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Dermot MurphyGerry Brady

Dermot Murphy

Web results missing a few runners - here is the full list until we get this fixed.

Number, Place, Name, Time

1016, 1. Josh O'Sullivan-Hourihan (UCC) 29:38

1621, 2. Conor O’Keeffe (UCD) 30:40

1015, 3. Guglielmo Ziani (TCD) 31:31

1013, 4. Conor Short (TCD) 33:10

1017, 5. James Haynes (TCD) 33:20

1004, 6. Cian Corcoran (NUIG) 33:37

1006, 7. Emil Melligren (NUIG) 36:43

1005, 8. Danny Folan (NUIG) 36:50

1012, 9. Clare McCarthy (TCD) 37:20

1003,10. Rory Mannion (NUIG) 39:24

2610,11. Laura Schwirz (TCD) 39:51

1002,12. Oisin O’Carroll (NUIG) 41:13

1007,13. Dympna O’Dwyer (NUIG) 41:51

1010,14. Ida Landgraff (NUIG) 41:57

1014,15. Laura Brennan (TCD) 42:23

1008,16. Maeve Brassil (NUIG) 44:01

1009,17. Siobhan Rooney (NUIG) 50:29

Gerry Brady

TCD win Colleges Team Titles

The weather played a rogue hand varying from a bitterly cold wind in Glencullen to sunshine in spots and hailstones for afters! There was ice and light snow visible on the sides of Maulin and Djouce as I drove down to Glendalough but their summits were enshrouded in mist. Marking the course the forest start was almost balmy but the ridge up Camaderry varied from a cold wind to light ice underfoot as the climb progressed. For safety reasons the course was shortened from 8.5 km to 6.7 km to avoid the final steep icy climb.

Josh O’Sullivan Hourihan (UCC) travelled up from Cork to retain his title after a tussle on the climb with Conor O’Keeffe (UCD). Italian Guglielmo Ziani (TCD) used his 800m and skiing strength to take the bronze medal. TCD took the team title ahead of NUIG.

Junior international Clare McCarthy (TCD) won on her debut in the race beating her team-mate Laura Schwirz by a comfortable margin. Laura Brennan (TCD) completed the team and did enough in her first mountain race to secure a team victory for her college. Dympna O’Dwyer (NUIG) had a solid run for the bronze medals with NUIG taking the silver team medals.