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Stephen TabbJul 11 2012, 8:26pmHi, looking for a competitive female for the Beast of Ballyhoura. Short notice i know but less time to worry about it. 0877722657
Caitriona Nic CabaAug 26 2012, 7:05pmHi, Is there a Junior course for this race? How far is it? I have a 14yr old girl interested in participating. Thanks
Ivan ParkAug 28 2012, 9:45pmHi the Beast of Ballyhoura is only open to over 18's.

CCAR run a series of winter events in which 14 year olds can take part with an adult.
Tom BlackburnSep 1 2012, 3:27pmThis is not the beast of the Ballyhouras race.It is a hill run.Yes we do cater for Junior runners if you come to the Ballyhoura Cycle centre we will be registering there and if you make yourself known we will help you out.
mark morrisseySep 3 2012, 9:15amThanks Tom i really enjoyed my first IRMA race yesterday looking forward to doing some more.
Sean ManningSep 3 2012, 7:37pmReally enjoyed my first season of IMRA, loads of highlights. Loved the Ballyhouras route, loads of variety and can really let yourself go in the final kilometers. Mangerton and Knockmealdowns were tough but fantastic for the challenge presented by both. You get a real sense of achievement when crossing the finishing line after an IMRA event. Conquering the mountain so to speak. As for Galymore, that one got the better of me, maybe next year...
Have to admire the seasoned competitors the way they can ascend and descend at speed, dangerous terrain no obstacle.
Well done to all who do a fantastic job in organising these events and providing such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
Bring on 2013 :-)