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Gerry BradyFeb 9 2012, 10:43pmLink to course description on event page details.
Billy AlexanderFeb 19 2012, 9:54amMorning all, I'm looking for more volunteers please! Especially a lop top operator and first aid volunteers.
Thanks Billy.
Mick HanneyFeb 19 2012, 3:44pmI have the computer and I'll have it charged up and ready to go on the day, bright and early, for whoever is operating it on the day.
Jean O'NeillFeb 19 2012, 10:19pmI am happy to volunteer for Maulin as a general helper- running. I can't figure how to do it through My IMRA. Jean
Maeve O' GradyFeb 21 2012, 7:57pmI'll volunteer if you need people. I'd like to run also please
Billy AlexanderFeb 22 2012, 4:47pmWe still don't have any volunteers to do lap top and operator and first aid officer.
Also more non running volunteers are needed.
Brian FureyFeb 24 2012, 6:50pmAnyone want to mark the route? I want to race it. I can demark after.
Peter BellFeb 28 2012, 1:32pmI can volunteer, 1st time so something easy would be appreciated. I'm not running.
Billy AlexanderFeb 28 2012, 1:41pmHi Peter, please add yourself to the list of volunteers and I'll allocate you a job shortly (something easy!).
Billy AlexanderFeb 28 2012, 2:53pmWe still need more volunteers. 2 non running volunteers are required asap please. Also 4 more running volunteers, some of you who expect to finish up the field to collect the race numbers at the end of the race.
Jeff SwordsFeb 28 2012, 3:16pmHi Billy,

I've stuck myself down as a running volunteer, although I don't think I'll be finishing too close to the front, first race back this weekend.
Billy AlexanderFeb 28 2012, 4:01pmThanks Jeff, I'll give you a pre race job which allows you race.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 28 2012, 4:48pmHi Billy,

I will mark the route as Brian wishes to run.

The new route marking guidelines can be found as a word doc link in here:


Hazel ThompsonFeb 28 2012, 6:00pmIt would be great if everyone was aware of these guidelines - particularly the front runners.

These are the guidelines used when I marked Trooperstown, yet (nearly) everyone went up a tiny path to the right which was not marked, following the first guy who went wrong. I believe everyone had a nice run through the heather but that part of the track was marked straight ahead… If anyone did follow the markings they saved themselves about 200m and a bit if a climb.
Eoghan CartonFeb 28 2012, 6:47pmBilly,
I will help after the race as a running volunteer if you need someone to collect numbers?
John CondonFeb 28 2012, 9:21pmIf anyone needs a lift from Greystones/Bray let us know.
brian caulfieldFeb 28 2012, 9:37pmI can fill a non running volunteer role if somebody else is still needed....
Jim FitzharrisFeb 28 2012, 10:32pmBilly,

I would like to help out in a non-running capacity. Ideally, I would prefer a marshalling role but it is totally your call. If you have your full quota of non-running volunteers, I can help Kyle on laptop or ride shotgun on first aid - I have the qualification but have never done it at an IMRA race.


Aidan BligheFeb 29 2012, 12:29amHi Billy,
I can do photos if you want me to marshal the course. Any other job is fine too.
Billy AlexanderFeb 29 2012, 9:20amThanks to Brian, Jim, Aidan and Peter for volunteering you are all welcome!
I'll post up all the job roles later today.
Billy AlexanderFeb 29 2012, 9:46amThanks to all those who have volunteered, here is the list of duties.
Any problems please email me at william dot e dot alexander at aib dot ie or call me on zero 8 seven 7 seven 7 six 6 six 6

1. Peter O’Farrell

1. Brian Furey

1. Kyle Heron - Laptop operator
2. Jim Fitzharris - Assistant

1. Barry Tennyson
2. Jeff Swords
 Direct cars to side car park as much as possible
 Please wear a hi-viz vest if you have one.

FIRST AID - 10.45am
1. Rosalind Hussey
 Check contents of first aid bag.
 Deal with any injured runners at race finish.
 Inform Race director of any serious injuries.

1. Mirjam Allik
2. Peter Bell
 Get money bag and float from Race Director.
 Count float to check.
 Take money in from queue / Send runners in queue to correct desk
 (sign-in desk for registered runners / registration desk for new runners for 2012).

SIGN IN SHEETS - 09.30am
1. Vivian O’Gorman
2. Jean O’Neill
 Please ensure that every runner signs in legibly.

NUMBERS - 09.30am
1. Derek Kellett
2. John Bell

1. John Greene - To be confiemed - Call to RD at 10:15
2. Aidan Blighe - To be confiemed - Call to RD at 10:15

1. Vivian O’Gorman
2. Brian Caulfield
 Record finishers numbers
1. James Alexander
2. John Bell
3. Peter Bell
4. Eoghan Carton
 When you finish running, collect numbers from runners.
 Sort numbers and put back in boxes.
Mirjam AllikFeb 29 2012, 11:46amAre some of the volunteers passing by Red Cow on M50 or near Heuston station in town? Would need a ride down. ( Thanks!
Stephen BrennanFeb 29 2012, 12:05pmSomething has come up that means I won't be able to do this race.

I can't figure out how to remove my car from the car pool list.
Jeff SwordsFeb 29 2012, 12:42pmMirjam,

I can pick you up at the Red Cow if you like.

Also, was it just me that was making arrangements on the assumption that it was a Sunday race and not Saturday ?

Mirjam AllikMar 1 2012, 8:32amThanks, you can contact me on the email I gave above.
Do you have more seats? 2 others helping out may be interested in getting a ride from red cow also.

Jeff SwordsMar 1 2012, 9:11amI've added myself to the car pool with the two additional seats if anyone wants them, if needs be I can take an additional 3 excluding yourself Mirjam.

I'll be at the Red Cow Luas around 8:55 but will contact you with the details anyway.

Jeff SwordsMar 1 2012, 9:12amActually, make that 8:45 at the Red Cow Luas so we'll be there in plenty of time for 9:30.
Jesko ZimmermannMar 1 2012, 3:36pmHi Jeff,
I think I booked a seat in your car, but I didn't get the automated confirmation email. Could you just tell me if I managed to book the seat?

Jeff SwordsMar 1 2012, 4:42pmAh, just checked and I had no emails from anyone, checked myIMRA profile and my email address was empty so updated that now.

Can the other person who booked the additional seat let me know, I have Mirjam and Jesko so far.
Jesko ZimmermannMar 1 2012, 5:11pmThe other person should be Angela Stevenson, we checked in at the same time.
James KeaneMar 2 2012, 4:36pmHi,
So if I understand this correctly, registration in in the Crone Carpark tomorrow morning? Best of luck to everyone, hope the weather holds out!
Jesko ZimmermannMar 3 2012, 3:08pmHi,
I fear I left my yearbook in the Pub after the race. If anybody found an abandoned 2011 yearbook, could you please let me know.

Dermot MurphyMar 3 2012, 3:13pmJesko, I picked up a yearbook that seemed to have been left behind - you can pick it up from me at your next race.
Jesko ZimmermannMar 3 2012, 4:00pmThanks a mill Dermot.
My next race will only be Bray Head, will pick it up then if you don't mind.
Brian FureyMar 5 2012, 11:16pmRace report added.