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Rachel HarneySep 4 2023, 6:30pmHello, I'm hoping to do the imra Nav challenges for the first time this year. Do we get a blank map of the area on the day, or do we provide our own? Are the grid references given at the race start time, and are we allowed to stay at the start line for a while to mark our maps and plan our routes?
Many thanks.
Clare KeeleySep 4 2023, 7:34pmHi Rachel,
You will need to bring your own map, for Nav 1 you will need the East West Wicklow South East 1:25,000 scale (check out Joes post lower on forum regarding a possible deal for all maps needed for this years Navs).
On the day a list of grid references and description will be issued, you can mark up your map etc… after 5 mins or so there will be a master map put up so you can check over your own grid references and head off then. You will really enjoy it. The Nav 1 prevent page will be updated early next week will all the information you need in full (kit requirements etc…) see you there . Clare
Clare KeeleySep 4 2023, 7:37pm**should be “event” page** …. We really need to get an edit button on the forum!!
Rachel HarneySep 4 2023, 11:09pmAh super, thanks a million Clare. I'll get that map separately anyways as I have 3 other East West ones. Can't wait!
Brian FarrenSep 25 2023, 9:40amHi. Just wondering when event will be open for entry.
Lesleyann WylieSep 25 2023, 11:42amIs Wicklow East map alone sufficient for this race.

Carrick is skimming the bottom of the map.
Joe LalorSep 25 2023, 12:56pmI believe it is. Liam could you confirm this.
Liam VinesSep 25 2023, 4:51pmHi all Nav1 should be available in the shop now.
I assume it will close on Saturday evening..
So just to recap map wise Wicklow East or Wicklow south east will do the job.
So most controls can be reached by the vast network of trails and tracks around Carrick your only trouble should be are you on the right track or trail!!!
Ger PowerSep 25 2023, 7:44pmHi Liam I want to photocopy the right part of the map could you please give the latitude and longitude for this. Thanks
Liam VinesSep 25 2023, 9:13pmHi Ger
T210 920 is South West corner
T250 960 is North East corner
Liam VinesSep 25 2023, 9:19pmAnd just so there is no confusion Wicklow East will do the job for Sunday.. One control will be very close to the edge of the map but “IS on it”..
Joe LalorSep 25 2023, 9:35pmMaps available in site shop, don't be mislead by
tab that says number unlimited. There were 15
of each and going fast
Liam VinesSep 28 2023, 6:46pmHi all..
So Carrick will probably be a touch shorter millage wise to say an open mountain Nav challenge. BUT I am hoping that it will challenge everybody’s map reading skills.
I can let an early start away at 10am if there are a few that are very worried about time. Let me know either on here or on the morning…But I kinda feel there isn’t a need for an early start… Remember the corse closes at 15:00.
If anyone is still on the fence about long or short corse go for the long one and make a proper day out of it…

I put the directions and grid references for the start finish up on the event page.
There will be tea coffee and a few bits after so bring your own cup as I hate washing up…
Donatas JociusSep 30 2023, 5:53pmHello , what time you want I come to help? Let me know I have all day free
Clare KeeleySep 30 2023, 6:14pmHi Donatas, Reg opens at 9.15am so come 8:45am/8.50am. I will email you mobile numbers in the next hour or two if you have any problems just call! C.
Donatas JociusSep 30 2023, 6:31pmOk, thanks
Liam VinesSep 30 2023, 7:17pmHi all..
So all the controls are out I only got lost once during the process!!!!!!
Parking in the morning Is going to be inside forestry barrier just on the side of the fire road. You will be directed up to turn around and then keep in as much as is safe to leave access in and out for everyone.
It’s very wet and slippery but forecast is looking better for tomorrow..
See you all In the morning…
Bring your mug….
Andy KeelingOct 1 2023, 5:07pmMassive thanks to Liam and crew for todays madness. I know there was a lot of planning that went into making so "interesting". Great day.
Report up.
Liam VinesOct 1 2023, 5:08pmSo Everybody and all the controls safety in off the mountain..
Thanks to Clare Donatas Brendan and my own two lads for all the help today..But more so thanks to all who showed up and ran. 46 people took to the hills today for a nav challenge.. That’s a great number…
See you all at the next one..
Liam VinesOct 1 2023, 5:24pmOne last thing..
Give yourself a good check out for ticks…
Rob TobinOct 1 2023, 5:50pmThanks to Liam and crew for putting on a great show today. I'd my first glimpse of Carrick's offer during this year's Leinster League and found today that there are many more exceptional trails on this hill. Those are mostly in the woods on the Glenealy side. Crossing the ridge, time spent pushing through spruces, brambles and gorse has left my legs with almost as many perforations as my control card. A fine spread waiting at the finish line. Thanks again to everyone involved.
liam kennyOct 1 2023, 6:08pmThanks Liam and crew, if that was set up for absolute beginners I'm serious trouble if I venture out for nav 2/3, on a serious note great day out on the hills, thanks again
Kevin O'RiordanOct 1 2023, 6:12pmHaha, don't worry, there was certainly at least two controls that caught out experienced navigators out there! Still looking for that "handball alley" feature...
liam kennyOct 1 2023, 6:45pmLooking for that kite I had visions of Liam v sitting in his chair with a cup of tea pissin himself laughing on our behalf, running back and forwards along that ridge
Clare KeeleyOct 1 2023, 7:34pmSome pictures up, mostly runners looking at maps! Well done to all who took part.
Alice ClancyOct 1 2023, 8:40pmThank you Liam, Clare and crew for such great fun today!! That course seemed devilishly straightforward on paper and eh…..very ‘interesting’ in reality!!! I loved it. A lot of thought went into making those controls so interesting and we all really appreciate it. Also the free arm and leg exfoliation that was thrown in was a nice touch. And the post race spread was top notch! A great way to start the nav challenges!
Rachel HarneyOct 1 2023, 9:59pmLiam, Clare, all involved in organising - thanks so much for setting up such a fun and challenging course! I learned a huge amount today even though I'm sure I've a nice big dnf against my name for missing the 3pm after deciding to try go find my final trig point...and then realising there was not enough time to fight through a maze of trees, haha. I am on awe of those who did all 9 checkpoints in super fast time - and it only inspires me to continue improving my nav skills; today certainly made me realise I have plenty to improve upon. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks again.
Mike JordanYesterday, 9:40amThanks to Liam, Clare and crew for yesterday's mini adventure. The nav challenges are always a great way to explore the hills and get to some of the lesser visited parts of the map. You can't beat the community feel or the post-race route discussions and spread. We should do this more often :)
Róisín McDonnellYesterday, 11:12amThanks a mill Liam Clare and helpers plenty of scratches, scrapes and mistakes. Lots of fun. Loved the bunting !
Andrew HanneyYesterday, 11:54amThanks Liam and Clare and to your helpers for a great NAV event. Made a few basic errors early on and just ran outta steam (or torn to shreds!)...... but the great thing about IMRA is at the end no one cares and its all about the craic and chats after. Every NAV day is a school day!
Brian FennessyYesterday, 2:58pmHi Liam,

Many many thanks for a great nav challenge I know that there's a massive amount of work that goes into these challenges, its been a few years since ive done any IMRA runs but I love the nav challenge series. Big shoutout to Clare for the lovely sausage rolls and the homebakes, Donatas for doing a great job on the parking front. Liam your 2 lads are a credit to you so big thanks to them as well. Also thanks to Sandra Pegman for the laughs workers unite ;-) Great to catch up with people and have the craic.