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Martha O'NeillJun 10 2008, 9:31pmCan you tell me where this race starts in Laragh? Is it behind the school?
Alan AylingJun 18 2008, 9:45amStart is just up the narrow road behind the petrol station. (Come into the village, cross the bridge heading for Glendalough, turn to R is immediately before the petrol station). No parking there. Exact parking & registration details will be posted shortly.

Note also the lower of the two maps on the site (i.e. the orienteering map) does not show the full route - the upper map (OS type) has the complete route out to the 557 m summit and back.
Rob CostelloJun 24 2008, 12:53pmHi,

I'm looking for a lift from near Donnybrook/Stillorgan direction. Anyone carpooling out that way? Thanks,
Mick HanneyJun 24 2008, 1:29pmRob,

Rene needs me to pick him up around Sandyford 5ish. Stillorgan wouldn't be too far a stretch to collect you. You can email me directly if you wish on


John Joe MahogonyJun 24 2008, 1:56pmWhen the races are a bit of a distance out as this one is would the organisers not consider pushing the registration time by maybe 20 mins or so.. I only finish work at 18:00 in city cntr. There is no shortage of light. It would save disapointment and stress like last weeks disaster.
Rene BorgJun 24 2008, 1:58pmWas this the disaster for the 142 runners who got to start their race on time?
Michael DeasyJun 24 2008, 2:19pmI'm inclined to agree with extending registration by 20mins. It's only raising a point so please, no snippy answers about 'the other 142'. We're all members here so let people have their say. If it can be done to accommodate more people then why not - the more runners we have the better.
Rene BorgJun 24 2008, 2:43pmI've got no issue with the 20 min extension if that's what a majority of the membership wants.

The "snippy" (notice the hypocrisy in attacking someone else sharp reply with a similar toned reply) response was targetted at the phrase "last week's disaster". This is blatant bashing of the volunteers work and effort, and since I happen to be an IMRA member too, I felt the need to strongly disagree with it.
Rob CostelloJun 24 2008, 2:43pmThanks Mick but I only finish work at 5.30 so will be unable to make it for 5. If anyone else is around that direction it would be great. Thanks in advance, Rob.
Gerry LalorJun 24 2008, 3:54pmRene was hardly snippy...clearly it wasn't a disaster, and as John Joe Mahogany isn't listed as an IMRA member, maybe he should try and understand the reason this IMRA member gratefully acknowledges and respects those runners who volunteer their time, while often forgoing their own race(s), to organise these events for us. Show the decency to accept their decisions on the night, regardless if you find it a personal inconvenience.
Also, these races are definitely not organised the night before, so it's reasonable to assume you wouldn't ask for changes the day before it's held.
So ends my first mature posting on this forum:)
Michael DeasyJun 24 2008, 4:40pmTwo people have stated they would prefer the registration to be extended if possible by 20 mins. If possible cool, if not - so be it. I'm well aware of what goes in to organising these races.

City centre to Laragh is 55mins using TomTom, easily an extra half hour/ forty mins for traffic so that's over an hour and a half. Reg closes at 7:20 & finishing work at 6 - forget about it.

It's not an attack on IMRA or any oganisational matter. I have missed races in the past because of work so I agree with looking for an extra 20mins for far away races if possible and practical.

From my reading the writer used disater to describe his own disappointment and stress associated with his disaster of trying to get to and missing the race. He never said anything against the volunteers.

"John Joe Mahogony" - fake name maybe??.
Gerry LalorJun 24 2008, 5:02pmWasn't directed at you Michael, and your comments are valid. Past races were indeed started that bit later, but that was up to Brockagh East only...a shorter race. Ultimately its the race director's decision, and at this stage I would assume the majority expect it to start at 7.30.
Safe to say that John Joe Mahogany is a nom de plume:) However my thinking would be that one should use their real name for such postings and requests.
Andreas soccer fan and German KuschJun 24 2008, 5:42pmHang on a minute, we can't have a delayed start. I have everything perfectly timed so that I can see the second half of the semi fnal against Turkey on Wednesday. I'm doing MY bit by running a PB. Now, for the 7.30 start I am relying on your support. Imagine Ireland was in the semi-final...
Bruce ShenkerJun 24 2008, 5:46pmJust to make trouble from far away, Brockagh race had traditionally started at 8:15 to allow for people making the long trip from the city. I think it was only changed in recent years
Caroline ReidJun 24 2008, 6:16pmLast year it started at 7:30pm and it was a wet night, so it was getting dark (or visability was poor) when you got to the turn around point. This is a long race and it needs to start at 7:30pm to ensure everyone is safely off the mountain before it gets dark. This is another race that always has a lot of twisted ankles due to the long bog section at the top.

I appreciate some may be disappointed as they cannot make it on time, but I think this has happened us all in the past for some race or another.
Best of luck to everyone, I hope it make it on time as its a great race!
Stuart ScottJun 24 2008, 6:52pmHi all,

Does anyone else have space in their car tomorrow? Carpooling section seems a bit empty this week! I'm working in the IFSC but I can take either Luas, the Dart or walk somewhere if necessary. 5 is probably the earliest I can leave.


Mick HanneyJun 24 2008, 7:23pmJudging from previous years results on the same distance Brockagh route a sizeable amount of runners will take over an hour to complete the course. If weather closes in or if someone gets an injury out on the course it would be wise to stick with the advertised time of a 7.30 start. Who would want to be the route demarker for a race starting after 8? From previous years the 8.15 start appears to be for shorter versions of the race. A lot of work goes into the race calendar at the end of the year. Thats the appropriate time to get the feedback in about events and start time I expect.
Paul CullenJun 24 2008, 10:01pmAs another one of those who has to work late-ish, I would also like to see the start time pushed back. If it were any help I'd be quite happy to help after the race by collecting markers, lost runners, etc. I understand the reasons for the earlier start compared to the gentle 20th century but it seems unnecessarily harsh to exclude people finishing work in town at the far from late time of 6 pm.

Anonymous posts should be banned, though.

Stuart, I can give you a lift (now added to carpooling) during my triathlon:
1) cycle from town to Inchicore, weaving past five-axle lorries and manic cab-drivers
2) teeth-gnashing drive against the clock on M50 and down to Wicklow
3) gentle jaunt up Brockagh.
Caroline ReidJun 25 2008, 9:13amIt is very good to bring the start and finish times to everyones attention. Tonight everyone will be aware of this and they should wait until the last runner and the demarker are back to the finish area; thus seeing that it is getting too dark to consider starting this race any later (most people will not be willing to wait around to see this, so when you're driving away, think of the volunteers and other runners still out there).

I was involved in a situation where a person injured their ankle and it took five people almost two hours to get the injured runner off the mountain.

I really appreciate everyone wants to do all the races but for safety reasons, for all runners, fastest to the slowest and for the volunteers, race organisers have got to think safety first. I was the demarker last week and it was nearly dark when I got back; that race wasn?t as long as Brockagh. For those who miss tonight, Lugnacoille is on Sunday and it?s around the same distance :)
Angus TynerJun 25 2008, 9:56amI bringing to attention part of the organisers instructions on the events page for this race.
"Everyone is politely requested NOT to use Lynhams' car park, at least until after the race. They have a function on earlier in the night; it is simply not fair to clog their car park."

I'm involved in this function and I am concerned that not everyone will be aware of these parking instructions. Its probably not something I would have read if I was going to partake!
No problem after race as function that I'm involved in starts at 8pm.
And BTW, it was getting pretty dark here last night at 9pm in the rain, the 19:30 start is very prudent.

Leanne CookeJun 25 2008, 10:22amSorry I know this is short notice but if this suits anyone I am getting the dart to Greystones after work for a pick up in Greystones at approx 6.30. My mobile is 0869290139.
Stuart ScottJun 25 2008, 12:55pmHi Paul,

I\'m going to take a lift down with Con O\'Donovan. Thanks for the offer though. Enjoy your triathlon!

Mick HanneyJun 25 2008, 1:28pmLeanne,

A 6.30 pickup in Greystones would leave it very tight for registration in time... If you were 3/4s to a 1/2 hr earlier I could pick you up but you'd need to arrange someone else to drop you back as I'll be south Wicklow bound.


David QuinnJun 25 2008, 1:58pmI would have to agree..I think moving the time forward by twenty minutes would be really beneficial to those not living as close to the race as others. It would be great to see it. Or even a bit of leway to those who are a few mins late wouldn't hurt anyone!
Eamonn HodgeJun 25 2008, 2:09pmHi, I'm looking for a lift from near Sandyford Luas station. Anytime after 5:30. Is anybody going near that way? Thanks in advance (I hope!).
Niall FoxJun 25 2008, 2:44pmEamonn, I'm passing by the Beacon hotel around 6pm heading south turning right on to Blackthorn drive. If if suits let me know on 086 three87three679.
Sadhbh NHJun 25 2008, 3:15pmI'm leaving from the KCR petrol station at 5.30-5.45. This is near enough to Harold's Cross. I will be passing by the Spawell roundabout too. If anyone needs a lift let me know. I have space for 3 others. Email me if you need a lift around this area.
Eamonn HodgeJun 25 2008, 3:21pmSorted! Got a lift with Niall. Thanks!
Rachel OrmrodJun 25 2008, 4:02pmDo you think it would be ok to park the car at the Brockagh resource centre?
Gary CondonJun 26 2008, 12:06amHi there, my second IMRA outing, and a second great event.
Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers - a largely thankless but much appreciated job.
Leanne CookeJun 26 2008, 10:16amThanks for the offer of a lift Mick, much appreciated. However, I finish work at 5.30 in baggot street, so the earliest time I could get to Greystones was 6.30. I did make reg. thou\' because the orgainsers extended the registaion time, again. Thank god and thank you! The reg/race time is a big issue with the Lenister League and it will always be an issue. No matter if its extended by 10-20 mins there will always be a rush on to make reg time and god knows we dont want to attach undesirables like the north siders to the race. However, for my nerves extending it would be great. Thanks for a great race last night