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Liam VinesAug 30 2022, 9:23pmWith two very enjoyable Nav Challenges done the pressure is now on me to continue this trend.
So get yourself a copy of Wicklow East or Dublin Mountains 1;25000 Maps from East West Mapping and come give this navigation witchcraft a go..
There will be two courses.
Long about 16K of which about 7K will be open mountain running
Short about 9K mostly tracks and trails with a very small bit of open mountain.
If anyone has been wanting to try one of these but are afraid to have a go on there own put a post up here and you will find somebody to team up with.
Start will be Djouce Woods Lake Carpark. 210109
"Build it and they will come" I hope,,
Ger PowerAug 31 2022, 8:43pmHi Liam, Can you let's us know which part of the map wecwill be using so I can photocopy it. Thanks Ger
Liam VinesAug 31 2022, 9:41pmGer
We won’t be crossing any roads!!!
Well you shouldn’t be anyway :-)
Ger PowerSep 1 2022, 11:58amIs it possible to get the latitude and longitude of the area as I would prefer to carry a photocopy of the section. Thanks
Graham K. BusheSep 1 2022, 12:46pmI plot this as a square area on the Wicklow East map from
O 160 080 (South-West corner)
O 220 140 (North-East corner)

Just North of Lough Tay to just South of Coolakay
bearing in mind that we shouldn't need to cross roads.
Ger PowerSep 2 2022, 10:15amThanks Graham
Liam VinesSep 12 2022, 9:48pmHave you got your map yet???
I have roped my sons in to help with registration and whatever else is needed.. So all I want is for people to turn up and go find all the spots and get back safe.... BRING A MUG for tea or coffee afterwards.. The forecast is looking good…
Liam VinesSep 13 2022, 3:39pmNav 3 entry is open.
Sign up and give it a go. And don’t be afraid to ask for help at the start line..
Stuart ScottSep 13 2022, 3:48pmEven James...? :-)

Looking forward to it!
Andrew HanneySep 13 2022, 3:51pmI'm only doing this to see where James goes.

Joking aside, don't miss out on a great chance for those on the fence about navigation/map reading to give it a go.
Liam VinesSep 13 2022, 4:50pmThere is an early start 10AM

I was considering an early early start Stuart but I am happy enough as I have nowhere to be until Monday morning!!!!!!
Richard FoxSep 15 2022, 4:35pmThat's great news about the early start Liam. I note it's at 10:00am - what day though????? :) :) :)
Mick HanneySep 16 2022, 12:32pmHi Liam, did Mikey help with the race instructions (noting lack of punctunation)? :-)
Richard I see the "Corse" closes at 3pm. That should probably read Gorse for some people.
I want to do the early finish so I can get to the post race goodies quicker.
Mick HanneySep 16 2022, 12:34pmIf you haven't tried a Nav event before, they are great fun. Give it a go, you won't regret it.
Harriette RobinsonSep 17 2022, 2:33pmHey Liam. I entered to volunteer for tomorrow's nav race. I don't see my name on the volunteer list so I'm just letting you know I'll be there. Harriette
Laurence BriodySep 17 2022, 3:08pmHi Liam I have an older 2nd of Dublin mountains map 1:30. Is this sufficient..
Liam VinesSep 17 2022, 4:02pmLaurence you will really struggle with the detail on the map… Come along I have a few spare maps anyway you can look and decide yourself.. Come to me in the morning and we will sort something…
Laurence BriodySep 17 2022, 4:08pmSound thanks Liam chat in the morning..
Clare KeeleySep 17 2022, 5:41pmLess than half an hour left to sign up for tomorrows Nav 3 at Djouce Woods, anyone on the fence just sign up and come along to see what it is all about…’s the best fun. Vouchers accepted in the morning too. Liam is putting out controls at the moment and having mild moments of panic over boulders and crags!!! See you all in the morning and don’t forget your mugs for the cuppa and chats afterwards!
Mick HanneySep 17 2022, 6:43pmCue lots of map studying looking for crags and boulders!
Richard FoxSep 17 2022, 7:33pmWhat’s a map??????
Clare KeeleySep 17 2022, 9:54pmHi Harriette, can you double check that you have volunteered for Nav 3 as you are not coming up on the volunteer list! Come along for 9.30am and we can sort out your volunteer role on the website afterwards.
Andrew HanneySep 17 2022, 10:56pmHarriette, to volunteer you first need to be logged into the site, then on the event page scroll down and click on the helper role towards the bottom of the page.
Joe LalorSep 18 2022, 2:45pmCongrats to Paul on becoming navigator of the year and to Liam and crew for a super show.
Conor NolanSep 18 2022, 3:41pmFirst nav and really enjoyed it. Perfect day for it and some familiarity with the terrain certainly helped ('though I still managed to run past the boat-house). Really relaxed atmosphere too.
Thanks to Clare, Liam and crew - especially for the tea, Coke, Fanta, melon, sausage-rolls, buns, bars ... I might have over-indulged!
Andrew HanneySep 18 2022, 3:57pmThanks Liam and crew, lovely morning for a trip around Djouce. Its been a terrific series of Nav events this year.
Alan AylingSep 18 2022, 3:58pmSuper event, thanks guys.
John GreeneSep 18 2022, 5:04pmthanks Liam and crew for well organized race. Water melons would be great at end of every run!
Richard FoxSep 18 2022, 5:28pmThanks so much to Liam, Clare and all helpers for a great few hours on the hills. A super course and great refreshments and chat and craic after. These events are great fun and it's great to try something different and learn a new skill of map reading (or of trying to read a map - being a total newbie and very much a work in progress but still trying hard and enjoying every second of it). Congrats to Paul for his third win on the Nav challenge trot.
Cheers and thanks again
Mick HanneySep 18 2022, 5:58pmSuper nav event today Liam, Liam's lads and Clare.
Great to see a nice turn-out in the sunshine.

Report up.
Paul MahonSep 18 2022, 6:21pmThanks to Liam, Clare and crew for a fitting finale to the Nav Challenge Series. Great planning, turnout and spread afterwards.
Was great too to hear of several saying that the nav has started to "click" - Tis something that you never stop learning at for sure but doing these events is the one sure way to learn.
Thanks Joe for coordinating the Series, sorting good weather for all and for preparing in the Blackstairs for Nav 2 with Nora and also thanks Stuart and his crew for Nav 1 on the Wicklow Gap.
Liam VinesSep 18 2022, 7:10pmAll people and all controls off the mountains safe and sound.. so I guess that’s the IMRA nav done for another year..
Thanks to all who ran today…
Results and other stuff to come tomorrow..
Cillin WhelanSep 18 2022, 8:09pmThanks to all for a great event. Cracking day. Really interesting, and for me more difficult to navigate off the open mountain. That bloody stream bend!
I missed the cave through sheer fatigue, but still had a great run.

Thanks again!

Stuart ScottSep 19 2022, 4:30pmThanks Liam, Liams Junior and Clare for a great day out yesterday! You managed the perfect combination of plenty of route choice and a nice mountain slog with some classic misdirection beforehand - I fell hook, line and sinker for your "only 7k on open mountain" (i.e. it'll be 'easy') comment! Thanks to Joe for coordinating the series so well too.

If any of ye would like to do more, head over to and check out some orienteering events over the winter. The distances may seem shorter but when you add in the detailed nav, you'll be guaranteed a good day out. Not only will you improve your nav skills but your running skills in rough terrain will come on in leaps and bounds (literally!). If you'd like to know more, just give me or any of the regular IMRA orienteers a shout.
Liam VinesSep 19 2022, 9:53pmProvisional Results for Nav Challenge 3. If anyone feels any changes should be made, let me know.

Long Course

Name IMRA Race Number Time
Paul Mahon 246 02:19
Alan Ayling 837 02:29
Angus Tyner 1649 02:57
Kevin O'Hara 418 03:00
Maeve O'Grady 567 03:16
Kathryn Barr 1743 03:17
Niall McGuinness 374 03:17
Michael Burton 1557 03:21
Stuart Scott 4 03:26
Paul Smyth 163 03:45
Des Tivnan 2981 03:58
Ian Alcock 2610 03:58
Brendan Delaney 547 04:26
Hugh Kinsella 2356 04:36
Joseph Boyle 55 04:51
Ger Power 1060 06:00

Short Course

Name IMRA Race Number Time
Conor Nolan 104 01:32
Mick Hanny 306 01:44
Daniela Boehm 1395 01:56
Andy Hanny 1288 01:57
Sandra Pegman 1504 01:58
Philip Morrissey 218 01:58
Maike Jurgen 122 02:07
Joe Lalor 1133 02:16
Orla McEvoy 596 02:22
Stephen Byrne 151 02:28
Leslyann Wylie 776 02:35
Ronan Lynch 92 02:46
Linda Rowden 435 02:51
Fia Moore 1988 02:51
Peter Cannon 990 02:53
David Jackson 670 02:57
Richard Fox 1785 02:59
Caroline Reid 600 03:03
Vivian O'Gorman 260 03:03
John Green 796 03:07
Cillin Whelan 1660 03:28
Adam Bushe* 32 01:45
Graham Bushe* 1383 01:45
Declan McInerney* 630 03:37
Neill Dobbs* 814 04:08
Barry O'Neil* 127 04:21
Laurence Briody* 591 04:26
Liam VinesSep 19 2022, 9:59pmLong Course

Name Time
Paul Mahon 02:19
Alan Ayling 02:29
Angus Tyner 02:57
Kevin O'Hara 03:00
Maeve O'Grady 03:16
Kathryn Barr 03:17
Niall McGuinness 03:17
Michael Burton 03:21
Stuart Scott 03:26
Paul Smyth 03:45
Des Tivnan 03:58
Ian Alcock 03:58
Brendan Delaney 04:26
Hugh Kinsella 04:36
Joseph Boyle 04:51
Ger Power 06:00

Short Course

Name Time
Conor Nolan 01:32
Mick Hanny 01:44
Daniela Boehm 01:56
Andy Hanny 01:57
Sandra Pegman 01:58
Philip Morrissey 01:58
Maike Jurgen 02:07
Joe Lalor 02:16
Orla McEvoy 02:22
Stephen Byrne 02:28
Leslyann Wylie 02:35
Ronan Lynch 02:46
Linda Rowden 02:51
Fia Moore 02:51
Peter Cannon 02:53
David Jackson 02:57
Richard Fox 02:59
Caroline Reid 03:03
Vivian O'Gorman 03:03
John Green 03:07
Cillin Whelan 03:28
Adam Bushe* 01:45
Graham Bushe* 01:45
Declan McInerney* 03:37
Neill Dobbs* 04:08
Barry O'Neil* 04:21
Laurence Briody* 04:26
Kevin O'HaraSep 19 2022, 10:51pmThanks for everything guys, first time running with a map. It was great craic, wishing I hadn't missed the first two now!!
Sandra PegmanSep 19 2022, 11:02pmThanks to Claire, Liam and the lads for a wonderful day out yesterday. Fantastic Nav challenge. Really enjoyed it.
Joseph BoyleSep 20 2022, 9:00amA big thank you to Liam, Clare and the rest of the crew for a great day out on Sunday and thanks for waiting on me to get back. My second attempt at a long course nav and the results weren’t much better, but it was a great day out and you learn from each one of your mistakes. Thanks to Stuart for the Wicklow Gap race. To Joe and Nora for the Nine Stones race and organising the series, It’s the best series in the IMRA calendar. Congrats to Paul on the male series win and to Kathryn on the female series win.
Maike JürgensSep 20 2022, 1:41pmRambling report added. Thanks all volunteers. Role on next year.
Declan McInerneySep 20 2022, 5:06pmA fantastic day out, thank you very much. Lost my map early on which added a little to the challenge! Thanks again for all the food afterwards and good craic.
Mick HanneySep 20 2022, 8:54pm@Declan - losing a map means you defo have to do a race report!
Andrew HanneySep 20 2022, 10:04pmSome people had a map and it didn't make a difference :)
Clare KeeleySep 22 2022, 7:54amThanks a million for all the lovely comments from Nav 3 on Sunday! A lot of work goes into the prep and it all pays off really nicely watching happy runners chat and eat and drink afterwards having got back in one piece!
Here are the list of control descriptions and grid references from Sunday if anyone who didn’t run wants to go out and give them a go!
1. Cave 203 114
2. Stream Bend 203 122 (the tricky one!)
3.Crag 183 106
4.Fence Corner 195 109
5.Boat House 208 110
6.Mast 195 119
7.Bolder 184 118
8.Fire Road End 171 093
9.Summit 169 113
10.Marsh 160 100
It was a scatter event so runners could go to controls in any order they liked. Short course was 1-6 and long course all 10.