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Zoran SkrbaApr 28 2013, 10:13pmThere is a Music and Food festival on in Westport this weekend. Most places seem booked up.
Rachel CinnsealachApr 29 2013, 11:41pmHi folk's,

It would be great to make a weekend out of this. Great a good crowd down from IMRA. Zoran, were you thinking of staying anywhere in particular. It would be a lot more craic if we were all together? Maybe we could rent holiday homes somewhere?

Rachel CinnsealachJun 3 2013, 11:09pmHi folk's,

I volunteered to organise accomodation for this race. Can people let me know if they are interested or possibly interested.

Can you also let me know what kind of accomodation you would like. A few years ago we all stayed in Delphi adventure centre and that was good craic. Would people be interested in doing this again?

Would people like me to book holiday homes, so all the IMRA crowd could stay in the same place?

Would people be on for camping?

Let me know your thoughts, either though the forum, or email me privately at rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com
Alan AylingJun 3 2013, 11:25pmFew of us camped/stayed in van etc at Westport House camp site last year, worked very well I thought. Cormac and Niamh arranged a bbq and we had some nice wine and beers, nothing excessive, just good chat & fun. And kept the price very reasonable, as well as not requiring the sort of commitment from people that a holiday home arrangement needs. Not sure if it'll be full with the festival thingy on this year, if not it might be a good option.
Sam ScrivenJun 4 2013, 10:44amAm hoping to make it down. Definitely interested in the camping option!
Niamh O'CeallaighJun 6 2013, 1:55amWestport House camping is only available to festival ticket holders as far as I know. There is another campsite that we stayed in a couple of years ago - Croagh Patrick camp site. It is very very basic but grand. It is a few km out beyond Murrisk towards Louisburgh.
Stuart ScottJun 6 2013, 11:37amDefinitely interested in making a weekend of it too (camping or otherwise) and it'd be great to have everyone staying in the one spot. It doesn't necessarily have to be near Westport either - is there anywhere near Leenane or Louisburgh? Renting a few houses could be another option but we'd probably want to get moving soon on that. Anyone else interested?
Daniela BoehmJun 6 2013, 4:09pmHi,
Side-tracking a bit from the original camping debate but along the same lines of making this into more of a social event as well…
I was wondering if people would be interested in a bit of a picnic after the Mweelrea race considering there isn’t a pub anywhere nearby for the usual post-race socializing. We probably wouldn’t get away with a BBQ on Silver Strand but how about some refreshments, salads, sandwiches?! I could organize some things if people had an ‘appetite’ for it (or if others wanted to bring some salads etc. as well - all the better ;)).
Just an idea :) Having said that, the weather might of course not be as glorious as it was last year…
Alan AylingJun 6 2013, 5:21pmI like the sound of that Daniela!

Compared to the muppets tearing up and down the beach on motorbikes a couple of years ago, a wee barbeque would hardly be intrusive.

I'll have a stove in the van we can use to make tea, maybe even cook up a few sausages.
Rachel CinnsealachJun 6 2013, 10:48pmI like the idea of a picnic on the beach. We can even take a dip in the sea. Camping sounds good too. Maybe I can convince the IMRA committee to get a few disposable barbeques and some meat, (a burger would be good). If people can bring salads and food all the better. I do like your cooking/cakes!
Niamh do you have any details for the Croagh Patrick campsite? Is there a pub nearby as a back-up plan, (just in case the weather is crap, -not that it will be!) Is there a camp site near the beach Daniela is talking about? I guess I could just google these questions!!!!
colin doyleJun 7 2013, 11:53amLecanvey I Believe is the local Campsite Rachel only about a km to the start of the Croagh Patrick Race.
Mick HanneyJun 7 2013, 1:16pmWould be so much more convenient if it was a bank holiday but that 'race' was lost in the calendar discussions. Its a pity as Croagh Patrick risks a poor turnout as a result as people may focus on the IC race on Mweelrea if they make it over to the west.
Rachel CinnsealachJun 13 2013, 10:37amWell lets do some "promoting of Croagh Patrick" over the next few Wednesday nights!!!

I'll have a chat to the committee and see if I can presuade them to give some money for a BBQ on the saturday evening and of course Daniela' promise of baking should entice people down! Croagh Patrick won't involve as much nav as Mweelrea, so maybe people who are not doing the IC could come down for Croagh Patrick, training for Gaelforce and all that!
Rachel CinnsealachJun 17 2013, 5:15pmRight, I have just rung Croagh Patrick Caravan & Camping Park,

they have availability for as many as we like!!! There are beaches within walking distance. There are also two pubs within walking distance. There are mobile homes to rent for anyone who doesn’t want to camp. I also asked him was there a curfew in the campsite and the man said no!! I told him that we wouldn’t be going mad partying but that people maybe having “social drinks” he said he was partial to a drink himself and that if we wanted he could put us up in a field away from everyone else!!!! How does that sound to everyone? I’m still on for a picnic on the beach 

Park Facilities

Toilets & Shower
Hardstands with Electric Hook-up
Laundry with washing, drying & ironing facilities
Ice Pack freezing
Richard NunanJun 20 2013, 11:56am
I believe Rachel has a BBQ planned for the Campsite on Saturday evening, somthing to look forward to !!!

Another alternative for Hostels may be the following :

Sat Jun 29, 1:30 PM,
Connemara Hostel - 40min drive from start point
ADDRESS: Leenane, County Galway
FOR BOOKINGS: +353 (0)1 830 4555
HOSTEL PHONE: +353 (0)95 42929

Croagh Patrick
Sun Jun 30, 11:00 AM,
Connemara Hostel - 40min drive from start point
ADDRESS: Leenane, County Galway
FOR BOOKINGS: +353 (0)1 830 4555
HOSTEL PHONE: +353 (0)95 42929
Vivian O'GormanJun 21 2013, 5:51pmHi Folks,

This is the second race of two in the Connaught Championship 2013.

Please take note that this race starts at 11am.

I need a few Volunteers. In particular a First Aid person - non running. Also two for the finish. I have two Summit Marshalls - Colin Doyle and Mick Worrell.

Race registration will start at 9.30am in the public car park beside Campbells Pub in Murrisk. From what I can remember the fee for this car park is 3 euro. If
Volunteers can be there between 9.30/10 that will be fine.

Early starters can go between 9.30 and 10am.

The race starts,as usual,beside Campbells and finishes in Lecanvey. There will be a bus to bring everybody back from the finish to Campbells. The bus will be at the finish from 12pm.

Anything you want at the finish - clothes - food - water - can be put into either my car or Paddy Lords. There is very limited parking on the narrow road near the finish so please use our cars.

We have permission to use the field for the race finish with one condition - please leave the field by the gate and NOT by climbing over the fence!

The kit requirement for this race is: A longsleeved rainproof top, bumbag with chocolate or biscuits, hat, gloves and map and compass - you can download the map from this website.

Please don't leave any rubbish in the field at the finish and bring your own water.

Prizegiving will be at Campbells.

Vivian O'GormanJun 21 2013, 6:06pmI should also mention a small little detail!

The end of this race route will be marked from the cairn just before the final decent to the finish.

Also one marshall will be at the church and the other at this cairn.

Okay thats two little details!!
Vivian O'GormanJun 22 2013, 5:20pmUnfortunately Colin Doyle has had to cry off so I now need a Summit Marshall.
Richard NunanJun 22 2013, 6:00pmHi Vivian,

I can do 1st Aid for the race.


Mick HanneyJun 22 2013, 7:20pmIm hoping to run Vivian. If my legs are gone after Mweelrea I'll do summit. That or you'll probably have another casualty from the first day / night who could help.
Robert MalseedJun 26 2013, 11:43amI will need a lift from Castlebar in the morning of the race. My wife is determined to do the car boot in Castlebar and I am forced to help her set up and therefore need a lift, if not I won't be able to make it. Call or text me 0860840359. Robert
Des KennedyJun 26 2013, 1:11pmHi Vivian, I'll do Summit Marshall for this if you're still looking.
Rich CostelloeJun 26 2013, 1:47pmI can marshall or help out if needed
Vivian O'GormanJun 26 2013, 4:12pmThanks Des I will be in touch.

Rich if you could give a hand with race registration and the finish. So if you're at the car park beside Campbells at 10am that will be fine.
Robert MalseedJun 27 2013, 2:46pmI won't be able to make it as my wife has decided to do a carboot knowing full well that this race was on the calendar the past three months
Vivian O'GormanJun 28 2013, 12:12pmFor those going to Mayo for the weekend the weather at the momment is very bad. From Westport out to Louisburgh the mist is right down,its wet and raining and Saturday and Sunday are not to be much better. Croagh Patrick is nowhere to be seen!

So bring your wet gear AND the kit as listed in the kit requirement on the events page - longsleeved rainproof jacket etc. A decision will be made before the race as to what to wear.

William RymerJun 29 2013, 10:26pmWas planning on doing a recon of Croagh Patrick tomorrow prior to the Gaelforce West in August, but I see you guys are going to be there. I am a novice, but think I have the relevant gear and a bit of determination... I see from your ratings system that this would be one of the trickier races, but if I am there around 9:30-10am with registration form and fee will that be okay?
Vivian O'GormanJun 29 2013, 10:50pmHi William - thats fine if you can be there at 9.30 and make sure to bring your own water,rainproof jacket, map and compass.
William RymerJun 29 2013, 10:53pmGrand I have two OS maps or the downloaded one from the website (which I think is probably better because Croagh Patrick seems to be on the corner of three maps???)
Vivian O'GormanJun 30 2013, 7:13pmCroagh Patrick Race Results


1. Gary Bailey 57.13
2. Tom Blackburn 57.14
3. Bernard Fortune 57.15

0/40 Pete Grant
0/50 Larry O'Grady
0/60 Ricky Cowan


1. Diane Wilson 66.41
2. Catherine Devitt 70.45
3. Hazel Mcloughlin 77.30

0/40 Betty Walsh

Full results up shortly.

Connaught Champions


Tom Blackburn
0/40 Bernard Fortune
0/60 Ricky Cowan


Diane Wilson
0/40 Betty Walsh
David TimoneyJun 30 2013, 7:27pmvivian,

I lost a set of keys at Kippure and someone said you may have them. if so can you contact me on 083 3339283.

Richard NunanJun 30 2013, 8:53pmResults now posted for Both races.

Thanks to Vivian, Denise, Paddy lord, Julie and crew for a great race, incredible cake (Daniella) in very poor conditions yesterday. Well that was until we had this mornings conditions!!

Lets just say, 14.2km on the Garmin for a 7km race due to very very poor visibility with high winds and rain. So an early start meant a 10km descent off Croagh Patrick leading to a victory for Mrs Nunan !!

Great weekends racing and glad it was dry for the BBQ!!! Thanks to all.
Mick HanneyJun 30 2013, 9:55pmI second that Richard. Thanks to all involved in making the 2 events over the weekend happen. Weekends like this are what imra is all about. Thanks especially to Vivian.
Daniela BoehmJul 1 2013, 9:25amThis has to be the best mountain running weekend on IMRA's calendar - absolutely brilliant! Even if it's been said already: huge thanks to Vivian, Denise, Paddy and Julie and to 'Social Secretary' Rachel!!! Quite ironically Nephin (last year's champion of zero visibility) was absolutely clear when we passed it yesterday afternoon ;)
John CroninJul 1 2013, 11:05amThanks to all for a great weekend. Organisation, marshaling, BBQ and general craic were all fantastic. Well done to all involved!
Bernard FortuneJul 1 2013, 7:57pmThanks again to everyone for organising two great races and allowing us to compete for the Connaught champs.Is very much appreciated.
Killian86 O'ConnorJul 1 2013, 9:39pmCan't thank the organisers enough. Cracking weekend was had by all! Go raibh maith agaibh.
Stuart ScottJul 2 2013, 10:27amJust want to add my thanks to Vivian and everyone else involved in organising the weekend. The routes, post-race food, bbq and general craic was great and the descents off Mweelrea and CP are some of the best I've seen. Here's to next year!
Sam ScrivenJul 2 2013, 2:01pmAnother big thank you from me. A great weekend. Thanks to Vivian and Paddy, and to all the organisers, marshals, drivers, cakemakers, teamakers, bbqers. In what were less than ideal race conditions, it really was an awesome effort.

Report up for Croagh Patrick race.
Des KennedyJul 3 2013, 8:17amJust posted up some slightly abstract (partly due to rain, mist and water in lens of camera) snaps from Croagh Patrick. First time venturing west with IMRA and I'm delighted that we did. Smashing weekend! Thanks again to Vivian, Paddy and crew for all of the organisation. There are plenty more fabulous looking mountains over that direction that are crying out for runs too! We'll be back!
Peter O'FarrellJul 3 2013, 9:26amGreat photos from a great weekend.
Well done to all, especially Vivian and all the helpers, including Des the winner of a leg of the Irish Championships marshalling up on a wet and windy Croagh Patrick the next day. Community spirit at it's finest which was also exemplified by the beach BBQ. The weekend away in the west is one of the very best of the year.
It warmed my heart!
Mick HanneyJul 3 2013, 2:23pmThe photos are a true reflection of the conditions. Thanks Des!
William RymerJul 4 2013, 8:31pmThanks everybody for being so welcoming. Not sure if I picked a really good first event (great fun) or a really bad first event (wow, my legs are sore). Regardless I will be making an effort to get out again before the end of the season... I was the guy who the walkers in barefoot were overtaking on the way up.