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Brendan LawlorMay 6 2010, 10:53amLiz Ryan and Ed Daly volunteered to help at this race
Pol O'MurchuMay 20 2010, 2:46pmLooking for some volunteers for this race. Need first aid, laptop and some non running volunteers! Thank you.
Pol O'MurchuMay 20 2010, 2:47pmLooking for some volunteers for this race. Need first aid, laptop and some non running volunteers! Thank you.
Brían O'MearaMay 21 2010, 9:59amI can volunteer, but I'd like to run it too.
Pól Ó MurchúMay 24 2010, 5:47pmStill looking for Laptop operator, First Aid and some non running volunteers for this race please. Anyone interested please register online of drop me an e-mail at
Pól Ó MurchúMay 24 2010, 5:49pmSorry should read Thank you.
sharon birdMay 25 2010, 11:05amHi,

I really want to do this race, but am unsure of getting there.

I am from the north and only working in newbridge for the week...

Could anyone provide any info on getting there?

Justin ReaMay 26 2010, 11:47amThis link will shown you start/parking in field:

Turn right at Roundwood Inn if coming from Dublin. Follow road to crossroads/T-intersection. Turn left towards Oldbridge, turn up lane to start should be marked.
Brendan LawlorMay 27 2010, 11:28amCar parking for the Scarr race (and access to the race route) is with the kind permission of Nicky and Brian Gaffney who live in the house at the end of the lane. A donation to the local 17th Roundwood Scout Troop plus at least one or more other runners in your car will get you into their field. Please dont turn up in a car on your own or you could be sent back to the carpool location.

You can carpool from the Coachhouse pub car park in Roundwood. Prizegiving will be in this pub after the race
Stuart ScottMay 27 2010, 11:45amCan we choose which of our passengers to donate to the Scout Troop?
Geraldine O'SheaMay 29 2010, 6:55pmBronagh Cheetham and I are doing the Fighting Cancer Triathlon (formerly the Tri-To-Beat Cancer) in Mullingar on the 19th June. It's a sprint triathlon (750m lake swim, 20Km bike and 5Km run). We'll have a variety of homebaked goodies for sale before, during and after this week's race and would really appreciate your support. All the monies from the event go directly to cancer research ( Approximately €1 million has been raised through this event which is now in its 11th year. For more information please see
Thank you to Pol, race director and Dermot, IMRA President for granting us permission to hold the cake sale.
If any of you would like to showcase your baking skills, we'd be very happy to recieve cakes etc to sell. Or you can just show your support by eating them !

Thanks in advance!

Colm HillMay 30 2010, 8:57pmIs there a short course or can juniors run the entire route as its under 10km?

Pól Ó MurchúMay 31 2010, 6:34pmYes short course will be turning back just before the last climb towards the end of the ridge.
Pól Ó MurchúMay 31 2010, 6:35pmYes short course will be turning back just before the last climb towards the end of the ridge.
Pol O'MurchuMay 31 2010, 8:39pmStill looking for a few more volunteers - would prefer non running but any would do.

Thank you
Viv LavanJun 1 2010, 7:00pmPol,

Are you still in need of volunteers? I could help out, but I'd like to run the race too! Is that any good for you?

Viv LavanJun 1 2010, 7:01pmPol,

Are you still in need of volunteers? I could help out, but I'd like to run the race too! Is that any good for you?

Pól Ó MurchúJun 1 2010, 7:13pmThanks Viv. I've loads of volunteers who want to run. Could do with a couple of non runners but Thanks anyway. Unless you decide not to run.
Thank you, Pól
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 2 2010, 9:24amPól,

I was planning on running but have a niggle I'm going to rest. I can help you out as a non runner but will not be down until around 7/7.15 I think.

I could help with the walking wounded maybe, I'm not on the first aid panel but I recently did the Johns Ambulance occupational first aid course.

If that's any use to you let me know, you'll get my email and phone number in my myimra profile.

Catherine DevittJun 2 2010, 10:14amHi, perhaps this is stated somehere already, but can anyone clarify for me where registration for this race is taking place? Roundwood or near start of race? Thanks, Catherine
Justin ReaJun 2 2010, 10:20amRegistration is in field at end of lane where you park. Start is on the lane.
John ShielsJun 2 2010, 2:36pmI'm planning on heading from Booterstown at around 17.30 this evening and can take one person if they want to get down early, check note on carpool.

Fergal NooneJun 2 2010, 4:58pmI tried booking a place in tonights carpool but have yet to receive a reply. Can Sonja text me on the number I gave?
Brendan LawlorJun 2 2010, 5:03pmURGENT - could one of this evenings non running volunteers call me on oh87 243too798 or meet me at the Coach House in Roundwood at 6pm to act as car pool marshall
Pol O murchuJun 3 2010, 12:33amMany thanks to all the volunteers for their help tonight. Sure was an eventful night. Special thanks to andreas for marking, Grainne on laptop, assistant director Brendan and mike. Thanks also to nikki and brian for the use of the field. Didn't manage to get a figure on the amount raised but thanks - seemed to be a good bit of carpooling going on anyway! Last but most definitely not least to all the mountain rescue guys and gals! Absolutely amazing job! Thank you! I hope the two girls who where hurt (clare and Sarah)hope you recover soon and get back out there. Well done also to bronagh and Geraldine with the ymy cakes and stuff who raised about 450 for a great cause!
Pol O'murchuJun 3 2010, 12:38amOpps forgot one very important person. John shields who also helped out with one of the injured runners as well as taking some great pics as always! Thank you.
Rene BorgJun 3 2010, 9:02amClub results are now up.
Wayne JenkinsJun 3 2010, 12:15pmOn Behalf of Mountain Rescue, You're very welcome. It was a case of the right place at the right time.

Thankfully with the Team Jeep onsite we were able to react quite quickly.

Claire & Sarah, I hope you recover soon.

John Sheils, Thank you for your assistance & your monopod which made an excellent hasty splint for the wrist injury. (I still have it & will bring it to Kerry for the Carrauntoohil race) along with 2 Bandanas (I think one is yours Claire) we will get it back to you.



Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team
John ShielsJun 3 2010, 1:34pmThanks Wayne, I though it had gone to the hospital with Clare.