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Lillian DeeganAug 22 2022, 6:18pmHello everyone,

We have our last Leinster Champs event coming up. I’m on to see can we source an RD for this one? It’s only a few weeks off - Sept. 10th.

Cheers - Lillian
Andrew HanneySep 7 2022, 1:14pmIs it open route choice on this race?
Kathryn BarrSep 8 2022, 8:18amHi, I am looking for a lift from Dublin. I live in UCD but can get a bus somewhere. If anyone has a space I would really appreciate it, thanks!
Eamonn CarrollSep 8 2022, 4:31pmHi Kathryn,

I can give you a lift, I'll be driving past UCD on the N11 on my way down. Give me a text on 0851559955 to confirm.
Niamh O'CeallaighSep 8 2022, 10:04pmHi Andy. Yes, absolutely free route choice. Start at the start line. Get to the summit of Lug and return to the finish line. Creative route choice encouraged!
Andrew HanneySep 9 2022, 12:32pmThanks Niamh,
Niamh O'CeallaighSep 9 2022, 3:55pmLooking forward to seeing you at Baravore tomorrow morning for Fraughen Rock Glen. There will be a hot bit of grub at the finish line. Maybe throw in a camping chair for yourself for the post race analysis.
Cathal McgrathSep 10 2022, 9:44amHi Niamh,
I just wanted to let you know I won't be running today due to an injury I picked up last night so don't wait for me at registration. I might pop up to have a look so may see ye there.
Thanks. Cathal McGrath
Sean ForsythSep 10 2022, 10:03amHi Niamh,

Same both as Cathal, I won't be able to make it today.

Hope everyone enjoys the day.
Andrew HanneySep 10 2022, 5:38pmThanks Niamh and co for a great race this morning. Thanks to Cormac at the summit. Great weather for a trip up Lug and a lovely hot stew by the river at the end. Well done.
Brian FureySep 10 2022, 7:45pmThanks Niamh, Cormac and all volunteers for giving up their morning to put on the race. Good's a nice route and added bonus to get some good weather and clear day for it.
Henny BrandsmaSep 10 2022, 7:57pmBig thank you to Niamh, Cormack and all the volunteers helping out on the day, although for my knee problem not a easy course to run, really enjoyed today's race, weather was great and all the treads at the finish line were amazing thanks again Henny.
Anna MichaelSep 10 2022, 9:59pmThank you Niamh, Cormack and all the volunteers for putting on an excellent race (and also for the tasty food afterwards). We got a great day for it. Everyone’s time and hard work is much appreciated.
Niamh O'CeallaighSep 11 2022, 8:22pmProvisional Results from Fraughan Rock Glen 10/09/2021

1. Bernard Fortune 1948 1:15:46
2. Derek Crammond 2038 1:19:31
3. Brian Furey 1487 1:21:17
4. Niall Asworth 1119 1:29:59
5. John O Donovan 125 1:30:11
6. Maciej Dzieleclzia 2618 1:30:47
7. Conor Clancy 234 1:31:24
8. Gareth Little 445 1:34:34
9. Kathryn Barr 1743 1:36:34
10. Graham Bushe 1383 1:37:07
11. Hugh Kinsella 2356 1:40:11
12. Eamonn Caroll 1120 1:43:01
13. Anna Michael 980 1:43:06
14. James Clancy 2236 1:44:15
15. Paul Smyth 163 1:47:58
16. Adam Hoffman 2367 1:48:20
17. Declan McInerney 630 1:50:58
18. Andrew Hanney 1288 1:52:46
19. Alicia Christofi Walshe2178 2:04:20
20. Ronan Lynch 62 2:05:01
21. Joseph Boyle 55 2:05:01
22. Patsy Mc Creanor 939 2:18:39
23. Henny Brandsma 898 2:27:23
24. Connie 114 3:13:37
25. Gordon Douglas 134 3:28:14
Mick HanneySep 11 2022, 8:58pmAt this stage this race should just be called after Bernard! Some history on this one.
Andrew HanneySep 12 2022, 12:11amFortune Rock Glen?
Paul SmythSep 25 2022, 11:19pmThe results aren't up on the official results yet, but am I mistaken in thinking that Bernard and Brian are tied for the Leinster Champs. after this race?
Graham K. BusheSep 25 2022, 11:41pmThat's how it looks to me too. Both with a best score of 9.
And each of them has finished ahead of the other twice.
They can have a "Race-Off" at The 5-Tops