Prize giving at Lynams hotel bar.

Finally, it is up to each runner to be in place at the start for their allotted start time. Otherwise you are starting later than you could.
Aidan O'DonoghueJul 23 2013, 3:29pmAny carpooling for this one? Am looking for a lift, live in D6 but could meet anywhere I can get public transport to.
Mick HanneyJul 23 2013, 4:32pmDon't forget that Leinster League prizes should be available tomorrow for those of you lucky enough to have done your 7 races and 2 volunteering spots. Another good reason to get to Brockagh.
Daniela BoehmJul 23 2013, 5:25pmHi Aidan,
we can give you a lift from UCD if that's any use. You can contact me at
Aideen KeenanJul 24 2013, 11:33amLast shout out: Any volunteers carpooling from city centre? I have to be there by 18.15. Otherwise I'll have to go home to get my car..... anybody??
Mick HanneyJul 24 2013, 11:36amI have said it a couple of times already... I have enough volunteers, thanks. So anyone who added themselves in recent days who did not receive volunteer instructions from me are surplus to requirements tonight and should consider volunteering at a subsequent race instead.

Can anyone assist Aideen journeying out from town?

brian mcguckinJul 24 2013, 4:06pmI'll be leaving kimmage at around 5.45 if that suits anyone.
Juju JayJul 24 2013, 7:04pmDOH!!!!!!! i didnt know there was race at my door step tonight!!! and only ran up there yesterday & loved it... haha i would've raced it for sure & even marked it etc from last night if i just looked at the IMRA site hahaha... was going to shop & seen some of you passing me on the rd & thinks where all they going for run?!!!!!! hahahahha peace
Mick HanneyJul 24 2013, 10:25pmThanks a million to the great team of volunteers this evening for making this a great event.

Thanks too to everyone for getting into the spirit of the race. It was great to see a new collection of winners crossing the line and collecting prizes though funnily enough Des still managed to bag a prize - just a spot prize this time :-)

The results will get loaded in due course. The times are artificial as we had to pick a fixed start time for the computer, so please don't come back quizzing actual times. My main objective was to capture the order of finishers. Cheers.
Alan AylingJul 24 2013, 11:48pmLong as I get my Enduro points I don't care!
James H CahillJul 24 2013, 11:52pmThank you Mick and all the volunteers for tonight's race. It was great fun and the unusual format added a whole new challenge to the race. Thank you also for the end of league prizes.
John J BarryJul 24 2013, 11:58pmSuper well done to Michael on laptop for first time and the ladies recording finishing order. They got everybody accounted for in super quick time.

Thanks Mick for the undeserving chocolates.

Overall a wonderful night.
Mick HanneyJul 25 2013, 6:08amThanks Mikey for stepping in at the last minute and John for his invaluable help.

The start time for results purposes was 7:30 so you can work out your real time based on where you started in relation to this. e.g. if your start was 10 mins before this then add 10 mins to published time.
John CondonJul 25 2013, 10:40amMany thanks to Mick and the rest of the crew for a fantastic run last night. Conditions couldn't have been better for what is one of the best routes of the league.

Much appreciated

Ger PowerJul 25 2013, 2:22pmSomeone left a blue and yellow water bottle behind last night, I have it will bring it next wednesday.
Ger PowerJul 25 2013, 2:23pmSomeone left a blue and yellow water bottle behind last night, I have it will bring it next Wednesday.
Alan AylingJul 26 2013, 12:10amHuh. 115 enduro points. Made a right mess of my graph, that did.
brian mcguckinJul 26 2013, 7:45amI think that's my water bottle, I,ll get it off you next week.
thanks Ger.