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Mikey Fry

So it ends…

Ahhhhh my lovely red velvet donut waiting for me with a cup of tea and a pouring jug for hot chocolate and boom were off along track it’s really like a roller coaster this first part good few over takers I settle in behind Peter O’farrell thinking I’d be able to keep up did for a while then he disappeared off some nice uphills and onto familiar track I know pasted out Steven who I’ve been having some fun battles push on not much action behind turn onto uphill summit Bernad passes me I keep up with him get to near summit and there coming for different angles turn and plough down after Bernad and des down along the fields it gets faster and faster Nearly a wrong turn but managed to get right des let me pasted go go go then we hit that horrible new gravel bit down a bit then flattish good old Steven and des take me back I struggle on till the finish line glad that’s over super race thanks Laura and crew glad I got in early for burgers Que seemed to take so long some super chats as usual with the Imra people no chocolate at all probably a good thing then I’m glad nobody had eaten my donut at home cold bath to kept noise to a minimum some Russian circles and good night and see you all next year for the Leinster league well done to all the winners especially my super fast runner friend Peter bell:))Mikey