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mikey fryJul 3 2009, 10:46pmhi douglas can help at this run if u need!thanks mikey
Rene BorgJul 4 2009, 10:38amHi Mikey, I've added you as a helper for both races.

Are you a member of myIMRA? If so you can add yourself, it not send me your mobile to rene dot borg at imra dot ie and I'll invite you.
mikey fryJul 17 2009, 6:17pmhey douglas is it ok that i run in this race...if you need me to not run thats groovie too what ever you need me to do thanks a mill mikey
John ShielsJul 18 2009, 9:54amAnyone want to volunteer to take photos as I'll be away that week?
Jason RhodesJul 20 2009, 3:04pmHey All:

I am traveling to Ireland next week and spoken with a gentleman named Paul about running the race. He said it would be fine, to print out membership forms and submit at race. Me and my fiance are decent runners and are very excited to see fabulous Ireland in this way. I hope it is still alright that we join you.

I do have a question and that is can someone give me directions to the race from Dublin (Cardiff Ln Maldron Hotel is where we are staying)! If someone could email me directions to that would be great. Beer on me for the help!

Thanks so much and look forward to meeting you all!

Marc BarrettJul 21 2009, 12:20pmJason, just pm'd you.
Brendan O'ConnorJul 21 2009, 4:07pmJohn,
I might be able to take some pics that night.
Garry RossiterJul 27 2009, 11:44amHi Douglas,
I\'d like to volunteer for wednesday as First Aid Officer or summit marshall.
What time do I need to be there for?
Alan DugganJul 27 2009, 3:34pmAny directions lads?
Rene BorgJul 27 2009, 3:36pmHi Alan, it\'s the same car park as other races in Crone Wood.

There\'s a Google Map you can use here until we get the full details up under Ballyross:
Douglas BarryJul 28 2009, 9:48amThanks for volunteering folks.
Meet at Crone at 18.30pm. Would whoever has the laptop please give me a ring at Oh Eight Six 606931 Six. Thanks Douglas
Edward BatemanJul 28 2009, 10:52amHi Douglas, I am down as a helper for tomorrow night but my car is acting up and i\'ve got to bring it to the garage in the morning, i don\'t know if i\'ll have it back by the evening so I might not be able to get out there early enough to help out. Hope this doesn\'t cause any problems,
seamus kilcullenJul 28 2009, 11:02pmHi Duoglas,
Just to get priorities right what pub are we going to afterwards?
Paul CuffeJul 28 2009, 11:05pmHi there first time to run this trail unsure of footwear choice I have road running runners (asics kayano) or inov-8 212 talons?
Rene BorgJul 28 2009, 11:20pmThe route is all on very good fire trail so any standard running shoe will basically do you as long as you\'re comfortable with it.

Technical fell runners would be wasted and the hard trail would probably wear the studs off so wouldn\'t recommend using any of them such as the Talon.
Douglas BarryJul 28 2009, 11:30pmSeamus, do you like the Guinness in the Powerscourt Arms in Enniskerry? I hope so because that\'s where we\'re going....

seamus kilcullenJul 28 2009, 11:47pmThanks Douglas,
I love the guinness anywhere.
Paddy CoyneJul 29 2009, 3:05pmHi, I got directions from the AA website. Where in Glencree does the race start from and where would I fill out registration forms etc. New to this. Thanks.
Sean HassettJul 29 2009, 3:26pmPaddy

Look at the ordnanace survey map of the event location on this site. You should be able to work it out with your directions and a road map from there.
Rene BorgJul 30 2009, 9:42amClub results for this event are now up. Overall standings will be published after the second race of the series.
John BarryJul 30 2009, 11:16amWell done to Douglas and his crew last night. Another well organized IMRA race. It may not be the most scenic of routes but it\'s lighting fast and he makes for a great challange. Thanks to Gerard for the great Shoulder to Shoulder challange on the way up. GREAT FUN!

Brendan O'ConnorJul 30 2009, 12:09pmHi, I managed to get a few pictures of the race, though with the midgies, rain and poor light, I\'m unsure about the quality. I\'ll post the best of them tonight,
Eva FairmanerJul 31 2009, 9:19amPaul Cullen you should be ashamed of yourself! I was tagging Brendan\'s photos of Ballyross and there you are running with no number!
Joe LalorJul 31 2009, 9:02pmThats not Paul Cullan,its Adam Clayton
Douglas BarryJul 31 2009, 11:20pmThanks everybody for the great turnout and to all the volunteers for helping to make it a great race for everybody on the night.

Lindie NaughtonAug 17 2009, 11:20amJust back from hols but in case anyone is interested, the few decent pics I got on Ballyross are at