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Stuart ScottJun 7 2012, 9:48amHi all,

With a little over 6 weeks to go to the Lug Relay, it's time to start building up interest. It's on in July this year (hopefully fewer clashes with other events) and it'd be great to get a record turnout!

With this in mind, would anyone be interested in a recce of Leg 3 (Wicklow Gap to Glen of Imaal) on Sunday? Pace will be very slow but we can include some navigation training if anyone needs it.

For those unfamiliar with the event, it's the best open mountain relay there is (way better than the WWR!). You do need some nav ability, but it's no different than the weekend championship races. Leg 1 (Stone Cross to Sally Gap) is very manageable and just an extension of the Seefingan evening race. Leg 2 (Sally Gap to Wicklow Gap) is great if you like bog snorkeling. And Leg 3 is a bit longer but has very little climb. Something for everyone! If you're unsure, the best thing to do is try a few recces and see what you think.

Rachel CinnsealachJun 7 2012, 11:47amThis was my favourite race of the year last year. Running on the open mountain is so exhilarating. The IMRA relays are great fun, they involve logistics and working with your team and they are very sociable, if you commit to them and follow your team along the route and support your team.

I have a race report up from last year, on leg one of the Lug relay. I am going to do it again this year. I will be going out over the next 6 weeks to recce all three routes, so if anyone wants to join me I’d love the company. Reply to the forum, or email me on rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com

I haven’t put together a team yet, so if anyone is new to navigating, and wants to try out this event for fun, do get in touch, we’ll arrange recce’s. If lots of people reply, we can form lots of teams.
Zoran SkrbaJun 7 2012, 12:47pmHi all,
I agree with Rachel and Stuart, this is one of the best IMRA races/events. I really enjoyed it! Last year it was tricky with the rain/mist and lots of runners went wrong, I would recommend anyone signing up for it to be a competent navigator. Can also be done solo :). Hopefully the weather will be nicer this year!
Brian O MurchuJun 14 2012, 9:16pmAny plans for the next recce?
Gareth LittleJun 14 2012, 9:38pm
This is one of the best races of the year, not one to be missed!
Rachel CinnsealachJun 15 2012, 10:52amI am going to do a recce of leg three of the relay this Sunday. Mainly walking the route. Anyone interested in learning to navigate should come along. Email me if you are interested.
Alan AylingJun 15 2012, 8:36pmSo Zoran, this solo business... on a scale of one to don't-be-bloody-stupid - how strongly would you recommend it?
Zoran SkrbaJun 15 2012, 9:04pmProbably 8 or 9. I enjoyed it. I think you will too and having done the WGL this year I'd say this will be a bit similar except more off trail stuff :). It took us just over 8h but in drier/clearer weather could be faster.
Philip BrennanJun 20 2012, 8:55amWe are now just over 5 weeks away from the Lug Relay and we are looking forward to a bigger entry this year. So far a number of people have done recce's of the leg they propose to run and for those of you thinking of taking on this challenge I would urge you to get out and do a recce before race day.

I have been asked if it is permissable to run a leg with another individual and I have no real problem with this, in previous years we had pairs and indeed groups of three running together.

Anyone planning to enter a team should email me at philip at and I will send on any entry form.
Rachel CinnsealachJun 22 2012, 10:33pmI will be doing a recce of leg two of this relay on Sunday 1st of July.

We will be walking the route, and it is the perfect opportunity for people to come out and learn to navigate. The more people that do this race the better! It's a class day out. If you don't have a team, get in touch with me and I'll find you a team with people of suitable ability.
Ger LawlorJul 7 2012, 11:25amHey Folks,
Sarah Harley and myself are meeting at 11am tomorrow at Sally Gap for Leg 1 training run if anyone wants to join us.
Brian O'MurchuJul 8 2012, 6:05pmDue to injuries I have been left teamless for Lug relay. Anyone looking for an extra runner please give me a shout -I am willing to do leg 1 or 2. murchubrian at gmail dot com
Philip BrennanJul 16 2012, 8:32pmLast call for teams to enter this year's Lug Relay. I need at least 10 teams for this event to proceed so if you are planning on entering you need to get your entry to me straight away. I will close off the entries this Friday 20th July and depending on numbers will decide whether or not the event goes ahead.
ciaran kellyJul 19 2012, 12:17amHi Folks,,
id deffo be interested in entering a team.
And distance wise would probably like to do the 13KM 1st Leg...

Please let me know if there are any slots available ???

086 88 44 629
Brian O'MurchuJul 19 2012, 9:46amFor those not doing Nephin, we are planning on doing a recce (leg 1/2) this Sunday. Would be good to tie in with others murchubrian at gmail dot com
Brendan LawlorJul 19 2012, 12:25pmAvailable for Leg 1 if anyone is looking to fill up a team.

I'll need to get away after my leg, could be slow and don't promise to not get lost(but I'll try) - anyway if you are in a beggars can't be choosers situation give me a call oh87 too432798
Brian O'MurchuJul 19 2012, 6:35pmHi Brendan,
We're recce-ing leg 1 on Sunday at 12 if you want to join us
Philip BrennanJul 20 2012, 9:07amJust to confirm we now have in excess of 10 teams entered so delighted to advise the race will go ahead. Anyone else looking to form a team please do so asap & let me know.

In order to make this into a more social event we plan to have a bit of a bar-b-q down at the finish at Imaal so come along & support your team.

I will post further info & list of teams early next week
Conor KellyJul 20 2012, 1:29pmIf there's anyone looking for one more runner, I can run any of the three legs. E mail me at conor20_ie -at
Hazel ThompsonJul 23 2012, 4:12pmCould be useful to have this on the details page:

Leg -1 : 13.18k
Start 2km South of Stone Cross at Forrest Entrance Grid-Ref : O-075-205
Seahan 648m
Corrig 618m
Seefingan 724m
Kippure 757m
End of Leg-1 : Sally Gap crossroads.

Leg-2 : 15.99k
Start of Leg-2 : Sally Gap crossroads.
Carrigvore 682m
Gravale 718m
Duff Hill 720m
Mullaghcleevaun East Top 795m
Mullaghcleevaun 849m
Stoney Top 714m
Tonelagee 817m
End of Leg-2 : Turlough Hill carpark

Leg-3 : 20.15k
Start of Leg-3 : Turlough Hill carpark Communications Hut (Grid-Ref : T-063-983) 681m
Conavalla 734m
Table Track junction 690m (no requirement to go to cairn at Table Mountain)
Camenabologue 758m
Cannow 796m
Lugnaquilla 925m
Camarahill 480m
Finish : Fenton's Bar
Philip BrennanJul 23 2012, 8:44pmDetailed below is a listing of all team entries to date, if there are any changes please let me know prior to race day.

Team Name Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3

Fingal 50 - D Richardson S Brennan V Jones
Cork O - J Chandler S Harte B Corbett
The GENerals - J Quinn L Quinn A Ayling
GENeral Comedy - D Kellett S Doorly G Doherty
Boghole - G Little K O'Riordan G Butler
Setanta Walshs - F Brazil E Walsh C Walsh
Is Maith Linn
Caca Milis - G Byrne Z Skrba F McGurren
Campaign for
Uphill Races - G Lawlor B O'Murchu P Gallagher
Team Neutrino - R Cinnsealach M Cummins J Flanagan
Mountain Plodders - N Hartnett S Foody S Scott
The O Squad - R Hussey K Heron N McAlinden
Lost for Life - H Dixon H Pettersson P O'Murchu
Rubber Arm Squad - O Murphy J Dupoy E McDonald
The JetSETters - G Lawlor H Thompson B O'Connor
Lawlors + - B Lawlor AN Other J Lawlor
The Felled Runners - Mike Jordan & Sam Scriven

Just to clarify - only leg one runners need to turn up at the start - you should all have sorted out your logistics by now. For any teams not already paid I will need full payment before the race starts. The race will commence at 8am sharp - I will open registration at 7.15am. Please ensure you have appropriate kit for the race - check the events section for minimum requirements - depending on weather you will need cagoule or equivalent, whistle, mobile phone etc.

We are planning to have a bar-b-q at the finish so it would be great if as many people as possible came to Fentons after the race. If anyone has any queries let me know.
Greg ByrneJul 24 2012, 8:59amWondering if anyone might have some space to carry my bike up from the start to the Sally Gap on Saturday morning?
Stephen DoorlyJul 24 2012, 2:43pmHi Philip,
Thats a great number of teams. Regarding the list of things to bring etc, can you confirm the IMRA emergency phone number, and are there leg cut-off times/ or mass leg start times?
Rachel CinnsealachJul 24 2012, 11:05pmHwey folk's,

Myself and some of the girls, have decided that we are going to stay down and make a night of it, provided that the weather is OK. There could just be a few of us, but all are welcome! The more that stay around the better.

We have the option of walking or running up lug on the Sunday as a cool down.

Philip BrennanJul 25 2012, 9:54amThe IMRA emergency phone number is 087 261 7599 - could all runners please put this number in their mobile.

Cut off times are as follows:

Leg 1 - 11am
Leg 2 - 2.30pm
Leg 3 - 6pm

Any other queries let me know.
ger lawlorJul 25 2012, 11:06am@Greg, should be no problem to get your bike from start to sally gap
Greg ByrneJul 25 2012, 12:00pmThanks for the offer Ger, see you on Saturday.
Alan AylingJul 25 2012, 3:30pmHi Philip,

Quick clarification for leg 3 - route map shows route visiting L Firrib, 3 Lakes, point where Table Track crosses the pass between Glenmalure and Glen of Imaal - are all/any of these compulsory or is it just the mountain tops that have to be visited?

Philip BrennanJul 25 2012, 4:32pmGood question Alan, my understanding was that the lakes were used purely as navigational aids & not compulsory but am open to correction here. I think the purists may say that both Firrib & Three Lakes need to be visited!
Rachel CinnsealachJul 25 2012, 4:49pmThere will be a BBQ, with burgers and sausages etc.... I'll try and find some veggie stuff too for the veggies (Though, they won't be as good as Eva's)

If people get a chance, can they bring some salads along to the BBQ..... The more food the better! Runners are good at eatting!
Hazel ThompsonJul 25 2012, 5:02pmThis question seems to come up quite often. From the last few years it seems that the peaks are the check points and the lakes are simply on suggested routes.

Last year Kevin stated
"No mandatory checkpoint at Lough Firrib. Table mountain summit isn't a checkpoint but the junction of Table Track and the path to Camenabologue is. (So you can't use the Camenabologue-Conavalla direct route that some people used in Circuit of Avonbeg).

Colm Hill's attackpoint report from last year shows he took a fairly direct line between Turlough Hill and Conavalla and another fairly direct line between Conavalla and Table Track."

Niamh 2009
"All peaks must be visited as shown on route map... "

Tony 2008
"In general terms you must reach all summits, the next summit after the start of Leg-3 is Conavalla, how you get there is your own choice !"
Stuart ScottJul 25 2012, 7:13pmHi Philip,

Another quick Leg 3 question - will the finish line be at Fentons again? The weather dictated that answer last year!


Philip BrennanJul 25 2012, 8:26pmFinish Line is at Fentons, I will be drinking a pint of Guinness thanks very much!
Sam ScrivenJul 26 2012, 9:50amHi all. Looking forward to Saturday! This is a bit of a long shot, but has anyone room for 2 people on Saturday up to the start (coming from Harolds X / Terenure) so as to save us leaving a car up at the start all day? It gets even more complicated as we are hoping to register early enough and get off slightly before 8.
Mark CumminsJul 26 2012, 1:29pmhi all,

I'm meant to be doing leg 2, but I've a slight knee injury so I'd rather rest if i can get a replacement. If anyone is interested please let me know ASAP.

Cheers Mark

sparkymarky at
Gareth LittleJul 26 2012, 10:35pm
Hi all, can anyone give me a lift from the end of leg one (or sally gap) to the start of leg one as I need my car at the end of leg one so I can dash off to a wedding after my leg is over.

Any help much apreciated!



Dave RichardsonJul 27 2012, 6:51pmI see there is mention of a Kit list in the "Events" section but I can't find it. Could you tell me where to find it.
Brian O'MurchuJul 27 2012, 7:37pmRule #13. The compulsory kit must be carried by all runners for the full duration of their leg. Kit checks will be
carried out at the start of each leg. Items that must be carried are:
a. Map
b. Compass
c. Whistle
d. Water (500ml min)
e. Emergency food
f. Mobile phone with IMRA emergency number
g. Rainproof coat
h. Head Cover (cagoule with hood or hat acceptable)
i. Foil blanket
Rachel CinnsealachJul 27 2012, 7:56pmRight, The food for the BBQ has been bought :)

We have some paper plates, but not enough, so if people remember can they bring a plastic plate with them.

Also a reminder to bring salads.....

We have burgers and sausages, (and I got some fish burgers for people that don't eat meat) if people want to bring more meat/veggies burgers themselves to cook, feel free.

Brendan O'ConnorJul 28 2012, 8:31pmGreat day out today - many thanks to Philip for organising, and to Rachel and Rosemary for the BBQ - nice addition.

True Muck and Sh**e stuff - with added mist !

Bren & Hazel

Stuart ScottJul 28 2012, 8:43pmA giant burger on the top of Lug, hail that fell upwards and one of the best races on the IMRA calendar. Big thanks to Philip for organising it, Rachel for the bbq but most importantly to all the teams who took part. Has to be one of the biggest turnouts yet! Here's to next year!
Cormac O CeallaighJul 28 2012, 8:48pmTop class event.Massive thanks to Philip, Rachel,and the BBQ crew, such a super treat . This was the real " McCoy" of mountain running, open mountain, route choice, dreadful peak hag mazes,"quick sand/bog"! makes the WWR look like a teddy bear's picnic.highly recommend it
Brendan LawlorJul 28 2012, 9:19pmWell done and thank you to Philip and all his helpers today - great event as usual. Agree with others that this is the 'Big Daddy' event on the calendar and the hard core Muck n' Shite/ Real IMRA wing were very well represented! Philips stirring 8am speech sent us off in high spirits into the mist and bog.

Great to see so many teams competing and hopefully this will continue again next year. If you missed out today but fancy having a go, come along for the Nav Challenge races next month.

Sorry I missed your burgers Rachel - next year!
Alan AylingJul 28 2012, 9:38pmBrilliant in just about every regard. Loved it. Thanks Philip and the BBQ team.

Up with this sort of thing!
Zoran SkrbaJul 28 2012, 9:45pmThanks to Philip and the volunteers, great event. Rachel your BBQ idea was excellent, really enjoyed the day.
Gavan DohertyJul 28 2012, 10:36pmagreed, a cracker.

out in the wild, amazing views when the clouds lifted, self sufficiency and then finally a real finish line at a pub in the middle of nowhere!

there were a few today who had never done any kind of open mountain running before. if you've wondered before if you could do this kind of thing, the nav challenge series is coming up in august ( and phoenix park orienteering on 3 tuesday evenings in august (, both good places to get a flavour for it...

while anyone can manage the phoenix park events, the nav challenges are generally tougher, but none likely to be as challenging as leg 1 of today's relay (and everyone finished!).

might see you there!?
Brian O MurchuJul 28 2012, 10:41pmJust like Mweelrea, that lovely chocolate-chip cake appeared by the BBQ... yum! (and to the detriment of the runners still out on the course!)
Brian O MurchuJul 28 2012, 10:47pmRace report for leg 2 up
Alan AylingJul 28 2012, 11:05pmIt seemed pretty weird drinking pints outside Fentons with Gavan still out on the mountain!
Gavan DohertyJul 28 2012, 11:30pmal, what do you think kept me going up lug?!!
Rachel CinnsealachJul 29 2012, 10:20amYes indeed a super day out. Thamks to Philip for organising. I'm glad you all enjoyed tje BBQ :-)
Niall McAlindenJul 29 2012, 11:19amThanks Philip for a great race... I was delighted when my trip home matched this race, just sorry I couldn't make it down to Fentons.

Hopefully it wont be 2 years before my next IMRA race
Val JonesJul 29 2012, 9:00pmMy (not so) QuickRoute for Leg 3
Thanks, Philip, and of course Peter, Brendan, Rachel, and others, for a great day.
Mike JordanJul 30 2012, 9:50amI can't thank Philip enough for organising this event and for looking after logistics for myself and Sam. I encourage everyone to go out and give his nav challenges a go next month.

Thanks to everyone who ran, chatted, encouraged, and barbequed on Saturday - you make IMRA what it is.

A very satisfying day on the hills.
Lindie NaughtonJul 30 2012, 10:50amWho won??!
Kevin O'RiordanJul 30 2012, 11:31amGreg Byrne, Zoran Skrba and Finbar McGurren came first. Myself, Gareth Little and Ger Butler came second. Niall McAlinden, Rosalind Hussey and Kyle Heron were the first mixed team. That's all I can remember, hopefully Philip will have more details soon.
Brian FennessyJul 30 2012, 12:01pmI would like also like to thank Philip for a truly great race and also to the girls for organising the BBQ. As someone new to the sport of hill running I really enjoyed the open mountain race with the navigation thrown in. Thanks to everyone who took part who made it such a great success. Brian.
Finbar McGurrenJul 30 2012, 5:30pmThanks to Philip and everyone who volunteered for a great race. Thanks to Rachel and the girls for the BBQ and Zoran for cooking the burgers... and handing over a healthy lead heading into the final leg :)
Philip BrennanJul 30 2012, 10:10pmThe following are the votes of the Doherty/Kernan/Brennan Jury (times in hours & minutes):

1. Is Maith Liom Cáca Milís 5.59
2. Boghole 6.22
3. The GENerals 6.48
4. The Rubber Arm Squad 6.57
5. Cork O 7.04
6. The Bogmen 7.27
7. The Third Wheel 7.29
8. The JetSETters 7.48
9. Lawlors + 8.02
10. Bring up the Rear 8.05
10. Uni-varsities 8.05
12. Setanta Walshs 8.10
13. Campaign for Uphill Only Races 8.24
14. GENeral Comedy 8.35
15. Lost for Life 8.38
16. Mountain Plodders 9.01
17. The Felled Runners 9.08
18. Team Nutrino 9.18
19. Fingal 50 9.24

Individual results as follows:

Leg 1 (hrs & mins)

Niall McAlinden 1.30
Greg Byrne 1.33
Luke Kenny 1.41
Jonathan Quinn 1.42
Gerry Lalor 1.46
Ger Lawlor 1.46
Gareth Little 1.46
John Chandler 1.49
Brendan Lawlor 2.02
Frank Brazil 2.04
Dave Richardson 2.22
Brian Fennessy 2.29
Helen Dixon 2.32
Sara Ni Ruairc 2.34
Rosemary Monahan 2.34
Niamh Hartnett 2.42
Derek Kellett 2.56
Rachel Cinnsealach 3.00

Leg 2

Zoran Skrba 2.15
Sean Harte 2.17
Peter Bell 2.26
Kevin O'Riordan 2.32
Conor Kelly 2.37
Brian O'Murchu 2.39
Jerome Dupoy 2.40
Laurence Quinn 2.43
Henrik Petterson 2.47
Hazel Thompson 2.47
Eileen Walsh 3.04
Daniela Bohan 3.07
Stephen Doorly 3.08
Shay Foody 3.17
Niamh O'Ceallaigh 3.24
Stephen Brennan 3.44
Rosalind Hussey 3.44
James Flanagan 3.52

Leg 3

Ger Butler 2.04
Finbar McGurren 2.11
Kyle Heron 2.15
Alan Ayling 2.23
Eoin Syron 2.24
John Bell 2.32
Oran Murphy 2.36
Gavan Doherty 2.39
Stuart Scott 2.52
Fergus Byrne 2.54
Brian Corbett 2.59
Colin Walsh 3.02
Joe Lawlor 3.02
Brendan O'Connor 3.15
Val Jones 3.18
Pól O'Murchu 3.19
Cormac O'Ceallaigh 3.27
Paraic Gallagher 3.59

Firstly I would like to thank all the runners who made this race such a success. There was a strong contingent from the orienteering community which was great to see but there were also many faces from the hill running fraternity, some of whom tackled their first navigational race in very trying conditions and did admirably well. As usual the weather was generally pretty foul with plenty of low hanging cloud making navigation tricky on all three legs and there were lots of heavy rain showers to cool you down throughout the day. I will post some pictures on Facebook which will demonstrate the inclement weather - please tag yourself in the photographs.

A little commentary on the individual runners and their teams: firstly congrats to Greg, Zoran & Finbar on a worthy victory & great runs by each of them. We had some strong performances from the young Quinn brothers, this was their first open mountain nav race and they did superbly well, no doubt we will see a lot more of them in the coming years. We also had two runners Mike Jordan & Sam Scriven who ran the whole distance in a very credible 9 hours 8 mins, they tell me they will be back next year to break that 9 hour barrier! We had 10 girls running,again some in their first navigational race & they all acquitted themselves very well, no doubt confidence is growing as navigational skills increase. Niamh O'Ceallaigh was back in the hills again after recently giving birth - what fortitude! Leg 3 is the longest let and despite te poor weather we had some very fast times - congrats to Ger Finbar & Kyle in particular.

Hopefully we have turned a corner with this race & from now on it would be fantastic to see at least 20 teams competing in what is undoubtedly is the most challenging and rewarding relay race in the country.

Finally a big thank you to Brendan Doherty & Peter Kernan for timekeeping at the Sally Gap & Wicklow Gap - it was no fun hanging around in those conditions. And of course a special thank you to Rachel firstly for the idea of having the bar-b-q and secondly for implementing the idea, organising the food and cooking all afternoon. It was a fantastic success - a real addition to the post race gathering & thanks also to her helpers Rosemary & Zoran.