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Laura FlynnJul 22 2022, 12:55pmThanks to all who have volunteered so far. Delighted to have the crucial lap-top role filled so early-thanks Dave.
I will need a first-aided and also a few more non-running volunteers as ideally I’d like to have 4 marshals on the course.
The junior course is 4.75km. As the start of junior route is 1.3km from the main start please make sure juniors come in plenty of time to allow them to be escorted to the start by the marshal.
Laura FlynnJul 22 2022, 12:58pmVouchers will be accepted for this race. I’m having a bit of difficulty amending this detail on the event page.
Laura FlynnJul 22 2022, 1:06pmRegistration and parking is at Plucks Gastropub, Kilmacanogue. Jog from here to race start, 10-15 mins.
Registration will close at 7.15 pm

The end-of-league BBQ tickets will go on sale shortly at €10 which includes food and a drink.

The plan is to distribute the tickets in the form of coloured tokens, one for food and one for drink, at registration so if you’ve bought a ticket, please look out for the collection point for these at registration.

The salads will all be vegetarian. They also do a vegan burger but would like an idea of numbers for these so if you prefer this option please drop me an email once you’ve bought your ticket to
Laura FlynnJul 22 2022, 1:13pmJust to remind parents and guardians, under 10s must be accompanied throughout the race by you as their parent or guardian or another designated adult.
Clare KeeleyJul 22 2022, 1:35pmJust put my name in for First Aid Laura.
Laura FlynnJul 22 2022, 1:53pmFantastic Clare, thanks a million!!
Laura FlynnJul 26 2022, 8:02pmKen, you’ve volunteered for this race and I’ve just sent you an email which has bounced back. Would you mind contacting me directly on please.
Laura FlynnJul 26 2022, 8:21pmThanks to those who have volunteered for this race. I know it’s more than a week away but I’m heading away for a few days and wanted to get the volunteer roles assigned in advance so I can relax.

I’ve sent an email to the marshals separately as it required a bit of explanation. If you didn’t receive please let me know.
The roles are as follows:

Angus : Junior marshal and starter..
Also to demark that section on way back.

Daniel: Marshal no. 2 also to demark section to junior start on way back down.

Ken : Summit marshal and demark from summit to next marshal, Hugh.

Hugh McDowell: marshal no. 3 also also to demark section from there to marshal no 5 (Cormac).

Cormac: marshal no. 5 and also to demark from there to finish.

Hugh Kinsella: parking marshal/ registration desk and recording numbers at finish.
Nigel: registration desk, vouchers. and recording numbers at finish.
Jason: registration desk, pre-reg
Peter: registration desk, pre-reg.

If you can be there by 6 that would be great.
Any problems let me know.
Laura FlynnJul 26 2022, 8:23pmThere won’t be an early start at this race as it less than 5k
Laura FlynnJul 26 2022, 8:27pmApologies, as it’s less than 8k!!
Anyone who thinks they might have a problem with the distance or the technical route, can opt to do the junior/short route. If doing so please let us know at registration and give yourself enough time as the junior start is 1.3k uphill from the main start and that, in turn is a 10-15 walk from Plucks. A nice warm-up and cool-down.
Harriette RobinsonJul 31 2022, 7:47amHello Laura. I would like to volunteer or be a runner volunteer, whatever is needed if your still need volunteers.
Andrew HanneyJul 31 2022, 11:40amHarriette, click on event page whilst logged in and then the volunteer button at the end, This helps the RD keep track of who is available to help.
Alan McCarthyJul 31 2022, 11:40amHi, does ‘entries disabled’ mean the race is full? Many thanks
Pól Ó MurchúJul 31 2022, 12:00pmHi Alan, that should be open now.
Laura FlynnAug 1 2022, 9:36pmHi Harriette. Great to have you back racing with us again. Thanks but I’m ok for volunteers now unless I have some dropouts so you can go ahead and concentrate on the race.
Laura FlynnAug 1 2022, 9:39pmAlso, slight change to the volunteer roles:-
Paul Mc Redmond is now doing summit marshal and demark to next marshal, Hugh, so Ken, I’ll put you on registration.
I’m adding Angela Flynn as a parking marshal also.
Thanks to you both.
Phil behanAug 2 2022, 9:16amHi Laura

My daughter is running the junior route (without me as I'm injured). I'll happily help out and take numbers at the finish if you want ? Just need to be there when she finishes. Thanks.
Laura FlynnAug 2 2022, 1:29pmHi Phil, Angus Tyner is taking charge of the juniors and walking them to the start which is 1.8km from Plucks uphill. I was hoping to have one of the parents accompany him so I’d be very happy if you would. Would that be ok with your injury?
Phil behanAug 2 2022, 1:32pmNo prob Laura, I can do that. Thks.Phil
Laura FlynnAug 2 2022, 1:37pmI’ve had 8 requests for the vegan burgers and have relayed this to Plucks. They haven’t taken names so those who’ve sent emails to me, thanks, there should be one there for you.
Anyone else can you let me know by 6pm today please. In fairness to those who’ve ordered I’d ask that you don’t request a vegan burger on the night if you haven’t pre-ordered.
Many thanks.
Laura FlynnAug 2 2022, 1:43pmThanks Phil. You should get back to finish in plenty of time time. You’ll retrace your steps to laneway and turn right up to GAA club entrance. You may run into main race though which starts at 7.30pm but I think you’ll be ok.
Kate LenehanAug 2 2022, 6:04pmHi there, have entries closed? I don’t seem to be able to enter. Thanks!
Liam LenehanAug 2 2022, 6:23pmMy wife Orla has missed the entry deadline. I wanted to buy a book of vouchers so she could enter on the night but they also seem to be unavailable.
Niamh McDonaldAug 2 2022, 6:28pmHi Laura, my sister missed the deadline for the race registration online. Is there anyway she can enter another way or on the night? Thanks, sorry about this.
Laura FlynnAug 2 2022, 7:51pmYes entries closed at 6pm.

If you’re registered with IMRA you can pay with a race voucher tomorrow night.
If you don’t have any you can usually buy one from another member at the race registration.

All runners please make sure to bring your number and chip if you’ve raced already this year. If you don’t have it will have to purchase another online for €5 each and bring your confirmation email.

Junior registration will close at 6.50 pm to give them enough time to walk to the start.
Liam LenehanAug 2 2022, 8:25pmThanks Laura. I presume there is an early start tomorrow?
Laura FlynnAug 2 2022, 8:41pmAs per my previous post, there’s no early start for this race as it’s less than 8k Liam.
Niall MurphyAug 2 2022, 8:44pmAnyone driving from Rathmines or nearby have a space in the car? I can cycle and meet en route.
Conor DalyAug 3 2022, 8:26amTwo questions: 1) Parking - is it at Plucks? 2) Tickets for BBQ - can these be purchased at the event (cash/card)? Thank you.
Laura FlynnAug 3 2022, 9:03amConor, we stopped selling bbq tickets last night as we had to give final figures to Plucks.
Laura FlynnAug 3 2022, 9:07amI’ve just declined a few late volunteer offers there as I have enough volunteers for tonight, thanks.
There are plenty of other races coming up still so please consider volunteering for them.
Harriette RobinsonAug 3 2022, 9:53amHello. I am going with a friend and happy to volunteer and/or take photos .
Turlough ConwayAug 3 2022, 10:12amHi Laura

Might relieve you of some of the race equipment after this evening's race ahead of Carlingford weekend? Won't be needing the electronic recording equip but can take it and pass it on to next Wednesday's RD if you're not able to pass it on to them this evening.
Colette KennedyAug 3 2022, 10:17amHi all, does anyone have vouchers I could buy for the sugarloaf this evening.
Thanks, Colette
Laura FlynnAug 3 2022, 10:55amHi Colette, if you don’t get a response here if you come along tonight and approach me we should able to get you sorted. Not everyone reads the forum messages so someone with a spare voucher might not read this.
You will need to be registered as a IMRA member for 2022 though.
Colette KennedyAug 3 2022, 12:04pmgreat thanks Laura.I am registered for 2022
James HeggieAug 3 2022, 1:02pmHi Luara I have bbq ticket but might not be able to
Make race but will still go to Plucks can I get the coloured tickets for the drink and food from you in pub if needed? Many thanks
Laura FlynnAug 3 2022, 1:19pmThat’s no problem James. We’re trying to get most given out at race registration to avoid the rush or queues.
Lillian is taking charge of the tokes so you can approach her when you arrive. Food will be served from 8.30pm
Cillin WhelanAug 3 2022, 1:58pmHi Folks,

Another last minute request for a voucher?

I too might approach you Laura for a pointer towards someone voucher as I thought I would volunteer but there was enough folks. Just coming back from injury so maybe a early start slow pace if I can find one.

Laura FlynnAug 3 2022, 2:58pmNo problem Cillin.
No early start tonight.
To all runners - If you feel you’re going to be slow and/or struggle with the course please consider taking the short course option which is the junior route. It’s a lovely route just under 5k and doesn’t hit the tricky summit.
If doing this make sure to register early as it’s a 1.8k jog/walk to the start.
Angus will be leaving registration at 6.50 pm to escort the juniors so I’d recommend you join him.
Laura FlynnAug 3 2022, 3:02pmRegistration will close for juniors/ short course at 6.40pm and for main race at 7.15pm.
We’ll be strictly enforcing this as we need time to get to start, as do the runners, and we want to start on time to get you all back for the bbq.
Big numbers tonight so please come on time , be patient and be nice.
Look forward to seeing you all.
Eamonn CarrollAug 3 2022, 3:33pmNiall, I can give you a lift from near town. Give me a message at +353851559955 to sort it out.
Laura FlynnAug 3 2022, 3:42pmRegistration will open at 6pm.

This is what you need to do:

1. If this is your first IMRA race of 2022 collect your new number. You will use this for the whole year so keep it afterwards

2. If you you have registered for this race online go to the pre-reg table and give them your details so they know you’ve turned up as not everyone does.

3. If you are entering/paying with a race voucher go to that table and give your details. Let them know if are doing main race or short course

3. Then ( all above groups) go to the laptop table and have your chip scanned, new runners will get new chip. Let them know if you’re doing main race or short course.

4. Collect your bbq tokens.

5. Head to start as it will take 15-25 mins.
Noel O DonnellAug 3 2022, 4:33pmHi Laura.

This is a long shot.
I’ve only heard about this event today. If I paid the IMRA membership now would it be possible to buy a voucher later this evening to compete in the race.
I’m not familiar with how this works and have missed the online entry cut off deadline.
If not no worries I’ll get organised for the next one.

Barry MinnockAug 3 2022, 9:55pmWell done to Laura & team. Great event, tough climb with even tougher decent. BBQ/pub finish always a sure win.
Mark McCarthyAug 3 2022, 10:06pmGreat run tonight, thanks to everyone involved

I missed what must have been the last junction near the end and only clocked 6.9km on watch. You may need to gross up my time to the correct km.

Thanks again
Robert CostelloAug 4 2022, 12:23amChalk me down as a DNF please Laura. Took the Surgloaf way trail back rather than the more gnarly Graham Bushe route as I missed the turn. Not sure how many places I made up but my Garmin showed approx 6.9kms.
Brian KitsonAug 4 2022, 12:31amA Marshall told me I took a wrong turn a couple of km from the end so stick me down as a DNf too please.
Robert CostelloAug 4 2022, 12:49amFlybys look interesting. Seems we took an upper track with others while the main route took the lower track. Also some interesting lines taken off the top by some of the frontrunners.
Phil behanAug 4 2022, 8:25amThanks to Laura, Lillian and all the crew for a great event last night. The design of the junior course was also brilliant Graham. Really enjoyable run for the kids, loads of ups but mainly downs which my daughter loved. Thanks again and well done to all who got awards last night.
Warren SwordsAug 4 2022, 10:22amThanks to Laura, Lillian and all the team for a great race and evening. Fitting end to a great Leinster League.

Bit of confusion on the cone as to what the correct route was. I think Peter O'Farrell is a bit harsh on himself by DNFing. Else I'm being lenient by not dnfing myself...

It's been a great league with lots of new and young talent coming through, clearly their fancy VJ shoes from Finland giving them advantage of us in our Inov8s.
Peter O'FarrellAug 4 2022, 3:19pmThanks to Laura, Lillian and all the team for the volunteering and the burgers.
Thanks Graham for Trojan work on a super new course and a great race. It's a savage effort on a relatively short route.

@Warren - unfortunately my DNF is valid as when the top lads were descending against me at the top of the chute I turned around and ran down with them. I never went to the very tippy top summit. Fly By reveals all :)

Still a great race and a super evening.
Rory BurkeAug 4 2022, 3:20pmgreat evening on the hills and back at Plucks, thanks to Lillian, Laura and all the volunteers. A quick glance at the strava flybys shows I also also took the upper line on the descent back so I'd also like to be DNFd
Mark McCarthyAug 4 2022, 3:21pmI reckon I can be slotted on at a time of 57.95 in the results.

6.9km at 53.31 IMRA result
re-grossed to
7.5km at 57.95
Laura FlynnAug 4 2022, 4:35pmThanks to all my fabulous volunteers last night. There was a lot going on and I had to pull a few extra pairs of hands in throughout the night for help and guidance…you know who you are. You were invaluable. Thank you.
All in all, I think I couldn’t have got a more willing and generous bunch of people.
I hope everyone enjoyed the race and the celebrations afterwards.
Lillian took a huge load off me by taking over the bbq logistics with her team of little helpers. Thanks Lillian and please relay my thanks to your gang.
That’s another Leinster League over, well done to all who took part. Mountain Meitheal next, it’s a great cause so please consider supporting by buying a ticket if you can’t make the race or offering to marshal if you can’t run.
Andrew HanneyAug 5 2022, 5:44pmPhotos are up.
Caitlin BentAug 6 2022, 11:47amI would like to thank the following people for waiting for me on Wednesday night as I went astray on the route back at Calary : Hugh & Cormack; Jason Dowling; David Power & eEmer Deegan; & others at the finish.
Paul McRedmond at the summit has my thanks also.
Thanks to Laura and team for all hard work in planning this event. Sorry to have added to your stress.