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Gerry BradyMay 2 2010, 7:39pmDetails of June 13th trial for European championships now on web page.
kevin englishMay 3 2010, 10:11pmHi Gerry,
looks like a nice course,will you be doing any pre runs on the course?
I would love to get up to see the course over the coming weeks.
Gerry BradyMay 24 2010, 10:58pmThere will be an easy training run over the trial course for the Europeans this Sunday. The run will start from Crone Wood car park at 10:30. Run is open to all.
sharon birdMay 25 2010, 11:11amhi,
Can anyone join this training run?
Jason KehoeMay 25 2010, 2:23pmYes Sharon, I would say anyone can attend. The runners should be easy to spot on the day.
Gerry BradyMay 25 2010, 10:36pmThe training run is open to everyone and we are hoping some of the youths teams for Italy in late June will also attend. we will regroup as necessary on the lap to keep everyone together. Nice to see another North Belfast international runner taking an interest :)
sharon birdMay 27 2010, 10:32amOh no not an international! But will give it a bash!
Gerry BradyJun 2 2010, 11:23pmHi All, helpers needed for European trial race, Sunday 13th June at 12 noon. Get your two volunteering duties in!
Gerry BradyJun 8 2010, 11:26pmTrial race on Sunday is open so anyone wanting to test themselves on the new climb are more than welcome. Some more volunteers to be marshalls on the course and for registration would be useful, as would a photographer out on the course.
Aidan BligheJun 8 2010, 11:30pmHi Gerry,
I just volunteered as a helper. I Can take photos on the day if you want. I took some for this event last year.
suzanne kennyJun 10 2010, 5:24pmdoes anyone fancy an easy jog/ walk round the route sat afternoon/ evening?? just one lap to see what its like? am doing the ww relay in the morning on sat so will be taking it slow just to check it out really...not surw if will compete yet or not! let me know if anyone free. :) 0868453210
Brendan O'ConnorJun 10 2010, 10:00pmHi Gerry, I've stuck my name down too, and I also can take photos !
Gerry BradyJun 13 2010, 5:21pmPreliminary results of trial race up. Thanks to all of the volunteers who did a great job. Photos to follow and database results by Tuesday.
Brendan O'ConnorJun 13 2010, 7:53pmHi, some photos up now,