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Diarmuid O'ColmainJan 13 2009, 9:45pmLast year there was work going on in the field opposite the Youth Hostel, so the stile was not available; consequently the route was modified to use a gate about 100 metres further down the road past the hostel.

Now I notice that the stile has not been reinstated and the gate has a 'trespassers will be prosecuted' sign. So I guess there needs to be some discussion with the landowner, or alternatively we could use the actual WW route from Knockree around by the river to the bridge.

Maybe the committee has already decided on a suitable approach?

Moire O'SullivanJan 14 2009, 1:17pmThere was a bit of a discussion on this last December:

I was running there last month and saw the same sign. I popped into the Youth Hostel to ask what the story was. The woman I found working inside told me not to worry and to go over the gate.

Interestingly, the gate at the top says no trespassing. But at the bottom of the field coming up from the bridge there are no signs at all. Maybe that means that the ultra could avoid the field and follow the Wicklow Way out via the stream, and then go up via the gate so that we don't trespass in the wrong direction... problem solved ;o)
niamh o ceallaighJan 18 2009, 9:22pmI see this race is down for Easter Saturday. Is this definite?
Mike PadillaJan 21 2009, 11:41pmHello,

I plan on running the Wicklow Trail Race this year and I am having a difficult time finding a accurate trail map. As I have never run this trail before it is important that I have a mental picture of the route in the event I become lost.

I am aware that the major junctions will be mark and that it is up to the runner to know how to get between these points. This is were I need your help.

Using Google maps I was able to trace a rough route from Lake Tay to Johnny Foxes however there are several forks in the trail that begged the question, which way I should turn?

In short, the more familiar I am with the ground I will be traversing the better my chances are of reaching the finish line.

Thank you,
Mike Padilla
Dallas, TX
gavan dohertyJan 22 2009, 10:21pmHey Mike,

I'm assuming if you're getting prepared this early that you're physically up for the running part as well...

I'm not aware of any good online maps for the Wicklow Way, so your best bet might be to get an old-fashioned paper one.

Barry Dalby's EastWest mapping is probably best bet - map & guide (I think the guide describes it north to south but the map works both ways).

other maps that cover most of the trail are Harvey's Wicklow map (although it doesn't go as far north as Johnny Fox's)

and Ordnance Survey of Ireland sheet 56 (doesn't go as far north as Johnny Fox's either). lists a few agents or plenty of other sites sell it.


Bruce ShenkerJan 22 2009, 10:29pmMike,
There is also a book called the Waymarked Trails of Ireland which has a chapter on the Wicklow way with section by section description, may be a bit outdated in parts but will give you a feel for what the different sections are like.
Kevin O'RiordanJan 22 2009, 10:58pmOSI have a really good online maps viewer at actually. You just have to register (for free). Once you're in, click on "Learn More", then click on "Browse Maps". Zoom in to the level just before photograph view level and you'll see the Wicklow Way marked out as a red dashed line.
Mike PadillaJan 23 2009, 12:08amGentlemen,

Thank you for all your suggestions which is exactly what I was looking for.

The smartmaps is awesome and answered a lot of my questions (evelvation, route, type of terrain) and yes I did purchase a good old fashion map from the East West website.

Gavan, yes I have been preparing for this run since early December treating it as a cold weather event since I may not be used to the temps and elevation.

I would like to know if there will be aid stations on the trail or should I be prepared to carry all my water for the 22KM run?

Thanks again,
Mick HanneyJan 23 2009, 9:36amIf memory serves there were volunteers with water and other goodies (jellies, bananas etc) at 2 points along the way. As its 'only' 22k and its on waymarked trails, for the most part, most runners to my mind don't generally carry water, but its a personal choice thing.
Diarmuid O'ColmainJan 23 2009, 9:48amHi Mike,
bear in mind the race route from Lough Tay to Johnny Fox's deviates from the Wicklow Way in two places. The first place is between Crone Wood and Knockree Hill, where, instead of following the river, a short-cut is taken via a Youth Hostel. But the exact route for this is under discussion, as you will have seend in this thread.
The second place is when you arrive onto the road (at a T junction) that leads to Glencullen. The route is marked on the map on the website, but it would be good to realize that at this point the Wicklow Way proper turns left, but the race turns right (in order to finish at Johnny Fox's, a well-known pub/restaurant).
Also, the race description indicates it will be marked at main junctions, but I would not depend too much on this (I do remember some tape some years, but I don't think it has always been marked). There have always been refreshments in the Crone Wood car park and at Curtlestown Wood, and I would be surprised if that would not be the case this year.
Jason KehoeJan 23 2009, 4:05pmAs regards weather...last year the start of the race was very windy and very cold in exposed places. As soon as we got to crone wood however the weather warmed up to a fine day. Hats and gloves could be dropped off at Crone wood and taken to the finish by helpers.

Having said that, the year before I'm told was a scorcher (if your Irish), 18-25'C, many suffered with trying to keep hydrated.

p.s. the race books out fast so keep your eye out on the site!

Mike PadillaJan 23 2009, 7:22pmTerrific, thanks a lot for the info, see you on the trail,


Mick HanneyFeb 17 2009, 9:40pmWill there be pre-registration and a limit on race numbers for this race as per last year?
Karsten HippeMar 2 2009, 8:21pmHello, can i still enter to the race? Did not found it on the internet.
How many runners do mormally start there? (I think i need someone to follow to get not lost :-))

Regards from Cologne Germany
matt doyleMar 5 2009, 12:24pmfor good quality maps from ordinance survey ireland visit
you can get trail mapping software for all trails in ireland.
they have a shop located at
National Map Centre Ireland,
34 Aungier Street,
Dublin 2,
otherwise you can purchase their maps and software online.
Marc BarrettMar 5 2009, 2:08pmWas just in the National Map centre today. Where I asked about maps of the Wicklow Way. They had the standard OSI 56 and the Harvey's map, nothing more. (I didn't specifically ask about trail software but they certainly were not pushing it as an option).

Great Outdoors had a specific guide to the Wicklow Way but more walker orientated (lots about the scenary, local pubs etc etc) the map itself was not better than the ones mentioned above IMO.

Was hoping someone may have mapped it on but all I see is a trail there titled Wicklow Way 1/2 marathon but it's not the current course.

When I'm doing the halves I'll bring my garmin 405 to map it.
Rene BorgMar 5 2009, 2:25pmHi Marc,

I've mapped the route with my Garmin. While it's interesting to look at your splits across the course, you don't get any details of the course that you wouldn't be able to get better of the 56 and the Harvey map, I'm afraid.
Marc BarrettMar 5 2009, 2:30pmThanks Rene, I know what you mean. I guess if I map my run with the Garmin I'll be able to review my route later to see if I stuck to the WW race route or pin point areas where I went off course (to commit to memory for race day). Best thing I can do at this stage is get myself up there this weekend for a recce.
Peter O'FarrellMar 5 2009, 4:51pmHi Karsten,

Entry to this race is on the day at Johnny Foxes public house (where the race will finish)

As the race director has mentioned, please carpool from Johnny Foxes to the race start.

There will only be a water station at Crone Wood and results at the finish should enough volunteers come forward, it's the IMRA way :)
Encouraging non-running partners to man a finish station in close proximity to a pint shouldn't be too hard, I'd hope..
Justin ReaMar 6 2009, 11:33amI'm organising a coach again this year to take people from Johnny Fox's to the start of the Trail race at Lough Tay.

This is the only sensible way to handle the numbers as parking at that start is very limited.

There's a carpool entry under my name showing 33 places. Last year it cost about a fiver each and we managed to fill the coach. Please book a place as normal, and supply mobile, email for logistics. I'd also appreciate notification if you decide not to do the race, even on the day.

The bus will leave from the overflow carpark across the road from the pub at 10:30
Marc BarrettMar 6 2009, 12:18pmJustin, excuse my ignorance but I'm a bit confused. Does the trail and the Ultra then start from the same place (Lough Tay) but the trail finishes at Crone Woods while the Ultra goes on to Glencullan ? If so, how do the trail finishers get back to Glencullan/Johnny Foxes ?
Rene BorgMar 6 2009, 12:43pmHi Marc, the bus is only useful for the runners running the Trail not the Ultra.

The Ultra is out-and-back starting from Johnnie Foxes, so the ultra runners just need to get to Johnnie Foxes.

The Trail runners have to register at Johnnie Foxes, make their way by car or bus to Lough Tay, and run back to Johnnie Foxes. For those who leave a car at Lough Tay, it means driving back down to pick that up later.
Marc BarrettMar 6 2009, 1:10pmThanks for clarifying that for me Rene, makes sense now. You've also doubled the length of my recce run tomorrow morning so erm.. thanks for that too.
Rene BorgMar 6 2009, 1:14pmHi Marc, you're welcome, I live to serve...
Peter O'FarrellMar 11 2009, 7:13pmThis year there are ONLY on the day entries which will probably only be taken at Johnny Foxes, the closing time for entries will be posted once decided upon.

In previous years there have been requirements to either;

Recce the route
Have completed an IMRA race previously
Have completed the WW25/50km previously
Be one of the first 60 entered

Instructions on this year's rules will be posted on this topic and as a news item once decided upon.


Further to Peter's mail . . .

The only pre-requisites for IMRA races have normally been for safety considerations. i.e. carrying of water, food and rain jacket. However these are only usually checked if the weather is likely to be bad on the day.

Mick's reference to familiarity with the route is due to entrants turning up on day with no idea where they are going, and subsequently getting lost. This is a major headache for organisers who have to arrange search parties, etc.

It sounds like you are already planning to cover the route, which will help you considerably on the day.

Pre-entry was used by previous organisers who were not covered by IMRA member insurance. As this now an IMRA race, and you must joint IMRA to register, there is no pre-entry required. Note that you can join IMRA on the day.
christian colemanMar 24 2009, 3:13pm

Hi There

How much is this race on the day the 22km race that is 12 am start 11 april is that right.Does this race start at jhonny foxes pub if it does not how far from his pub.
Rene BorgMar 24 2009, 3:42pmHi Christian,

There are two races on the day:

Wicklow Way Trail - Starting at 12:00. The distance of this race is 22.2km and it starts out at Lough Tay, also known as the Guiness Lake. The start is shown on the maps and is on the Wicklow Way just above the lake. It's 22.2km from Johnnie Foxes ;-)

Wicklow Way Ultra - Starting at 10:00. This race starts from Johnnie Foxes and runs down to the starting point of the Wicklow Way Trail (in other words, its the same route as the Trail, just out and back).

People generally carpool to Lough Tay and leave a car there which they arrange to come and pick up later. Last year a bus was organised to bring people down and this may happen again.
Marc BarrettMar 24 2009, 4:31pmRene, I was up there last weekend on my recce, started at the Lough Tay end and promptly got lost. Is the start at the 'main' entrance into the woods at Lough Tay, if so I imagine that once into the woods you have to cut left (north) off this main fire trail through a gap in the trees to come out of the woods at the start of the railway sleepers ? I stayed on this fire trail and it's essentially a bit loop in the woods much further south than where you need to be.

Or do you enter the woods from Lough Tay a little further up the road (towards Sally's Gap) and run due(ish) east ?

Finally, is there any protocol for ultra's running west who meet trail runners running east on those railway sleepers. The former leap frogs over the latter ?
Rene BorgMar 24 2009, 4:40pmHi Marc,

There's two main car parks around Lough Tay, you were probably starting from the major one of the two.

The start is just beyond the line of trees of the second car park when you are arriving from the Roundwood direction (it would be the first larger car park if you are coming from the Sally Gap).

It's not the big car park lane-way where most cars are traditionally park and which is a direct part of the Wicklow Way.

In other words, the starting point beyond the forest line is slightly off the Wicklow Way, but from there you run straight up some rocky terrain to the boardwalks. The moment you hit the boardwalks, you are on the Wicklow Way and you follow that over War Hill towards Djouce before contouring around towards the Dargle and so on.

As for the protocol, the first protocal of IMRA stands, which is: Ascending runners must give way to descending runners. Apart from this (as a lot of the area where the two groups meet are quite flat), last year I noticed most ultra runners moved aside for the Trail field since the Trail runners (for obvious reasons) came running much faster and were more susceptible to injury in the boggy terrain on the sides.

This is by no means official, though, so I would await to hear what the Race Director communicates closer to the day.
Kevin O'RiordanMar 24 2009, 4:40pmQuick question: Is there a clothing transfer at the start if you take the bus?

Jim FitzharrisMar 24 2009, 4:54pmKevin,

I ran the trail for the first time last year and used the bus. There is no clothing transfer: when you leave Johnny Fox's on the bus, you must take what you need for the race and the warmup. You cannot leave gear on the bus because its job is finished when it drops runners to Lough Tay. Last year I wore an old t-shirt over my running gear which I ditched at Crone (a helper took it - no litter!). You could do this or just leave it with someone at Lough Tay but do not bring something that you need to see again! If you are not carrying water with you on the run, I would recommend bringing some water with you for before the race - again an old water bottle or an empty mineral water bottle rather than one you need again.


Diarmuid O'ColmainMar 24 2009, 5:02pmI'm sure the committee has it in hand, but just in case (!); has a decision been made yet about the route in the region of Knockree Youth Hostel? I am assuming it will be the same as last year i.e. over the gate marked 'no trespassing' east of the Youth Hostel?
Mick HanneyMar 24 2009, 6:58pmRan the entire route last Sunday, over the gate you mentioned Diarmuid. Trail in fine shape. To anyone new to the trail though you should wear the appropriate gear which can cope with weather changes. It was pleasant sunshine when leaving the car off at Johnny Foxes, but blowing a very cold and foggy gale up around Djouce.
Rene BorgMar 25 2009, 8:44amWe've been scouting it out alright. There's a better trail than ever over the gate (which was open one of the two types I ran the course in recent weeks), however, Brendan Lawlor will call the Youth Hostel just to ensure they'd be fine with us crossing the area.<br />
<br />
We hope to have an answer this week so we can confirm the route with everyone.
Peter O'FarrellMar 25 2009, 3:22pmRoute is the same as previous years, one of our finest men has been chatting to the good folk of the no trespassing sign and all is well.
Thanks to Brendan Doherty.
Justin ReaMar 28 2009, 10:49amBus filled up this week, but I've had two cancellations (including myself!). So get in quick if you want one of the last seats I've added.

Mick Hanney has volunteered to check people onto the bus. You can still email me up to the 10th if you decide not to run.

As Jim confirmed above, you have to get on the bus ready to run. It will not be returning to Johnny Foxs.
Mick HanneyMar 29 2009, 1:08pmCan I just confirm that there won't be an option to register for the trail race at Lough Tay. I don't expect so but I was asked this this morning whilst out jogging with guys in Rathdrum. One of them was expressing an interest in doing it and if travelling from south Wicklow I suppose its natural to not want to drive to Johnny Foxes first, but if those are the rules so be it. Cheers.
Dermot MurphyMar 30 2009, 10:50amRegistration for the Trail race will be at Johnny Foxes - there will be no registration at Lough Tay. There will be a strict cut off time of 11:30am to allow time for organisers and runners to get to the start at Lough Tay.
Shay FoodyApr 2 2009, 10:34pmJustin,
Thanks for organising the bus. It will cut out a lot of hassle for people.
Not meaning to create extra work for you but would it be worth upgrading to a larger bus? Demand seems high - I note that over 60 entered the Trail race in the last two years. So I'm sure it would be easily filled.
Justin ReaApr 3 2009, 12:17pmShay,
We managed to fill the 33 seat bus, but I think the next size up is a 50 seater. Perhaps next year?

I am actually heading off to the US at the weekend, so have handed over logistics to Mick Hanney. I'll be running the Stinson Beach 25k on the same day ;-)

We could ask the committee to sponsor a big bus next year which would make organising this a lot easier.

If you go to JFs car park, there should be lifts available. Anyone with spare seats shout put up a carpool entry.
Dermot MurphyApr 7 2009, 9:29amSome additional instructions for saturday - most of these already discussed above.

Registration for the WW Ultra will commence at 9:10 at Johnny Foxes and close at 9:50am. The race will start promptly at 10am.

Registration for the WW Trail will start at 10:15am, also at Johnny Foxes, and close at 11:15am. Please do not try to register before this, as we will be dealing with the Ultra runners at that stage. You will just be asked to come back at 10:15 in any case. The Trail race will start at Lough Tay - please note there will be no registrations taken at Lough Tay. Please car pool as much as possible - the bus that Justin has organised is full but it may be worth asking him if anyone has had to pull out and their place is free.

Food/drink - I would encourage all runners to bring some emergency food/drink with them, especially the Ultra runners. There will be opportunities to get some food/drink at the stations at Crone wood and also Curtlestown, as well as the turning point/start point at Lough Tay.

Clothing - be sensible about this. Keep a close key on the forecast the day or two before and make sure you have appropriate clothing. At this stage, it looks like there may be some showers on saturday so I would expect everyone to at least have ran proof top. Carrying a mobile would also be a good idea.

I would expect everyone to be familiar with the route, or at least be a competent navigator. You can also run alongside someone else who knows the route, as long as you both understand this from the start. If there are doubts about anyones ability to find their way around the course, they may be turned away at registration. This would be for their own safety.
Keith LaceyApr 7 2009, 9:58amHey Dermot,

How much is it for the race? Dont see anything on it.

Dermot MurphyApr 7 2009, 10:23amHi Keith - standard IMRA prices apply - €7 for the race, plus €10 to register with IMRA if you have not done so this year.
Mick HanneyApr 7 2009, 11:21amFolks,

So far the bus from Johnny Foxes to the trail start is full. If for any reason you are confirmed for the bus, but have to withdraw, please let me know (mickhanney at ireland dot com), so that I can advertise any potential available slot).

If you have to drive to the start you are encouraged to use the car pool facility to try cut down on traffic.


Melanie WalshApr 7 2009, 7:01pmFor Race Director Dermot Murphy: I have volunteered for this event but have no way of contacting you to see when I am needed for, how long, or whether I am needed at all. Can you post your contact details or email me at Tks. Melanie.
Dermot MurphyApr 8 2009, 12:07pmQuick note regarding car parking. Johnnie Foxes have asked me to make sure that our runners use the overflow car park - this is the car park on the opposite side of the road to the pub. Please do not use the car park adjoining the pub itself.
Gary CondonApr 8 2009, 12:34pmWhat time does the Trail race start in Lough Tay? Is it a 12pm kick-off?
Gary CondonApr 8 2009, 12:35pmIgnore that last question. Just read in the event details that it is indeed a 12pm start.
Mick HanneyApr 8 2009, 1:09pmOne space on the bus has become available. (Justin you were emailed about it too I think). First come first serve if you want it. Text me on: 086 8539554.

Mick HanneyApr 8 2009, 7:44pmThat bus place is now gone.

Mick HanneyApr 8 2009, 7:57pm2 more spaces have come available on the bus. Please text me on 086 8539554 to secure seats. Cheers, Mick

Mick HanneyApr 8 2009, 8:22pm1 of those seats now taken up. 1 left...
Mick HanneyApr 9 2009, 12:04pmBus is fully allocated again.
Mick HanneyApr 9 2009, 12:18pmLike Lanigan's ball we have one more stepping out, so 1 seat going...

For those confirmed for the bus the fee will be 4 quid. I'll bring along a few spare 1 euro coins but I'd appreciate if people could try to bring exact change. Fee will be collected as we board the bus.

You should board the bus in the gear you want to run in. There is no facility to leave gear on the bus or at race start.

Mick HanneyApr 9 2009, 2:25pmSeat now taken.
keith hearyApr 10 2009, 7:25amhi

wondering if anyone has a seat to spare from the sign on to the race start.
keith 087 2745344, only decided to race at last minute and missed out on bus.
Mick HanneyApr 10 2009, 12:40pmKeith,
I daresay if you show up to register there will be car spaces. And there might be last minute bus spaces. That was the case last year certainly.

Either that or you could just do the ultra :-)

keith hearyApr 10 2009, 1:03pmok sound mick

if i cant get a lift i will do the ultra
Chris O'neillApr 10 2009, 4:49pmHi

I am running Ultra, however my girlfriend is driving to 1/2 way/trail start, so will have 3 spaces if needed.
Mick HanneyApr 10 2009, 5:00pmChris, Suggest you make that known at registration tomorrow just in case people are on the lookout for the lift. Cheers, Mick
Gary CondonApr 11 2009, 5:26pmIf there's better value, for 7 euro in this country, I'd love to know where you can find it. Another really well organized race. Many thanks to the kind volunteers who manned the much needed water stations, on such a fantastic day. Thanks again IMRA - another job very well done.
Kevin O'RiordanApr 11 2009, 6:03pmIndeed, many thanks to the volunteers who showed up to the water stations. Their support was most appreciated. And the €7 entry fee is certainly good value when contrasted with the typical price charged for a marathon/half marathon :)
Mick HanneyApr 11 2009, 6:08pmPlus 1 to that. Thanks in particular to the volunteer in Crone who took my jacket and saved me from overheating on the remainder of the journey, and promptly returned it to me at Johnny Foxes. What a service.

Stuart ScottApr 11 2009, 6:13pmYeah I'd like to echo that. My body will probably complain for a while, but the race was really worth doing (as most IMRA races are). Thanks to the volunteers. The water and food was very welcome!
Gareth LittleApr 11 2009, 7:20pmJust want to say thx to the race director and all the others who contributrd to a very good race today. It was a perfect day for a perfectly organised race, thx again, Gareth
cormac o ceallaighApr 11 2009, 7:52pmWell done to race orgainiser dermot murphy and his band of volunteers, peter,mary and the rest of you.those jelly babys at crone were really helpful.the super weather we have had for this event in recent years followed the date again. and yes fantastic value for 7-were else would you get such a wonderful event, with refreshments, amazing scenery and the chance of a spot prize at the finish! Great to see kevin keane back going like a rocket!well done on a superb wine, and Eoin Keith- ultra winner supreme!
Jackie O'HaganApr 11 2009, 8:22pmSecond all of the above, to the races director, time keepers, the supporters, marshalls and particularly Mary & Co. for the jelly babies at Crone, without which I would not have kept going!! Thanks so much to all involved for a great day out!! :)
Brian SpenceApr 11 2009, 9:15pmKerry Stafford and I from Larne AC came down to Wicklow for the weekend and had a great day out doing the trail race. Many thanks to all involved in the organisation.
Pol O'MurchuApr 11 2009, 10:49pmExcellent Race, So well organised and even managed to sort the weather out for the day! Thanks to all involved. look forward to doing again next year!
Paul O'ConnellApr 12 2009, 1:26pmhey, i'd like to thank all the organisers and helpers who made yesterdays event so successful.
Niall O'BriainApr 12 2009, 1:48pmThanks for a great race - all the organisers/marshalls/volunteers were great.
A great first race!
Any ideas where I would find the results, or maybe there just not posted yet?
Dermot MurphyApr 12 2009, 2:45pmProvisional results from yesterdays race - apologies for any mis-spelled names - this should be sorted out when the manual results are uploaded on to the system:

Position Number Name Time M/F
1 326 Kevin Keane 93:40 M
2 263 Keith Heery 96:37 M
3 8 Gerry Brady 100:57 M
4 443 Aaron O'Donoghue 101:27 M
5 90 Ronan Hartnett 101.48 M
6 428 Ed McEntee 103:34 M
7 424 Leo Murray 104:48 M
8 111 Mick Hanney 106:43 M
9 197 Paul O'Connell 107:21 M
10 310 Jimmy Synott 108:47 M
11 445 Niall Somers 109:33 M
12 446 Paul Gillick 111:13 M
13 1227 Paul Duffy 111:33 M
14 435 Pat O'Neill 111:48 M
15 78 Mike Long 111:58 M
16 130 Cormac O'Ceallaigh 115:01 M
17 444 Niall O'Brien 116:20 M
18 282 Kevin O'Riordan 116:35 M
19 431 Jackie O'Hagan 117:23 F
20 393 Jason Keogh 117:35 M
21 286 Gary Condon 117:45 M
22 19 Gavan Doherty 117:50 M
23 430 Padraic Gallagher 118:26 M
24 436 Eoin Mac 120:25 M
25 1232 Zoran Skrba 122:05 M
26 200 Caroline Reid 122:14 F
27 418 Robin Steacy 122:26 M
28 429 Vincent Galvin 123:04 M
29 120 Shay Foody 124:55 M
30 252 Brendan Craig 124:58 M
31 437 Dan Buckley 125:59 M
32 272 Mary Dawson 127:15 M
33 316 Paul Smyth 127:54 M
34 227 Gareth Little 128:10 M
35 21 Damien Kelly 128:15 M
36 34 Brian Fanning 129:04 M
37 327 Fergal Buckley 129:04 M
38 447 Eileen Walsh 131:28 F
39 49 Tommy Galvin 131:53 M
40 14 Diarmuid O'Colmain 132:05 M
41 185 Noel Moran 132:20 M
42 288 Mary Collins 135:15 F
43 434 Conor Timmons 136:20 M
44 3 Jim Fitzharris 138:56 M
45 1226 David Duffy 139:30 M
46 442 Sean Murray 139:33 M
47 439 Ken Moore 140:24 M
48 440 Richard McCann 140:25 M
49 96 Keith Lacey 140:26 M
50 426 Brian Spence 140:40 M
51 394 Kerry Stafford 140:42 F
52 438 Jonathan Darling 140:48 M
53 420 Jack Hayden 141:26 M
54 433 Patrick Milson 142:03 M
55 23 Derek Charles 143:01 M
56 441 Siobhan Duggan 143:49 F
57 35 Eoin O'Brien 144:31 M
58 193 Gavin Mitchell 144:32 M
59 195 Cormac McDonnell 144:33 M
60 68 Pol O Murchu 144:46 M
61 419 Pete Power 146:04 M
62 98 Derek Livingstone 147:32 M
63 321 David McGarrity 148:04 M
64 320 Kevin Galligan 148:06 M
65 127 Niamh O'Colmain 148:15 F
66 417 Patrick Timmons 148:35 M
67 421 Samuel Fox 149:48 M
68 110 Daniela Boehm 149:49 F
69 425 Padraig Gibbons 151:06 M
70 50 Deirdre Ni Cearbhaill 151:18 F
71 314 Bronagh Cheetham 152:55 F
72 115 Stuart Scott 153:06 M
73 54 Geraldine O'Shea 153:46 F
74 101 Peter Herbert 154:32 M
75 416 Michael Padilla 155:05 M
76 104 John Fitzgerald 156:03 M
77 4 James Higgins 163:10 M
78 358 Nadya Dunne 164:43 F
79 423 Robert Ivory 165:25 M
80 422 Adam Roche 165:25 M
81 26 John Roche 165:25 M
82 31 Brendan Doherty 165:56 M
83 427 Sean O'Byrne 167:03 M
84 64 Kevin Magee 167:05 M
85 169 Bernt Heim DNF M
86 432 Ham Brady DNF M
Rene BorgApr 16 2009, 1:59pmThe full team results are now posted under Race Reports.

Remember there was no prize for this, just the glory!
Mike PadillaApr 16 2009, 5:40pm
WOW - what a terrific race. A big “Thank You” to all the volunteers and the Race Directors Dermot and Peter. The race would not happen without your time and effort.

In my opinion this was the best race I have ever run. It was difficult, fun, fast, offered incredible views of the country and on such a beautiful day. Everyone I met was friendly, helpful, and all dedicated runners.

I will post a race report on our club website, sometime this weekend and will definitely recommend this race to the club and the rest of Texas.

Mike Padilla
Gerry BradyMay 10 2009, 6:39pmWW Trail video

Justing Keatinge has kindly uploaded a video made by Mike Padilla. See race details page.
Gareth LittleMay 10 2009, 10:50pmGreat video, good work Mike!
Gareth LittleMay 10 2009, 10:51pmGreat video Mike, good work!!