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Rene Borg

The conspicuous absence of many runners with an eye on Saturday's Euro Trial made this one of the most open club races of the season.

As the race drew to a close only 6 points separated victors Sli Cualann from 4th placed Sportsworld whose runners were also remarkable close. Narrowly pipped to the post for their first victory since the Winter League were Boards AC two points adrift then followed UCD a further two points adrift and led home by the fast-improving Zoran Skrba.

Crusaders and Rathfarnham were not truly in contention for top spots today but finished 5th and 6th with Glenasmole and Tumbleweeds in 7th and 8th.

It was a good day for the chasing pack who could all improve on their scores while none of the top-3, Sli Cualann, Crusaders AC and Clonliffe managed to reduce their total tally today. Rathfarnham and Boards remain in pole position to upset the status quo.

In the women's it was tough luck on Setanta who had Moire O'Sullivan out taking the win in her first LL race this season with Hazel Thompson 7th. Sadly the orienteers lacked a third scorer.

This opened the way for Sli Cualann to take their 6th win out of 8 with Crusaders likewise runners-up for the 6th time.


1st - Sli Cualann 42 (4 Jimmy Synnott, 12 Martin Francis, 26 Cormac O'Ceallaigh)
2nd - Boards AC 44 (1 Eoin Keith, 20 Mick Hanney, 23 Finbar McGurren)
3rd - UCD 46 (8 Zoran Skrba, 14 Eoin Syron, 24 Niall Fox)
4th - Sportsworld 48 (13 Paul Mitchell, 16 Colm Kennedy, 19 Liam McFadden)
5th - Crusaders AC 75 (15 Shane O'Rourke, 17 Gavan Doherty, 43 Mark O'Sullivan)
6th - Rathfarnham WSAF 90 (6 Mike Long, 32 William Griffin, 52 Derek Bain)
7th - Tumbleweeds 181 (31 Ben Moore, 51 Graeme Thornton, 99 Steve Crampton)
8th - Glenasmole 240 (62 Cillian Stewart, 75 Thomas Galvin, 103 Paul Stassen)

1st - Sli Cualann 35 (5 Mary Dawson, 11 Liz Ryan, 19 Jean Bader)
2nd - Crusaders AC 45 (9 Niamh O'Ceallaigh, 16 Roisin McDonnell, 20 Lornie O'Dwyer)

Moire O'Sullivan

I've still not worked out if its really cheeky to be doing free advertising of my blog on the IMRA site, but I've written an account (with fine photos from John Shiels) of last night's ladies's race out there on Scalp:

Thanks again to Kevin and the team for a well run race: much appreciated!

Gerry Brady


There were 198 finishers on the long course on Scalp although they did not all finish in the order they had hopes of ten minutes into the race! From early on Eoin Keith (Cork) and Bernard Fortune (Wexford) pressed on leaving a significant gap to their pursuers. Unfortunately the gap was sufficient that when the leaders turned right to climb Carrickgolligan, the pursuers led by Anthony Malone went left despite the large sign exhorting everyone to avoid the navigation error of 2008. Clare man Joseph Mooney seized his opportunity and made it onto his first podium. Wicklow won from Dublin with Wexford a close third. Five other counties had full teams.

Sonja Fuhrmann (Dublin) went out hard and established a good early lead from Karen Duggan (Dublin), Moire O’Sullivan (Derry), Caroline Reid (Meath) and Mary Dawson (Wicklow). As they entered the lower forest Fuhrmann was still in the lead but the other three were within 10-15 seconds of each other. O’Sullivan came through for the lead after the steep descent but on the final climb Reid got very close and Fuhrmann managed to rally also. Dublin prevailed again from Wicklow and Kilkenny.

There were 114 finishers (58%) from 19 counties and 91 finishers from 32 clubs. If you have not yet listed your county team, you can email it to Preferably use your county of birth.

1. Dublin 16 (3 Sonja Fuhrmann, 3 Karen Duggan, 9 Niamh Ni Cholmain)
2. Wicklow 22 (5 Mary Dawson, 6 Lorraine Creane, 11 Liz Ryan)

3. Kilkenny 57 (20 Lornie O’Dwyer, 37 Jane Gannon)

1. Wicklow 23 (4 Jimmy Synnott, 7 William Powderly, 12 Martin Francis)
2. Dublin 28 (8 Zoran Skrba, 9 Niall Larkin, 11 Niall McAlinden)
3. Wexford 39 (2 Bernard Fortune, 16 Colm Kennedy, 21 James Benson)
4. Cork 69 (1 Eoin Keith, 29 Kevin O’Reilly, 39 Richard Nunan)
5. Kerry 91 (6 Mike Long, 13 Paul Mitchell, 72 Gavin Driscoll)
6. Mayo 165 (14 Eoin Syron, 67 Enda Walsh, 84 Stephen Holleran)
7. Westmeath 184 (10 Anthony Malone, 59 Patrick Ryan, 115 Danny Ward)
8. Kildare 226 (30 Brian O’Meara, 78 David O’Loughlin, 118 Colin Doyle)

9. Donegal 95 (19 Liam McFadden, 76 Liam Faulkner)
10.Cavan 123 (23 Finbar McGurren, 100 Phil Ward)
11. Louth 130 (3 Padraig O’Dwyer, 97 Pol O’Murchu)
12. Meath 133 (53 Michael Boyce, 80 Kevin Magee)
13. Sligo 213 (101 Andre Tully, 112 Brendan McLaughlin)