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gerry bradyJan 5 2009, 7:58pmTo add variety between the summer and winter Howth races, the Winter route is now a one lap race and takes in a lap of Muck rock hill on the Deerpark side. This area is full of overhead tree canopies and rhododendrons about to flower. It has a long descent on a path with some stones underfoot in places and then a steep climb back up to the start of the descent before resuming the two-laps course by climbing the steep hill! Overall the new route is 1 km shorter but with significantly more climb and descent and should have similar race times. See photos on Howth event page for preview of route (route map will be properly uploaded shortly).

Anyone interested in a recce meet at 10:00 on Saturday 10th at the seafront car park in Howth village (opposite Il Panorama and Mauds cafes).
Ray LinnJan 6 2009, 9:33am HOWTH WINTER VOLUNTEERS

Hi Folks,, Volunteers are urgently required for the Howth Winter League event on January 18th. Volunteers required for all tasks. Please contact me ASAP on

Please let me know if you will be running or not. We have a new route for the Winter Event and would appreciate some non runners who would be available to marshall,, let me know if you woudl be willing to do this.

Thanks for the help,,, Ray
Marlon DaviesJan 7 2009, 9:59amI would definately be interested in a Recce as we are finally running on my side of Dublin. Let me know if any of you are going to go ahead...but will probably do a recce anyway:)

gerry bradyJan 7 2009, 9:23pmRecce is on at 10:00 as planned on Saturday. Will be an easy lap of the route then people can run a harder second lap themselves if they wish! familiarity with the route will make it easier for Ray Linn and Doug Corrie who are organising the race.
Marlon DaviesJan 8 2009, 10:28amGreat! will be there.

Thanks to those who have vilunteered so far. Still short of volunteers for all tasks. In particular need non runners for marshalling and laptop, and a first aider.

Really appreciate if anyone can help out PLEASE!!!. Contact me ASAP at

Thanks Ray


Folks,, Howth GAA Club have built an all weather pitch in an area we used to depend on heavily for parking. We've lost nearly half the available spaces. In addition we cannot park on any grassy area at this time of year (we can for the summer run). PARKING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED compared to previous years.
Car pooling will be critical. Please car pool from the Msrina car park area adjacent to Howth Dart station.

BE AWARE: There is very limited off street parking adjacent to the GAA club. When the car park is full we will need to turn cars away and it could be some distance and take you some time to find suitable parking. Would be easy to miss the race start!!

Thanks,, Ray
Keith LaceyJan 13 2009, 3:08amAnybody tell me what the registration fee is and the cost of the race?
Rene BorgJan 13 2009, 8:38amHi Keith,<br />
<br />
Please have a look at our Beginners section which answers all the standard questions:
<br />
But while I'm here posting, it's 10 euros annual registration fee and 7 euros race fee. So a total of 17 to pay on Sunday.
Niamh O CeallaighJan 13 2009, 2:03pmJust in case anyone missed the News Item regarding registration time for Sunday, see below:

Howth Registration Cut-off
Monday January 12 - Rene Borg

Hi all,

Please note that the registration queue at this year's first race at Howth will close at 10:30 sharp on Sunday to allow proper registration to complete before race start.

Anyone not queuing by 10:30 will not be allowed to race on the day, so please ensure you arrive on time and leave plenty of time for yourself.

Gavin ErasmusJan 15 2009, 9:18amHello, Can anybody advise whether there are shower/changeroom facilities available at the GAA club after the race?
Rene BorgJan 15 2009, 9:25amHi Gavin, the answer to that would be no, the GAA club has suffered severe flooding so the main parts of it is currently closed off.
Peter O'FarrellJan 15 2009, 9:48amEither baby wipes or a blocked nose would be your current options :)
The sea is not too far away either.
Carl ByrneJan 15 2009, 11:34amSorry,
This is my first time posting.
I was hoping to attend this race on Sunday. This will be my first ever IMRA race and I am looking forward to it.
I just noticed from one of the posts that the registration closed on Jan 12th.
Does this mean that I cannot turn up on the day, pay my IMRA and race fees and race?

Any help and advice would be appreciated.
niamh o ceallaighJan 15 2009, 11:38amNo Carl,

The news item was posted on that date. There is no pre registration. Just turn up on the day and make sure you are in the queue to register well before 10.30.

Rene BorgJan 15 2009, 11:39amHi Carl,

The post above that copies the new item from the first page is dated on the 12th. That was the day of the news item, not of the cut-off.

As shown in the rest of the text, the cut-off time is on the day, I've highlighted the relevant part below:

Hi all,

Please note that the registration queue at this year's first race at Howth will close at <b>10:30 sharp on Sunday </b>to allow proper registration to complete before race start.

Anyone not queuing by 10:30 will not be allowed to race on the day, so please ensure you arrive on time and leave plenty of time for yourself.

ray linnJan 15 2009, 1:05pmHOWTH UPDATE: Showers will be available. REMINDER: Car parking and Registration

Folks,, Showers wil be available on Sunday. The GAA Club had been flooded but is now getting back to normal. Lounge will be available for prizegiving / refreshments though it might not be fully restored to it's usual pristine condition!!

PARKING: See my previous post and car pool from the Marina (next to the Dart station)

REGISTRATION: See previous post,, Registration will close promptly at 10-30.

See you there,, Ray
Gerry MoranJan 17 2009, 8:46amNew hill runner,

What will people be wearing for the race?
Gerry Moran
gerry bradyJan 17 2009, 10:00amA light shoe with grip would be optimal. There are parts of the new lap where you have wet leaves underfoot, and occasionally small rocks, and some sharpish corners on the descent. Keep an eye out for low branches as well, and respect people out for a walk!
Gerry MoranJan 17 2009, 1:12pmThanks Gerry, will shorts, thermal vest, t-shirt, gloves be worn by most for the race? whats the hill running fashion like?
Gerry Moran
Rene BorgJan 17 2009, 3:08pmHi Gerry,

Howth is a very domesticated route with minimum exposure, very low max elevation, and a lot of tree cover for extended periods. In good weather conditions, many will run in normal running gear (apart from the shoes).

Given the wind-chill, gloves or hats may be appropriate and if the weather is anything like today, some sort of light windbreaking/windproof shirt will be in order.

If you expect to be out there in excess of 40 minutes, a waterproof jacket could offer more comfort, but if you know you'll be racing hard, this could well be too warm for you.

Shouldn't make much difference if you wear leggings or shorts. Personally, I'd run a race like this with some sort of performance base layer (Body Armour, Skinz, Canterbury, Nike etc. etc.) but otherwise pretty standard gear.

If you have a look at last years race photos you'll get a good indication, just keep in mind that the weather was slightly better then (it was cold, but calm).
Doug CorrieJan 17 2009, 4:39pmA quick update:

Because of the wet weather and ground conditions the GAA at Howth are anxious not to have 200 runners warming up on thier pitch tomorrow so please keep off the pitch and warm-up on the sidelines and any other areas off the pitch.

Because of some recent construction work near the usual start/finish area this will be moved to the end of the pitch behind the goal posts, nearest the entrance and we will be start with a counter clockwise lap of the pitch exiting in a slightly different place than usual. The route back to the finish will be same including a lap of the pitch. This is not what is shown on the most recent version of the map for the race route but this will all be fully marked and quite obvious tomorrow.

And one last reminder - carpooling will be essential due to much less parking space than we used to have at this venue.

As others have suggested - come prepared for a wet and windy race by the look of things!!

See you tomorrow.
Rene BorgJan 17 2009, 5:26pmAs this is the first race of the season, just a quick reminder to juniors that in accordance with IMRA Junior Policy, which is based on the WMRA policy, all Junior age-groups must run the Junior course tomorrow, except the Under-19 Boys category, who are eligible to run the full course.

Parents, please also note that all Under-15s must run accompanied by an adult only.

For any questions on the specifics of the Junior Policy, please contact the IMRA Committee directly.
Keith LaceyJan 17 2009, 6:19pmThere's no chance this race will be called off due to todays bad weather is there?
Diarmuid O'ColmainJan 17 2009, 9:46pmKeith,
I cannot remember a race ever having been called off due to weather conditions in the past 15 years. And bear in mind that Howth is very sheltered and benign compared with some race locations.

So, even though I am not on the committee, I think I am safe in saying there is no risk of the race being cancelled.

But who knows; there could be something to be said for an optional adjournment to a local hostelry instead of running!
Doug CorrieJan 17 2009, 10:07pmAs Diarmuid has indicated cancellations rarely occur - right now there are no plans to cancel this race - unless Howth Head is washed away or something equally dramatic.
John AhernJan 18 2009, 3:06pmLoved the new route, muck and wind aside. It's a pity about 30 of us missed a turn and ended up on the golf course!
Mick HanneyJan 18 2009, 3:23pmWell done Ray, helpers and the committee for a great, well organised race despite the challenging conditions thrown down.
Diarmuid CollinsJan 18 2009, 4:51pmWell I think in fairness only 1 of us actually missed the turn, the other 30 followed. That was a bit annoying to be honest an arrow would have helped as it wasn't clear whether you should go right or left, though whoever messed up just decided to go straight. Then when we got back up they decided to take the other wrong turn. Was having a good race until that :(
David BrackenJan 18 2009, 5:25pmWell this was my first mountain run today, and I have to say i loved it. Great atmosphere and organisation. Will definitely be doing more. Cheers
John CostiganJan 18 2009, 6:01pmApart from the Sugar Loaf after Christmas, this was my first Mountain Race.
I really enjoyed it very much.
It was exceptionally well organized. Very efficient registration; Course well marked and a fantastic route chosen.

The weather also added a nice initiation into the wonderful world of this sport.
John ShielsJan 18 2009, 6:05pmHi all,
Photos are up on the site, got to the events page for Howth. They will also appear with the results when they are posted.
Due to the wind blowing runners numbers it will be hard to assign race numbers to each photo but sure we'll give it a go.
Well done to all who struggled around the course
Gavin DuffyJan 18 2009, 7:19pm1st taste of mountain racing and i loved it! amazing route and loads of fun, great marshalls everywhere, easy registration, really wellmarked course and brill photos too John, thanks a lot,

Well done on a great race!

gerry bradyJan 19 2009, 12:16amNice to see new clubs Sportsworld, Boards AC, 3D Tri and Piranha Tri out both in numbers and strength.
cormac o ceallaighJan 19 2009, 9:30amWell done to Ray and his volunteers! excellent start to the year, very well organised, brillant new route, some great intricate descent down through the forest.The hot showers -what a treat.who is in charge of bringing the hot portable showers to ticknock?
Tim GrummellJan 19 2009, 11:03pmJust one or too small issues with the results, firstly, Robin Mooney ran in the short course, and his time was definately much quicker than 66mins!

Also, I should be down as a Sli Cualann runner this year.

Paul MitchellJan 19 2009, 11:05pmThanks for organising a great race under cold and mucky circumstances.

It was a debut Hill Race for myself and most of the other guys from Sportsworld and I must say we enjoyed it immensely.

Hope to see you all at the next one.

Thanks, Paul.
Mick HanneyJan 23 2009, 12:52pmAny takers to do a report on last weekends race from a runners point of view?