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Jonathan McCloyMar 21 2011, 10:23amOne that I don't think has been raised before... what's the rules on graduates? As with the majority of other university competitions, are teams allowed to include those who have graduated within the last year.
Mirjam AllikMar 21 2011, 2:02pmCould the organizers also provide some information on how to get there (is there public transport?). Student's don't often have cars and thus it may be quite a hurdle to just even get to the race point. Also, with only a few people from one school interested, the idea of renting a bus or a van is pretty much out of the question.
Gerry BradyMar 21 2011, 8:15pmEvent details updated with information on hostel, bus service, and link to IUAA Competition Rules.

Unfortunately St. Kevin's bus will not arrive in time for the start. I could bring a few people down but it will be very early (to mark the course). Other volunteers may also be able to help.

All athletes eligible to compete in IUAA events are eligible. Queens ran very well in the colleges cross-country so those guys would be very competitive if they run.

Any laptop operator and first-aid officer available as volunteers?
Jonathan McCloyMar 22 2011, 4:38pmI really don't think those guys will be there on Saturday.

Just to clarify, do you mean that eligibility for the event will be similar to the IUAA Rule 8.2? As if the IUAA rules are used, then there will definitely be students who are deemed ineligible by the clause that all competitors should be members of their university's athletics club and their university must be affiliated to the IUAA.

I wasn't able to offer to organise an Intervarsities this year, but I would be interested to know if any progress has been made towards getting the event recognised under CUSAI?
Jonathan McCloyMar 22 2011, 6:18pmAh, I see the query is answered above... not too sure if that extra info was there earlier though.
Gerard CunninghamMar 24 2011, 5:57pmHi - I will be driving down early to Glendalough with three free seats.
Driving via walkinstown dundrum (about 09.30) sandyford M50. Contact mobile 087 - 636 - 9461
Gerry BradyMar 26 2011, 7:31pmResults up in race report. Please don't tag photos until database results are uploaded (this process creates athlete profiles for new runners which enables tagging). Thanks to all of the volunteers, the runners, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service for a permit to hold theevent in the Wicklow Mountains National Park.

Would be interesting to get race reports from the runners especially first-timers.
Jonathan McCloyMar 26 2011, 8:47pmSuppose it's only right that I post how that I thought the course today was quite good, I'm glad I made the journey. Thanks to Gerry and the rest of the volunteers for a smoothly run event.
Colm HillMar 26 2011, 8:51pmHere here!

A bit dry but Gerry can't control the weather ;)
Conan McCaugheyMar 27 2011, 3:22pmHey just saw in the results there was confusion over the spelling of my surname? Just to clarify its McCaughey not McCabhey, could you rectify it when you put up the final results, thanks!
Dermot MurphyMar 27 2011, 3:30pmConan, I'll do up the college results later this evening and make sure name is correct.