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Ellie KilleenSep 5 2021, 8:38amHi are juniors allowed to participate in this race? Thanks !
Lillian DeeganSep 5 2021, 10:21amHi Michelle, your little ones will need to sit this one out most likely. With it being a winter race, it can be a shocker of a wet and windy one for the grown ups never mind an added task of getting little people home safe and sound too.

A good gauge for you to know/ get familiar with ahead of schedule for any race (with a junior route established), would be if you look at years previous and see how things were worked there.

Keep an eye out for the Dec. 27th race - it will have a suitable distance for the small ones for deffo.
Ellie KilleenSep 5 2021, 11:10amThanks a million Lillian. Take care.
Iwona KelleherSep 29 2021, 10:30amHi is this Route not marked indeed as listed? I never run wiklow trails so wondering if easy/ difficult to get lost . Thanks. Iwona
Ian ConroySep 29 2021, 11:52amHi Iwona, you follow a marked trail to the summit and then you just descend down to the WW. I didn't get lost, which is saying a lot! I think only major junctions are marked as essentially these are the only places that you could. In my experience, even in inclement weather it's well marked and marshalled.
Lillian DeeganSep 29 2021, 2:57pmThanks Ian. I've a mini correction to make here. The event page details read this one as "route not marked" therefore no junctions will be marked - major or otherwise.

Iwona hi,
You are spot on, this race route will not be marked. In my opinion, it is not a route where you'd get lost on but never say never I suppose I aught to say.

I have just gone in as race director and I'd hope to have a route marshal available to me on the day at the summit/ turnabout location.

Depending on your running ability, I'd suggest you consider entering and buddy up with another runner for everyone's peace of mind.

Iwona KelleherSep 29 2021, 3:53pmThanks a lot for feedback...