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Rene Borg


1. Boards AC 40 (1 Eoin Keith, 19 Angus Tyner, 20 Mick Hanney)
2. Sli Cualann 63 (9 Rafael Salazar, 27 Ronan King, 33 Martin Francis)
3. UCD 76 (8 Luke Kenny, 11 Zoran Skrba, 57 Stuart Scott)
4. Setanta 93 (12 Paul Mahon, 32 Terry Lawless, 49 Kevin O'Riordan)
5. Crusaders AC 142 (21 Oran Murphy, 36 Torben Dahl, 85 Ken Cowley)

1. Sli Cualann 61 (4 Joy Johnson, 17 Maria O'Rourke, 40 Niamh O'Ceallaigh)

Mick Hanney

My first ever IMRA race yonks ago was Ballinastoe winter, so I’ve fond memories. I haven’t ran it in a few years so I was determined to give it a go this year.
Car pooled up from Roundwood with Ger and John. Discarded any idea of a warm-up, reckoning I’ll warm up on the climb quickly enough. In any event I had a nice run in Devils Glen the previous night in oven like temperatures so that counts as a warm up for me. Forgot my garmin this evening so it was nice for a change to run a race without a watch. The registration stuff went like clockwork with a nice buzz about the place. John gave his pre-race instructions and without further ado we were off. I took it nice and handy on the first climb, with the memory of further climbs to come, so I wanted to save a bit in the legs. Top of the first climb I was close to a trio of runners including Gareth Little in his trade mark no. 10 t-shirt. didn't see Gareth thereafter so I assumed he burned me off.

Into a downhill and bumpy single track section during which Angus moved ahead of me. I tagged onto Angus (who is normally well ahead of me at this stage) and we ran in close proximity for a stretch. It was during this section that we saw runners in single file running to our left. We were following the marked trail so they had gone slightly wrong. A shout over to them failed to gain their attention. Continuing on for the next section of up and down and in and out trail followed Angus at a steady pace but not pushing it. Amid much weaving and ducking of branches. Somewhere in the trees I skidded on a root and came down heavily on my left knee and this knocked me out of my stride a bit and I lost a place. Held pace as best I could until we got to the sections of uphill when Barry Moore, continuing his good uphill form, easily tipped past. My knee was giving me grief as the race went on (a look down and I saw a cut had opened up) so the steeper uphills I was happy to stride out or run/walk on occasion. Much to my surprise I wasn’t overtaken, despite not tmoving too quick. I looked behind on the steep rough section and I could see a train of runners not to far away. I reckoned it was the bunch of faster runners who had gone wrong but who found their way. I tipped away in vain hope to stay ahead of them. I had lost ground to Angus and Barry but not too much.

Not having a watch in a race was a good thing. Didn’t have a clue how long was gone, didn’t care. Eventually, the downhill beckoned. My downhill was pathetic but I maintained a lead ahead of any pursuers. No idea how! The final fire road seemed too long but, thank god, here was the finish line. Tired and sore but very happy after. Results show me above average on my LL races this year which is a function of the ‘go wrongers’ but I’m reasonably happy with my run besides that. Well done Eoin and Kate, respective winners on the day.

Loved the course. Thanks to John and his crew. Now how about another Ballinastore Winter. Wouldn’t that be something.