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Mikey Fry

Here we go again

So it begins again for me my first race for 2015....and it's micks one which is a nice one to start off with:) was a late decision for me to head down but I gave mick a quick call just to make sure I'd make it in time and off coarse I got down in plenty of time not being to far away......drove up the main st of the town that doesn't have many signs for it and remembered why I love these races just seeing all the flock of sheep who follow each other up a mountain breathing heavy and wondering why they do this mick gives the chat at the start no ear phones and the new one any body without runners will b dnf ...the usual banter with the lads and were off as we headed some fun pushing and tripping :) took the first left turn we started up the hill at a good steady pace some pushing hard pack stretching out nicely I passed out eoin for about three seconds on the stinky fire road which was a silly idea but just had to do it then when we hit the second nice hill where the juniors turned right the two lads who came in first and second conor and not sure the another guys name disappeared off and never saw them again... Next right turn I think eoin and Bernard and went right thankfully Damian and pat who was behind me called me back then called to the lads in front so where all back on track on to the lake nobody dived in just nipped through the forset and started up another tough up hill still the same crew around and pushing hard(my head was saying don't think about those night Feds and keep pushing was feeling it in the legs) I new we had two more down and ups which where fast last up hill tough on the legs last hill up the brilliant John taking photos most likely the ugly shots at that stage if you were able to breath:)...was looking forward to the this down hill nice and fast last year we didn't go that way thanks mick for changing the route which was so much better that way well for me anyway.....I passed pat out on the hill down the others were out of view I was hoping that I could keep the momentum of the down hill so when I hit the fire road which I love so much I actual didn't do too bad ...turned right onto the last down hill section there was someone on my case I new it would b hard to keep him off my tail(sorry not sure off name)passed me out on the section just before the last right turn nice running dude:) was very happy to finish that flat end bit really stinks for me I think mick you should change to turn before you get there:) passed over the finish line lay down and had a quick nap..... Got up shook hands with the battlers and chats:) and then Brian first aid comes over and says do you want some cleaning cause I had lots of cuts which I never noticed I said thanks but I'm fine just the mountain giving me a lashing"no pain no gain" then off to the after party in the hall lovely food thanks again all who provided and more the raffle tickets which I never win then the winners for race etc .........thorntons chocolates wow first time for everything thanks mr raffle......roll on maulin all going well:)well done mick and gang for super race...gooday