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Barry BurkeJul 27 2010, 8:47amHi,

I'm looking for a lift from Leopardstown/Sandyford to this event. However i will be returning to the Red Cow. If anyone has any room for car pooling for either of these routes it would be great if you could let me know.

Mark LoaneJul 27 2010, 1:54pmSomething I'm sure you've all heard about over and over and some of you may have even had the bad luck to experience but I had my car broken into yesterday evening while I was out running at Tibradden. I'm pretty sure the guys who broke into my car were there when I was changing into my running gear and saw me putting my clothes into my boot as they went in through the back passenger window and straight for the boot. There was nothing of value visible in the car when the break-in happened.
Anyway without wanting to sound too paranoid, I just wanted to say to people 1. Do the obvious and put everything out of sight when leaving your car and 2. Be aware of who is around when you are changing and leaving your car. The guys who I suspect broke into mine looked like dodgy scumbags to me but unfortunately for me I was focussed on just going for a run. Also they appeared to be leaving when I was heading off for my run.
Sorry I know this is not exactly the right place to put this message but I didnt know where else to put it that people would see it.

PS: If anyone out there would be kind enough to help me get my "My IMRA" account activated I'd appreciate it (I think I need someone to invite me to join).
Niall O'ConorJul 27 2010, 4:09pmHi Guys has anyone a elevation profile for the run tomorrow night??
Gillesa O' SheaJul 29 2010, 9:47amHi Barry

I'm driving from Leopardstown and have lots of room. Only thing is, I'm volunteering at the race so I'll be leaving Dublin early (aiming to be there for 6.30). Let me know: gillesaoshea AT gmail

Vivian O'GormanJul 29 2010, 4:08pm
Hi All --

I'm looking for a Lap Top person and First Aider for next Wednesday
also a Race Marker.

You can text me on 087 4150398 or use myimra on the website.

Torben DahlJul 30 2010, 10:50pmHi Mark,
Can you post your mobile no. as it is needed to invite you. Username and password will be send by SMS.
Mick HanneyJul 31 2010, 11:23am
Handy to have 2 people to mark it if possible like last year. I'll do the car park, river path and back section.

Where are all the first aiders who did the training?
Rene BorgJul 31 2010, 7:32pmMick, just back from the Lakes here so just catching up on myself. I can help you with the marking if you still need a second hand.
Mick HanneyJul 31 2010, 8:11pmCheers Rene. Offer accepted. Same as last year so.
Niamh O CeallaighJul 31 2010, 9:27pmHi Mick Rene,

Thanks for the offers of help with the marking, but I will be heading out in the early afternoon so will have plenty of time to mark the full route, so ye can enjoy the run.

You could de-mark if you like.

Rene BorgAug 1 2010, 9:35pmHad a look over the route this evening, was delighted to see that all the damage done over winter has now been repaired and there's no impediment to using the existing route as is.

The sculpture of wooden poles down by the river has been removed as it had been damaged in case any of last year's runners plan to use it to gauge their progress along the river.
David PennieAug 1 2010, 10:52pmHi,
Never done a mountain run before all road runs 10k's max but i would like to try out muntain running heard lots about it. Is it ok to just turn up for this event to try it out???
Rene BorgAug 2 2010, 9:07amHi David, anyone can register on the day, only thing is to ensure you arrive before registration closes (usually 7:15 but best check the event's page).

From a difficulty point of view the trail races like Devil's Glen are ideal introductions. You'll experience small segments of everything that a mountain race has (steep ascents, tricky descents) but generally the route is much flatter and faster on good trails.

Time-wise, Devil's Glen will take just a bit longer than most would expect to run for a 10k on the road.
David PennieAug 2 2010, 11:36amHi Rene,
Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to it now. Cheers.
Mark LoaneAug 2 2010, 7:49pmTorben,

Thanks for that. My Mobile No. is: 0879819760. Thanks again.
Vivian O' GormanAug 2 2010, 10:03pm
We are going back to the Ashford House for prizegiving after the race.Their
kitchen closes at 9pm sharp so if anybody wants food get there BEFORE 9!!

I still need a Lap Top Operator.

Don't forget migge spray!

See you all Wed.
Rene BorgAug 3 2010, 2:06pmNo problem Niamh, I may be racing but no better cooldown than demarking. Mick, I can demark the Seamus Heany and then start running backwards out the Waterfall to meet you (as that requires a lot more tape!).

As a note on the zig-zags on the Waterfall, we recommended that it's mandatory not to cut the corners for three reasons last year:

1. You are very likely to collide with another runner from the side here if you do
2. It's a significant shortcut to take the straight line
3. It's a marked, not point-to-point course
Jenny McCauleyAug 3 2010, 4:45pmavailable to help 2moro as i can't run at the mo, can mark/demark,do first aid or help as needed:)
Mick HanneyAug 3 2010, 8:19pmPlease try car pool from the car park at the Ashford House. The car parking in Devils Glen itself is quite tight and won't be long filling up if we had lots of single occupancy vehicles.

Last year light was failing early for late race finishers. If you think you will be a later finisher you could do an early start. Please advise the race director and keep track of your time.
Tadhg CrowleyAug 3 2010, 11:54pmHi,

Could anyone offer me a lift from Bray? I'll be happy to pay for petrol, etc.

I will appreciate greatly.


Richard KieranAug 4 2010, 9:04amTadhg, I'll be driving from Bray, can give you a lift no problem. about 6.30? Richard
Tadhg CrowleyAug 4 2010, 10:16amRichard,

That's brilliant, thanks a mill. How do I contact you to arrange to hook up in Bray? My number is 086 817 2932.

Mick HanneyAug 4 2010, 10:40pmI was leaving Ashford this evening having called into the Ashford House briefly, when I got a call to go back up to Devils Glen to unlock the gate and let a van out that was locked in. The individual concerned who had taken part in the imra race was fortunate I wasn't much further away. When an evening race finishes in any venue it stands to reason that the venue is going to be locked up. If you finish the race and go walking you are taking liberties if you are expecting people to hang on to keep the gate unlocked just for you.

I think it was fairly evident that car pooling from Ashford to the race was pretty poor judging by the amount of cars there this evening, particularly cars that were parked badly on the entrance road. Its not that difficult folks.

Kudos to Vivian and crew for a well run race and to Dermot in particular for being so efficient in getting the results out so quickly.
Rene BorgAug 5 2010, 10:24amWhile Emmet Dunleavy's course record wasn't under threat, the women's bar was lowered to 39:26 from 41:08 by Aoife Joyce. Good to see the ladies record go sub-40 although it put a lot of pressure on me in order to retain domestic supremacy...
Karen MooreAug 5 2010, 1:01pmEh.....where's me raffle ticket? :)