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Niall McAlindenMay 18 2010, 10:24amIs this event uphill only?
Mick HanneyMay 18 2010, 10:25amNope. Up and down, hopefully the same way (in my case) this year.
Jason KehoeJun 4 2010, 12:23pmHi,

Unofficial recce taking place next Thursday 10th. Carpooling from Kilmacanogue pub at 5:40pm or meet at race start for 6:30pm sharp. Forcast looks promising but bring gear and maybe a head torch in case things go awry. Harveys map and compass recommended as we will be taking notes for race using our newly found Navigation skills. If running late you can get me on my mobile if there is reception. [oh]85[one]41[four]1[four]1

Jason KehoeJun 10 2010, 9:59amRecce still going ahead as planned.
Aidan BligheJun 14 2010, 11:41pmIs there someone doing race director for this race?
Paul NolanJun 15 2010, 1:37pmFrom last year's race description
"This is an uncompromising open mountainside race. Once above the 400m contour you will be in trackless wilderness. This section of the race will not be marked so you will need to familiarise yourself with the route beforehand or have strong navigational abilities.

IMPORTANT Keep the river/stream to your left when climbing and to your right when descending. Failure to do so could lead you onto dangerous cliffs."

It remains equally true this year. This race is one of the toughest in the calendar. The winning times last year in terrible weather were 84min for men and 101min for women for just over 10km, illustrating that the emphasis of this route being more on the Mountain bit than the Running bit. The underfoot is in places rough and the descent off the Lug plateau VERY steep. All good fun if you love rough races.

Please make sure you arrive with the kit listed and the abilities to find your way. The new East West Lugnaquilla & Glendalough map is ideal.

See you at registration

Paul & Izzy, race directors.
Aidan RoeJun 15 2010, 2:05pmPaul
I use a fairly useful track to the top. i find it quicker (not that it will matter in overall scheme of things).it is on wrong side of river on ascent. is it ok to use this or should we all be going same way. Aidan
Paul NolanJun 15 2010, 9:24pmAidan

My concern is with people coming down the right side of the river onto the cliffs and crags in that area.

While I applaud your effort in finding a good way through the crags I would prefer if runners didn't ascend/descend on the east side of the river. The request to use the river as a navigation aid also serves to act as a starting corridor for Mountain Rescue in the unfortunate case of having to call them.


aidan RoeJun 15 2010, 11:04pmPaul
no problem with your instructions. just wanted to check with you first. as I said will make no difference in overall scheme. looking forward to run and hoping the weather holds.
Isabelle LemeeJun 20 2010, 6:56pmDear all,

A grey "Berghaus" bag was left behind at the race today and is now gathered with the race equipment for Wednesday night's race. The owner of the bag should be able to retrieve it there!

Well done again to all the runners who experienced once again the nice weather on the hills at a Leinster Championship Race.

Colm HillJun 20 2010, 8:13pmPaul & Izzy,

Thank you.

Brilliant race. It had everything - but as you said before, if you have the weather you can get away with almost anything.

To those that missed it, you have my sympathies. It is a true test of mountain running skills - strength, endurance and speed. Tough climb, technical descent, I was going down vertical banks, down through heather, bog, short grass, rock, steep alpine style track, roots - not much else it could throw at me.

...If only every race on the calender was up to the standard of this race

Furey has landed the Leinster Title with his win today - 3 from 3. Great performance and show of climbing skill and route choice
Mick HanneyJun 20 2010, 8:39pm+1 to that. Thanks Paul and Izzy. Congrats Brian.
Modest Colm neglects to mention he was only seconds behind Brian at the finish. You must have descended like a dervish.
Another big plus was the stream at Baravore to cool down in afterwards. Boy was it needed.
Brian FureyJun 21 2010, 9:45amThanks to Paul and Izzy for super race yesterday. Great weather for it. Makes a huge difference. Well done to Colm on a great descent,it was a close finish, I was lucky enough to take it in the end.
Justin ReaJun 21 2010, 10:52amAgreed. Spectacular race.

What a difference the weather made to last year. Was surprised to receive mandatory gear check at registration, but on reflection this is the right way to do it. Although sun cream should have been on the list ;-)
Mick HanneyJun 21 2010, 11:47amDon't see a race report tab to add a report? Can anyone assist? Cheers.
John LangenbachJun 21 2010, 2:07pmI always assumed the reports tab opened when the results went up, or maybe it just seems that way because they're both there by the time I look.
Colm HillJun 21 2010, 4:28pmDone. Race report up. Pulled from my blog.
Paul NolanJun 21 2010, 9:05pmProvisinal Race results. They'll appear in the database in due course.

Thanks again for coming out and for all the postive comments afterwards. I hope the sunburn isn't too bad. If we could manage weather halfway between this year and last year for the race...

340 Biran Fury 69.19
361 Colm Hill 69.24
278 Adrian Hennessy 73.25
290 Des Kennedy 73.25
521 Jason Kehoe 76.06
75 Zoran Skrba 78.59
2 Mick Hanney 79.50
236 Alan Alying 80.36
54 Martin Francis 81.10
14 John O'Neill 81.38
149 Dermot Murphy 81.40
20 Damien Kelly 83.12
1025 Barry Moore 90.22
894 Turlough Conway 91.51
129 Gareth Little 92.11
365 Zbigniew Bressa 92.39
778 Shane Enright 92.57
109 Gavan Doherty 96.53
279 Fergal Buckley 98.32
245 Larry Stapleton 106.20
13 Justin Rea 107.57
26 Aidan Roe 109.06
48 Derek Livingstone 109.08
178 Henny Brandsma 109.24
49 John Fitzgearld 110.36
89 Sturat Scott 111.56
288 Niamh Gavery 112.50
67 Tom Galvin 113.59
198 Eithne McShane 121.57
230 Don Short 130.40
110 Barry Tennyson 140.47
512 Mick Kellet 141.16
115 Charlie O'Connell 224.53

1061 John Waor? 110.40 short course