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Jack Layden Aug 16 2011, 11:56amHello All
i hope those at the talk with Moire and Paul enjoyed it.
I felt it was informative, interesting and something i wont even pretend that i will do.

We are having a race next wednesday and could do with some volunteers.
would anyone be about to give a little hand?

thank you

Jack laydenAug 18 2011, 11:52amHello All
I am considering replying to my own entry again and again so it may look like a busy and loved thread.

Anyway, I just wish to thank you all for your generousity last night in respect of next weeks Barbardos Charity Race.
Some of you have kindly offered to Volunteer there time for the race
I very much appreciate this gesture.
I would like to thank Dermot for agreeing to help with the race gear and with his guidance.
And Paul and Vivian who have, and will be, our race markers.
And Richard and Eoin who have assisted on the admin side.

But i have left many spaces still to be filled, so i hope the rest of your do not feel left out - But as Harvey Norman annoyingly says, when there gone, there gone!

The expanded race details are going live in a few hours/ a day.

Thanks again for your warm welcome last night.

Paul MahonAug 18 2011, 1:01pmNot sure where that last link of the course came from but this is the correct link.

It is a clockwise loop cutting across the bottom of the new bike trails shortly after the start and then following lower trial round past mast above Blue light pub and eventually coming out onto steep ascent up to 2 Rock mountain and returning via a short section of the Wicklow Way (Second half of the route is a revers of the recent Handicap race route).
With the 10km distance, 287m climb and failing light there will be an early start at 7pm which is recommended for anyone usually taking 180% or more of the winning time.
Gareth LittleAug 19 2011, 8:47am
Hi Jack, as discussed on Wednesday, ill be able to give you a hand with the numbers at the end.
Jack LaydenAug 19 2011, 10:24pmThanks guys and gals for volunteering.
Look forward to seeing you on the night.
I suppose if we are starting at 7pm, just try and get to the forest around 6.30,
but I am aware that it can be hard getting out
thanks again
Jack LaydenAug 22 2011, 2:44pmAll bar one - First Aid Officer needed.

I am glad to say that the good people of IMRA have been very kind with their volunteering time.
We just have a need for one 1st Aid Officer.
If anyone is keen to jump on board, please advise on the forum or by emailing me.

Just a note to the Volunteers, if you could possibly pop up to the race start for about 6, that would be brilliant.
And any issues that any of you have please let me know on 086 173 0940.

Incidentially, i shall be leaving the city center at around 5pm, if any of you wish for a lift.
Finally, Dermot do you need me to bring anything?

Thanks again
Dermot MurphyAug 22 2011, 2:58pmJack, nothing extra required - I have all the gear. Will be there around 6 to help set up.
Sarah CunninghamAug 23 2011, 2:54pmHi all,

Is anyone doing a carpool from near the city centre to the race tomorrow? There are two of us who'd love to come out but have no travel arrangements. Any suggestions appreciated!

jack laydenAug 23 2011, 4:36pmHi Sarah
I will be leaving at 5, if you want a lift?

Dermot, do you need me to bring a float and should the imra phone be redirected?
As you can see i am going through the checklist.

Dermot MurphyAug 23 2011, 9:41pmJack, can you bring a float of about €50?

Gavan should be able to redirect the IMRA phone to either me or you. Gav, Jack's number is a couple of posts back.
Mary CollinsAug 24 2011, 9:10amHi Jack. I have put my name dowm to do First Aid role for tonight.
Will be unable to get there before 7.30pm--but will try to be there before main race starts. Doubt I will get there before any of the eary starters at 7pm.
Mary Collins
jack laydenAug 25 2011, 12:48pmHello All
So i counted the money that we raised last night.
A grand total of €746.50.
This is a great tribute to all of you. And thank you again for participating and most importantly to the Volunteers, who basically did everything.

One last note of housekeeping for Sarah Mulligan and Fiona Clinton, there are prizes at the store waiting for you. Well done.

Have a nice weekend all