Irish Mountain
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Powerscourt Ridge


Mikey Fry

Someone let off a windy one:)

Bells on board and on time jakers they must of had there Chinese last night like me:)man the cars were jammed in the car park we managed to sneak one up by reg jammy…have to say was chilly so went for warm up with the lads half listening to Lillian boom were off front lads obviously not listening turned right Peter shouts keep going now we’re in front:)everybody back on track right up steep hill tucked in behind John the smell bell Gavin around doing something girl in black passes great climber and pòl up up up tough hill cross the classic paths over style right on Pete said it was overgrown he must have been running in the ferns else where…I pass John out wind still pounding down up maulin and down fast John passing me and took Gavin again and lady in black and pól I think I nearly pushed her into the ferns sorry..on down to drinking station across the bridge up after John passing him again right across style on up in wind John uses me as a wind guard we swapped and took turns then up djouce John chatting away with lady in black who both pass us out again then John pushes ahead pat on the back for Vivian and we slug up to top wind really pounding down pushing us down Jim having a snooze near the top hanging on for his life:) so we head down other side of djouce the wind is at its strongest now holding a line impossible following John we pass out Gavin lady in black onto wicklow way nice little running station John getting further ahead passing good old brendan lawlor and down grassy bit passing Gavin again for last time I see John just crossing the river then it’s the last hill up I’m wrecked but push on right again and legs just about working past waterfall viewing point onto zig zags some guy passes me and asks is it on this track the rest of the way I say yes then the straight flat bit which I really hate a guy in red comes flying by he must of used a helicopter then the finish line eventually phew forgot to stop my watch as usual:))Can of coke you saved my life with a banana and apple and a cup of tea from Pete and to top it off Vivian had Christmas cake from last year so guys saved my life…super chats with everyone as always and thanks again to Lillian and crew for an amazing leg recker race and well done to all the winners …next up the Kilmac festival races worth a look people some super races up there…Mikey out sorry I forgot the French fancies I’m eating donuts from off beat:))