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Dermot MurphyJul 31 2008, 2:29pmThe first aid kit might be required for the Croagh Patrick and Ben Gorm races - does anyone know who has it?

If the person who has it at the moment is not travelling down to Mayo this weekend, could they contact me at dermot.murphy at and I will try to arrange for it to be collected.
Rene BorgJul 31 2008, 2:52pmDo the organizers know if the Mayo Mountain Rescue man who supported us last year will be out again for the races? If he does, we may not have urgent need for the kit as he has his own equipment.
Dermot MurphyJul 31 2008, 2:57pmIt would be good if the mountain rescue are there again this year. But I think he was just there for the Croagh Patrick race and was not there for Ben Gorm? If we are not sure, we should make sure we have our own first aid kit.
Rene BorgJul 31 2008, 2:59pmHe was at both races as he attended to my knees and elbows after each one, but I'll try and confirm with Turlough if he's booked in again.
Turlough ConwayJul 31 2008, 3:35pmVivian usually uses a guy from Mayo Mountain Rescue for Croagh Patrick every year.
Last year we had him for Ben Gorm as well as a guy from Delphi.

Delphi Have offered their First Aid kit to us and may give us a first aid officer also if we have no-one for Ben Gorm.

Ill ring Vivian shortly to confirm the Mayo mans availability but were OK for the First Aid kit Id say.

Vivian O'GormanAug 1 2008, 11:43amI have the IMRA first aid bag ~ so will be at the two races over the weekend.

The Mayo Mtn. Rescue man will definitely be at Croagh Patrick and Turlough is to ring him about Ben Gorm.
cormac o ceallaighAug 1 2008, 12:20pmyes thats right, Paul O Malley from Mayo mountain rescue has been there the last few years.Very helpful in tending to the injuried !
Rene BorgAug 4 2008, 8:27pmCongratulations to Moire O'Sullivan, who did not just win the Connacht Championship this weekend but with her win at Croagh Patrick secured her the 2008 Women's Irish Championship title with one race to go.

As Turlough has reported, the race is very much still alive in the men's before we set our eyes on Galtymore with a tight battle between John Lenihan and Peter O'Farrell very much in the cards.
john ShielsAug 4 2008, 9:43pmCan someone who loves maths chek the results as the percentages of the winning time seem to be a bit high?
If I'm only going to do one race a year I need a good one! =:-)
Rene BorgAug 4 2008, 10:03pmNote that the percentage of winning time is corrupted for this race. I'll work on having it corrected tomorrow.

Also, winner John Heneghan's club is Pudsey and Bramley AC not "Pudsey and Bramble", we'll have that corrected too.
john ShielsAug 4 2008, 10:11pmThanks Rene, and at risk of divorce....
I should point out that Mrs. Shiels, (Nee McShane), is actually a F40 and therefore won the F40 race on Saturday.
It must have been her youthful good looks which confused Vivian.
Rene BorgAug 5 2008, 10:44amThanks for stepping forward so bravely John!

I have noticed a few more mistakes in the results and been notified of a few more to boot, so please treat results as extremely provisional until I get home tonight and can get to work on fixing them.
Mick HanneyAug 5 2008, 11:52amMy result for Ben Gorm is a bit optimistic. There was a good 5 runners (at least) ahead of my result..., particular credit to Joe Ahearne for a storming descent which left me for dead.
Peter O'FarrellAug 5 2008, 1:00pmMany Thanks and well done to Turlough, Vivian, Paddy, Delphi and all the others who helped organise this fantastic weekend of hill-running and accomodation in the beautiful west of Ireland.
Yet again Bernard Fortune showed his stamina and consistency with a 100% performance on day 2, hopefully next year his 100% will be with the win he deserves!
no strings obviously..
cormac o ceallaighAug 5 2008, 2:22pmBig thanks to Turlough for organising another super week end .Fantastic turn out for Croagh Patrick and brillant conditions.The only big disappointment of the day was Mayo being beaten by Tyrone by one point!
Massive thanks to Judy Lord and Denise O Gorman , for the cup of hot tea, 2 slices of fruit cake, 3 jaffa cakes and the fancy choclate sweet ! after Ben Gorm on sunday.
Rene BorgAug 5 2008, 3:50pmPicture of Moire and report on Croagh Patrick appears in the Mayo News.

It's unlikely they are on the internet, but if anyone is in the area, they can check it out.

Snippet courtesy of our reporter in the field out West: Mick Hanney.
Rachel WaltersAug 5 2008, 6:40pmMany thanks Turlough and helpers for organising a fantastic weekend away. Had a brilliant time. :o)
Rene BorgAug 5 2008, 9:35pmResults now fixed for Ben Gorm and Croagh Patrick.

Team results up for both races.

Report up for Croagh Patrick, who does the credit go to for the hand-written note I was given? :)
Rene BorgAug 11 2008, 9:50pmMore summit times are now up, up till position 39. More updates to follow.
Rene BorgAug 21 2008, 8:26pmRemaining summit times are now up, apologies for the gaps that are there, not every number could be successfully "deciphered".