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henny brandsmaMar 8 2012, 12:45pmHi Dermot.
As i can't connect up to 'my imra'.
Could you ad my name onto the volunteers list,I could mark the course
if you want me to.
Dermot MurphyMar 8 2012, 1:30pmThanks Henny - have added you as a helper.
Margarete ClarkMar 11 2012, 10:31pmIs there anyone going from Bray area or somewhere along the way from Bray,who could give me a lift (only on the way there,will make my own way home)?
Dermot MurphyMar 12 2012, 8:07pmI have enough running volunteers - could do a couple more non running volunteers, if anyone is available.

Prize giving will need to be in the car park after the race. Both Buglers and the Merry Ploughboy will both be very busy that day (Buglers closes at 2pm anyway) as it's Mothers day. While I would like people to car pool as much as they can, please do not use either of these pubs car parks for this.

If anyone knows a suitable place nearby that would be good to car pool from, please do not be shy about suggesting it.
Donal TroddynMar 12 2012, 10:01pmAbout a kilometer farther up the road that the Hellfire Club is on, where the junction with the Cruagh road is, there's another small (~20 cars) car park.

If that's too small, there's another forest car park about 1500m down the Cruagh road from there, although I don't know about it's opening hours.
Dermot MurphyMar 16 2012, 11:45amCan all volunteers be at the Hellfire car park for 10:30am?

Registration will open at 10:45am and close at 11:45am sharp.
Brian O MurchuMar 19 2012, 3:53pmRace report is up!
warren swordsMar 20 2012, 12:28pmNice report Brian, you paced the race really well, you were flying on the second half of the race.

Great race on Sunday, lovely blue skies. Course was a bit sloppy in places which made for a sketchy last descent.