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Oran MurphyApr 30 2011, 12:38pmI've volunteered as a helper for this but would be happy to mark/demark the course, along with someone else though as I haven't marked a course before(am familiar enough with the route).
Michelle RowleyMay 4 2011, 10:41pmSimilar to Oran, I have volunteered as a helper but would be glad to help mark/demark the course with someone else.
Stuart ScottMay 9 2011, 3:45pmHi all,

I'm looking for a few more volunteers for next week's race at Powerscourt. In particular, a laptop operator, a second first aider, a deputy race director and a couple of marshalls. Oran and Michelle, thanks for the offer re marking, I'll contact you next week when I have a plan put together.

For everyone else, note the change in route! Gerry has suggested a much more interesting (and therefore harder) route which we will use this year. The map on the race profile page has been updated. As the race is earlier, daylight will be an issue so we will have to be much stricter re cutoff times. Please consider an early start if you think you need it. Also, don't forget the kit requirement.


Mick HanneyMay 9 2011, 4:03pmProbably worth pointing out that this isn't your standard laptop assignment in that the laptop can't be at the finish - unless there is a strict registration cut-off earlier than normal to allow a fast running laptoper get to the finish :-) , so results will have to be manually recorded and done on laptop later. Less frenetic than normal at the finish (for the laptop operator at least).
Kevin O'RiordanMay 9 2011, 10:01pmI'll shadow whoever wants to do the laptop for this race.
Aidan BligheMay 9 2011, 11:53pmHi Stuart,
I can do Deputy Director if you want (never done before), alternatively i could marshal & take photos which i have done a few times. Let me know which suits.
Eavan CaseyMay 10 2011, 12:00amKevin I can do lap top operator for this race.
Sean HassettMay 10 2011, 4:15pmAm I mistaken or has the Powerscourt Uphill race swapped places in the calendar with Tibradden?
Stuart ScottMay 11 2011, 11:34amThanks Aidan, Eavan. I'm still looking for a few more helpers if anyone else doesn't like the up hills!

Sean, the dates have indeed changed slightly so daylight is more of an issue this year.

A reminder to everyone: it will be dark by 2130 so everyone MUST be back at the carpark by then. This is a 12k course overall and a tough one at that. You should be prepared to jog back after racing, walking will not be sufficient. If you feel the race will take you longer than 55 minutes (or 160pc of the winning time), you should consider the early start at 7pm.

Catherine ByrneMay 11 2011, 11:53pmHi,
I'd be happy to help out for next weeks run, just new to the races so I've no experience to offer for the more technical jobs, but if people are needed for registrations, general helping hand,etc then count me in.
Stuart ScottMay 12 2011, 2:33pmThanks Cat!
Gerry BradyMay 13 2011, 10:15pmA map and profile of the course is on the IMRA event website page. The race starts 10 metres beyond the car park barrier.

Take the first left turn after around 60 metres and then an almost immediate right turn under the trees. This is a short but very steep climb with steps early in the race. Turn left at the top for a short gradual descent to rejoin the Wicklow Way (WW).

Turn right onto a faint path around 50 metres after rejoining the WW (the path goes up on the left hand side of a gully). Half way up this path you cross a forest road and continue straight up the gully. Around 60 metres before you come to the top of the gully, you cross the gully, climb for 30 metres and swing to the right through a small avenue in the trees. After you exit the trees, turn left up a faint path to come out on a forest road. Turn right when you come out onto this road.

This forest road is very steep with a number of zig-zag bends. Take a small path on your left at the last right-hand bend and follow this faint path through a fence and out onto a path above the forest. Turn left and follow the path until you come to a forest corner and wall.

Turn right before the wall and then a quick left through a broken part of the wall. Follow a faint partly overgrown path as it heads across the ridge that goes up Maulin. Veer right to cross through another point where the wall is broken and turn left to descend steeply to the Dargle river (this path quickly rejoins the Wicklow Way on the descent and this is where the junior finish is). After it rejoins the WW there is an option to veer to the right and descend on grass rather than on the WW.

Climb from the river on the WW with the wall on your left. Do not follow the WW when it crosses a stile on your left at a bend in the wall. Instead keep the wall on your left. When you rejoin the WW, turn right and this path is now heading straight towards Djouce. (there is a WW stile in the wall on your left).

The finish for seniors is on top of Djouce at the trig point.
Mick HanneyMay 15 2011, 6:47pmStuart, if the jacket is mandatory its probably no harm to have a gear check as part of registration, so someone can't register if they don't have the necessary jacket. This pre-reg check works well at LC races.
Maeve O' GradyMay 16 2011, 9:48amI would like to help out at this race if you need more volunteers?
Stuart ScottMay 16 2011, 11:55amThanks Maeve, have added you in. Probably ok now for helpers.

To all the volunteers, I'll send an email tomorrow with the plan. If your email address isn't in MyIMRA, can you contact me at stuart.scott A-T please.

Mick, was thinking the same alright. Given the forecast and time of year, jackets WILL be mandatory.


Paul WhyteMay 16 2011, 5:09pmHi,

People should consider the impact of the traffic restrictions in terms of getting out of Dublin for the race on Wednesday. I normally leave Heuston South Quarter and head out the N4 to the M50 - but I am having second thoughts. There are also traffic restrictions around the Aviva stadium for the Europa Cup Final (it is advised to use the Eastlink and the N11 where possible so there may be heavier traffic than normal).

See AA Roadwatch.

john greeneMay 16 2011, 7:55pmdoes this route take in some of the "bawling" maulin route earlier in the year? is that 60% climb (the one spiderman would have struggled with) on the agenda wed?

forewarned is forearmed!

roman gregusMay 17 2011, 2:28pmHi all
I would like to take a part in tommorrows powerscout/djouce mtn run. Is the race open for imra nonmembers? as I am not a member of any club, as well havent found any info regarding entry fee.

I am as well wondering if there is anyone going there from dublin city center around 17-30 and has a free seat in his car and so can take one more passenger, me :o)


086 2300773
Gareth ShawMay 17 2011, 3:05pmTo Gerard Cunningham - I submitted the form to request a seat in your car earlier, but it doesn't seem to have worked (I've had this problem before).

My mobile is 086 661 1469 - I can meet you at Balally Luas anytime after 17:45

Thanks very much

Donal TroddynMay 17 2011, 3:30pmRoman - You can join on the day. €10 for annual membership and €7 for the race.
Donal TroddynMay 17 2011, 3:31pmJust in case I wasn't clear, it's €10 for annual membership and an additional €7 for the race.
Brian O'MurchuMay 17 2011, 3:36pmI am hoping to go to the Powerscourt race, I wonder if anyone is travelling from the city centre (or Killester/Clontarf area), and has a free seat???
murchubrian [at] gmail [dot] com
086 8973144
Stuart ScottMay 17 2011, 4:22pmJohn, you're partly correct...the narrow ride up from the WW was the downhill stage on the Maulin race. It's just as steep though, and is the second of three short sharp climbs off the start line with little respite in between. There's a reason I'm RD-ing it :-) It is a great route though - the terrain is almost all grass, rock or mud with hardly any of the boring easy road section used in previous years.

Roman, yes you can join on the day. It would help if you can download the membership form at but we'll have some available on the day too.

Robert HickeyMay 17 2011, 4:39pmHi, just a question on the early start option tomorrow.
Can I assume that at the finish it's just a case of stating your start time and that you keep your number until you return to the car park ?
Paul NolanMay 17 2011, 4:43pm@Stuart

If you cut out the very early steep forest climb and stayed on the boring forest road you might save an unseemly scramble from the start, and lob 20metres of downhill off your up-only race.
roman gregusMay 17 2011, 4:49pmHi Stuart and Donal

thanks for replies
see you there

Stuart ScottMay 17 2011, 5:00pmHi Robert,

Yep we'll have an organised early start at 7 so when you finish, just tell the finish officials you were in that group.

Anyone who'd like to start even earlier is more than welcome to, just keep your own time please.

Paul, that had occurred to me alright. However, it will help spread the field a little before the narrow ride and make the race slightly tougher!

Sarah EftongaMay 17 2011, 5:17pmTo Gerard Cunningham - I also submitted the form to request a seat in your car earlier, but didnt get a confirmation email.
My mobile is 087-238-4602. I can meet you at Ballaly Luas, at whatever time suits. I'm doing the early start though, so if you dont think you will be at the start by 6.45, could you please let me know so i can try and arrange another lift - thanks!
Sam ScrivenMay 17 2011, 5:33pm@ Gerard
I've also tried to reserve one of the spaces in your car. Thanks. Again, I didn't get the confirming auto-email, but I can make Balally Luas at whatever time.
Tamas FarkasMay 17 2011, 6:01pmHi Gerard,
In case you wouldn't get a confirmation email, I booked a seat in your car. I can be at balally luas stop around 6pm or earlier if necessary. My phone is 0872348903. See you then!
Tamas FarkasMay 17 2011, 6:06pm- I just saw that Sarah is looking for an early start, so actually I can be at balally stop anytime after 5pm if we are to leave Dublin early.
Mark RoweMay 17 2011, 6:34pmHi,
Just wondering whether anyone had a lift available for the Djouce race tomorrow.Coming from Chapelizod,but can meet anywhere in Dublin.Custard creams guaranteed.
Damien Archbold May 17 2011, 6:40pmSounds like a fun race, anyone have a spare place in their car driving from either the city centre or from Merrion rd/Elm Park (near St Vincents University Hospital)? Hope to hear from someone, cheers!

Gerard CunninghamMay 17 2011, 7:12pmTo Gareth / Sarah / Sam / Tamas

Thanks for letting me know about the lack of email response - I think I've now finally fixed that in my profile. If everyone is ok I will aim to be in Balally between six and ten past six which should be in time to get us down for the early start. Any changes just text me on O87-636-9461
Sean HassettMay 17 2011, 8:36pmAnyone else heading from or through Dundrum or via a Luas stop?
Niamh GarveyMay 17 2011, 10:00pmHi, I put my car on the carpool but the departure time didn't show up. I'll be leaving Crumlin village at 18:00 passing through Templeogue, Ballyroan etc. if anyone needs a lift. 2 seats available (book through the carpool) - thanks
Ian ConroyMay 17 2011, 11:28pmJust a note to Mike Jordan (on carpool), I tried to book a place, but it didn't seem to work properly and I didn't get an email. Subsequently I've managed to book a place with Paul Whyte. So won't need a lift from Enniskerry. Thanks, hope that doesn't sound too confusing!!
Stuart ScottMay 18 2011, 1:46amHi,

I'm missing some volunteer email addresses so if you didn't get my message, please arrive at Crone as close to 6pm as you can.

The prizegiving will be held in the Glencormac Inn, Kilmac.

Let's hope for decent weather now!

Niamh GarveyMay 18 2011, 7:00amHi, could whoever booked a seat in my car please text me on 087-620-7762. I didn't receive an e-mail with your details. Thanks
Michelle RowleyMay 18 2011, 7:37amI didn't get an email, I just put my email address on my profile page. You should be able to get it that way.
Mike JordanMay 18 2011, 8:57amHi. Seeing as Ian Conroy has made other arrangements I now have a free seat in my car. Leaving Tallaght between 5 and half5. I can pass through Enniskerry or Kilmacanogue. Can the other person who booked a seat contact me on 0eightseven6twozero42three9 or post a comment here. Thanks. Mike
charlie lyonsMay 18 2011, 9:23amSean,

If you still need a lift i will be leaving from Stepaside. Planning on leaving around 6PM so can swing down to Dundrum or Luas stop.

You can email me at the following address:

Sean HassettMay 18 2011, 10:00amThanks to Gerry and Charlie for the lift offers. I will now be driving myself from Dundrum. As it doesn't seem possible to add to the Carpool at this stage if anyone else needs a lift from Dundrum they can call/text me on 086two3two7two74.
Mike JordanMay 18 2011, 10:37amHi. The second person who booked with me also didn't get a confirmation email and booked with someone else. I put up a new carpool entry but I guess I won't get a email if someone books it. If anyone needs a lift from Tallaght (I can swing by the Luas stop) or Enniskerry give me a text. 0eightseven62zero42three9. Mike
James HigginsMay 18 2011, 11:31amDamien,
I will be leaving Ballsbridge (going via Stillorgan DC and calling at pub in Kilmacanogue) at approx 5:50/6:00 if you still haven't got sorted. Would be passing St Vincent's.

If this suits anyone else you are welcome. 0 eight, six - 326313nine.

phil browneMay 18 2011, 7:23pmHi, for those of us who are not regular visitors to the mountains of wicklow, is there anywhere that simple directions to the starting points of all the races could be displayed. Thanks
Stuart ScottMay 19 2011, 1:24amHi all,

Hope you all enjoyed the run earlier. I thought far too many came back with smiling faces, so Gerry, you better get the thinking cap on for next time! Apologies for the delay in getting to the pub. Results will follow shortly, once they're transcribed into the computer.

Thanks to all the volunteers, especially the summit officials and marshalls who had to endure the weather. Also the carpark team who worked tirelessly to run the registration and post-race so efficiently.

A couple of points: a good number didn't sign in at the start of the race. I know it was easy to overlook tonight and new runners may not have been aware, but it is an important safety issue as we could have left people on the mountain.

A couple were spotted without jackets and will be disqualified. If you feel this is unjustified, please contact me at stuart.scott A-T and I'll look into it.

Many thanks to all who made an effort to carpool. Great to see so many messages flying about. We were lucky to have such a large carpark at our disposal but it isn't always the case.

Roll on next week...time to revisit Djouce but with a proper downhill!

Kevin O'RiordanMay 19 2011, 7:45pmSome provisional results up. Early starters will follow.
Kevin O'RiordanMay 19 2011, 10:01pmFull results (to the best of my knowledge) should be up. I have a few people who are listed by registered but not on the results sheets so if your result is missing, let me know.

Rene BorgMay 19 2011, 10:27pmTeam results are up.
Brendan LawlorMay 19 2011, 10:34pmKevin

Short course times are all 30 minutes overstated, and Cian was 5 seconds quicker that Dan

Well done on results and to Stuart and co for fine race
Sonja FuhrmannMay 20 2011, 12:18amHey, I just saw the results - you forgot to put me in.... I was number 792, I think I became 4th of the female!
Kevin O'RiordanMay 22 2011, 11:41pmBased on feedback and based on my own Garmin record, I've taken 35 seconds off everyone's times to make up for ground and summit watches being out of sync.
Sonja FuhrmannMay 23 2011, 4:22pmAny updates on people who are not on the result sheets? Or am I the only one? I have tried to send an email but didn't receive a reply...
Sonja FuhrmannMay 23 2011, 4:25pm... I have stopped my time as well: around 47:32 if that helps...
Dermot MurphyMay 23 2011, 5:03pmSonja, we will have your result updated shortly.
Dermot MurphyMay 23 2011, 5:05pmDone now...
Kevin O'RiordanMay 23 2011, 5:06pmTo the best of my deduction Sonja, you were recorded as number 799 (Felim Guinan) instead of your correct number. So I've replaced his name with your name. I don't see a record of Felim on the sign-in sheets or photos but if anyone knows differently, please let me know.
Eamonn HodgeMay 23 2011, 6:24pmI concur. Féilim did indeed wimp out of the race this year. No pride that man!
Sonja FuhrmannMay 23 2011, 11:16pmThanks a lot Kevin - that could have easily happened (I think my rain jacked has covered half my number).
John LangenbachMay 26 2011, 11:39amSomething funny at the end of the results for Powerscourt. It seems none of the lakes finished the race. Were they all wearing headphones?
Mick HanneyMay 26 2011, 12:54pmI blame Gerry Brady. Those lakes are his friends.
Gerry BradyMay 28 2011, 12:34pmThey were all disqualified no rainjackets !Mick spotted it