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niamh o ceallaighApr 30 2009, 9:28amAnyone know the route for this race?
I am marking it so might do a recce.
Rene BorgApr 30 2009, 10:20amHi Niamh,

It's still a bit up in the air as Turlough is trying to see if we can get use of the Powerscourt Gardens car park.

If we do, the start will be on the forest path just next to the water fall and the race starts on the very steep climb up through the trees.

This path then eventually merges with the Wicklow Way from where you follow the Powerscourt Ridge route up to the top of Djouce.

A nice easy climb in other words!
Brenda MalleyApr 30 2009, 1:57pmDistance is marked at 6.5 km. Doas this refer to the uphill distance only, meaning the total distance to be covered, out and back, is actually 13 km?
I'm an early starter, and need to give myself time to be back before dark!
Brenda Malley
Turlough ConwayMay 12 2009, 3:37pmHI Brenda, total running distance would be about 15-17 K. You will have to jog back from Djouce to carpark. Hi Niamh, could you drop me a mail at turlough dot conway at imra dot ie. Thanks a milion
Paul O'GradyMay 14 2009, 2:04pmHi,

Any chance of a map for this one?

I'm hoping to do a reccee over the weekend.


Turlough ConwayMay 15 2009, 12:36pmHi Paul

Will have map up later. Course will be from Crone Wood along Wicklow Way and turning off at junction for Djouce summit finishing at Djouce summit.

Smallish downhill section to Dodder
Paul O'GradyMay 15 2009, 1:24pmThanks Turlough,

You make it sound so easy!!
Joe LalorMay 15 2009, 2:14pmIt will not be easy if you are planning on crossing the Dodder
Turlough ConwayMay 15 2009, 2:19pmHi Paul,

Easy it is not! There will be a lot of people with burnt legs and hammered hearts at the end. Just to note that there will be an early start at 7-7.10 for this to enable slower runners to get back down safely in daylight. We will also probably be calling the timekeepers down at 8.30 so if anyones speed may be slower than 200% of the race winners the early start is for you.

Carrying a rainproof jacket for the return may be compulsory so bring one along.
Mick HanneyMay 15 2009, 2:21pmTurlough - how far is the Dodder from Djouce :-)

Peter O'FarrellMay 15 2009, 3:20pmJoe - how about an event where you cross every river in Dublin/Wicklow starting with D in 24 hours :)
Turlough ConwayMay 15 2009, 3:42pmHi Joe

RE: Dodder is there a problem with the bridge over the dodder? Maybe you mean the lenght of the race is long should we cross?
Turlough ConwayMay 15 2009, 4:04pmIve worked out now Joe (thanks Justin) and it looks like the race would indeed be too long should we cross the Dodder particularly if we insist on the race crossing a bridge. Have decided to cross the Dargle instead. :-)
Diarmuid O'ColmainMay 15 2009, 4:09pmMick
I think it's 2.1k from the Dodder to the turn off the WW up Djouce and slightly less than a futher 1k from there to the top of Djouce.
Turlough ConwayMay 15 2009, 4:46pmLaptop operator:

Looking for a laptop operator for the Powerscourt Race.
The person would not have to take results at finish only register runners at the start. They would also be able to run. The handiest laptop job of the year I would have thought!
Joe LalorMay 15 2009, 5:20pmT. The problem is that we local boys are having some fun at your expense.
The Dodder flows through Tallaght, you are thinking of the Dargle
Jim FitzharrisMay 15 2009, 5:33pmTurlough,

I will do laptop operator. Who has the PC at the moment? I normally get it in advance and charge up both the laptop and the spare battery. That said, if someone brings it along all ready to go, that's fine with me! What time am I needed there?

On a related topic, will we have the gazebo or a van? The weather forecast for the next few days is not great.


Sinéad RocheMay 15 2009, 5:47pmHi Jim,

I have the laptop and printer at the moment. Will arrange to get it to you by Tuesday evening - if that's ok.


P.S. - Glad ye don't have to cross the Dodder and Turlough opted for the Dargle instead - Had a good giggle reading those messages - Thanks lads :)
Diarmuid O'ColmainMay 15 2009, 5:52pmNever mind Turlough,
I fell right into the trap also - and I really should know better!
Barry MinnockMay 18 2009, 9:46amHave updated race map to what I understand the route to be ...

Hope this helps.
Jim FitzharrisMay 18 2009, 10:10amThanks Barry.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are defintely starting in Crone? The race description still mentions Djouce Woods car park. Apart from wishing to run the race, I also have the laptop so I should really be at the proper start ..... ;-) Crone is certainly a logical choice - pity we could not go from the bottom of the waterfall which would have made it 100% uphill.



Turlough ConwayMay 18 2009, 11:50amDefinately starting at Crone, description is correct now. Jim, will look into the gazebo but if the weather is poor we may do the laptop registration from a car. The volume of traffic through laptop registration should be small compared to earlier races. Looking for volunteers to be in place if possible by 6 pm or a shortly as you can after. turlough dot conway at imra dot ie if you need to contact me. Need two of the non running volunteers for the summit finish. If youre interested in that job send me a mail.

We decides against the waterfall route this year due to the difficulty of finding a runner/runners gone astray on the return in the fading light. The WW route makes getting lost harder and finding a runner easier. If we have an uphill next year may push it out to late June and use the waterfall route.

Thanks Barry for uploading the route map. The winning time on this route may be from 30-35 mins. If your predicted time based on that is above 1 hour you should opt for the early start.

Early start taking place at 7 pm.
Colman WalshMay 18 2009, 12:04pmHi,

How far is the walk back form the top of Djouce to the carpark? Is there a shortcut, or do we have to retrace the 6.5km?

Turlough ConwayMay 18 2009, 12:51pmHi Colman,

The distance back is 6.5k on the WW, thats the shortest route time wise as far as I know. We are insisting that runners take this route as an accident occuring on an alternative route may cause us difficulty in locating the missing runner.

There may also be a compulsory requirement to carrty a raincoat for the journey back. Would expect most people to Job back. Downhill (mostly) all the way!
Shane LowryMay 18 2009, 4:35pmHi, Do you have to go through the two stiles on the WW route or can you stay on the Dargle / Djouce side of the stone wall and rejoin the WW up at the second stile ?
Justin ReaMay 18 2009, 5:04pmJim, I'd be more worried about how you are going to get to the finish before Barry, carrying the laptop ;-)
Gareth LittleMay 19 2009, 8:59amHi Turlough,

I am down to do the first aid for the race, what time is best for me to arrive?


Gareth LittleMay 19 2009, 8:59amHi Turlough,

I am down to do the first aid for the race, what time is best for me to arrive?


Hazel ThompsonMay 19 2009, 11:41amWhere is the prize giving location so we can have somewhere to meet and carpool?

Turlough ConwayMay 19 2009, 1:02pmCar pooling and prize giving in Glencormac Inn. (Apologies I appear to have updated those details to Powerscourt ridge race and only had them in the race instructions).

Will have news item with instructions for competitors this afternoon.

Gareth, 6 or as soon after if can manage it. Am going to base you in Crone carpark but we may need a hand before. Thanks
Turlough ConwayMay 19 2009, 3:30pmNews item on Website now for competitors. Could all volunteers bring warm (waterproof) clothing and if you own one a head torch. At least 2 volunteers will be required to keep time on the summit. We can give the headtorches to the summit marshalls for safety purposes or incase someone needs help later.
Brian CarolanMay 19 2009, 3:47pmIs race start definitely at 7? Event details still state 7:30.

Brian CarolanMay 19 2009, 3:47pmIs race start definitely at 7? Event details still state 7:30.

Turlough ConwayMay 19 2009, 5:27pmRace starts at 7.30. There will be the option of an early start at 7 pm if your times are generally slower than 180% of race winners (this is due to time restrictions caused by fading light).
Niamh O CeallaighMay 19 2009, 9:08pmThe route follows the Wicklow Way all the way to the turn off up to the summit. You must follow the Wicklow Way accross the 2 stiles after the Dargle.

I was up on the route tonight. Great care will need to be taken on the decent back down from the summit to the Dargle. The grass is extremely slippy.
fergus mcgrathMay 20 2009, 10:10amhow do you get to the start from bray? how long would it take ?
Turlough ConwayMay 20 2009, 11:12amFRom Bray, head towards Dublin on M11, turn off for Kilmacanogue. Head for Glendalough. Take right after 1.5 k and follow signs for Powerscourt Waterfall. Drive past the waterfall. Crone Wood carpark is about 2k past powerscourt WAterfall. Its about 6-7k from Kilmacanogue in all. (Youll have to work out the time it would take yourself though, as youd know the traffic in Bray better).
Ronan HickeyMay 20 2009, 11:36amMessage for Con O' Donovan. Hi Con, I booked a seat in your car but I don't have a working mobile at the moment so I was wondering where and when I should meet you in Dun Laoghaire to make sure I don't miss the lift!


Turlough ConwayMay 20 2009, 11:43amAny other of the non-running volunteers available for summit duty. Only have Ruth so far. You can park at the 3rd Djouce carpark. Its only an hour from there.
Plerase let me know ASAP turlough dot conway at imra dor ie
Sean HassettMay 20 2009, 2:00pmAnyone leaving from Ranelagh area or nearby. Need a lift out and drop off at Djouce car park to help out at summit. Give me a call at 086-2327274.
Sean HassettMay 20 2009, 2:20pmThanks for the offers. I am sorted now.
Turlough ConwayMay 20 2009, 2:56pmThanks Sean. Competitors, dont forget it will be compulsory to carry a rain jacket tonight. Please read teh safety requrements in the news item.
gerry bradyMay 21 2009, 8:25amGreat race and route Turlough and you even opened a window in the weather for us, you must have been up late doing the results, thanks also to the summit marshalls and volunteers and Niamh for marking it, running the race and unmarking it!
Caroline ReidMay 21 2009, 8:54amThanks to Turlough and all the volunteers involved in last nights race. By the buzz back at Crone wood, everyone seemed delighted with themselves for rising to the challenge of the uphill only :) We know without the volunteers getting out on a wet evening, such a race wouldn’t have been possible, so a big thanks again!
Now the big question on everyones lips; when's the downhill only? :)
Eva FairmanerMay 21 2009, 9:02amNever Caroline NEVER!!!! hopefully!
Niamh O CeallaighMay 21 2009, 9:12amDefinitely Caroline - Great Idea!

Any ideas for a route?
Unfortunately coming off the top of Djouce is probably not ideal for the congested start of a race, but maybe we could start back the track a bit towards War Hill.

Or maybe a fast and furious decent off Maulin, down the route the universities goes up?

Paul MahonMay 21 2009, 9:16amInteresting Question indeed Caroline and definitely something to think about in the future - I know NIMRA have just had their Downhill Donard race a few weeks ago. Douglas organsied a Downhill Djouce race a few years back and maybe it could be reconsidered for next year's calendar - might be a job for that ContinuityIMRA Faction perhaps in the short term:-)!
Gareth LittleMay 21 2009, 9:54amLeft a red and white umbrella behind last night, if anyone picked it up could you bring it to Corrig or else get in touch with me - gareth_little at

Shane LowryMay 21 2009, 10:29amPerhaps the downhill event could be run like a time-trial with runners starting out at 15 or 30 second intervals, or in groups of 3 at intervals, to avoid a mass pile up at the start. It would also give you someone to race / chase down.
Paul NolanMay 21 2009, 12:00pmLug to Barravore through Fraughan Rock Glen. Wonderful wide open start...
Moire O'SullivanMay 21 2009, 12:24pmWhat about Tonduff North to Crone via Raven's Glen?
bill gunningMay 21 2009, 1:31pmhi just looked at the results and was delighted to see i my position was alot better than usual. But i fear its a mistake as i was one of the 7pm starters so another 30mins needs to be added to my time. Thanks bill gunning (500)
Caroline ReidMay 21 2009, 2:14pmIn the NIMRA Slieve Donard race, once everyone was at the top, they were set off in 15 secs intervals depending on the order they had registered.
Participants could take any route they wanted to the finish :) Reports back from that race sound great!
Jim FitzharrisMay 22 2009, 12:10pmHi all,

I have just uploaded a "runner's" race report for this event and Keith Heary also has a report from the front of the field!



Mick HanneyMay 25 2009, 8:21pmSean,
Did you have some photos to load up taken at the summit? Would be good to see the finish line pics, if available, for such an uphill finish.