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Joe LalorJul 30 2022, 6:08pmAgain this year "End of League Handicap Race" is Mountain Meithal Fundraiser.
For those of you new to IMRA this handicap race is for those you have completed the summer league (to have been deemed as a league finisher you will need to have done 7 races). Non league finishers may also take part but will not be given a handicap time. Race starts at 7pm with the slower runners building up to to the faster runners at 7.30. Non league finishers will start at 7.30. Handicap times will not be calculated until after final league race.
This event, as usual, is being run as a fundraiser for Mountain Meitheal, the mountain path building team. Entry is online only at €10. If you cannot make the race you might consider buying an entry to support this cause which we all benefit from.
I am looking for a first aider volunteer and several marshall.
Start and finish at Pier Gates carpark. Route about 10km takes in Whites Hill and upper Ballinastoe. Short course available
Joe LalorAug 8 2022, 10:16amDon't forget you have to register online for this event before 7pm tomorrow as a runner or supporter. Start times will be calculated after I have a completed list of entries. As a rule of thumb if you finished near the bottom of the league you will be off near 7, if towards the top you will be off after 7.30 with plenty of scope to catch the early starts. Non league runners will be started at the starters discretion but will not be eligible for a prize (first 3 M/F home). There will be a non competitive short course that will also suit juniors.
Joe LalorYesterday, 7:35amThanks guys, I have enough volunteers now. Will be in touch tomorrow.
Don't forget runners and non-running supports must register by 6pm today.
Start times will be published after then. Remember your start time is solely based on how you finished in Leinster League. There will be a few surprises.
Joe LalorYesterday, 7:34pmFind below starting times for league finishers in the competitive race. A later post will have start times for everyone else. I realise that everyone who purchased an entry will not be running, it was easier to give everyone a time in advance. Thanks for your support.

James Higgins7.00
Henny Brandsma7.00.30
Dan Geelon7.01
Angela Flynn7.01.30
Linda Rowen7.01.30
Ger Power7.02.30
John Fitzgerald7.03
Vivian O'Gorman7.03
Lorcan Farrell7.04
Hilary Jenkinson7.04.30
Darron Tracey7.04.30
Eva Fairmaner7.05.30
Brendan Lawlor7.06
Joyce Tracey7.06
Maeve Flynn7.07
Karl Geraghty7.08
Anne Lyons7.09
Richard Beades7.09
Jason Dowling7.10
Lindsey Heppenstall7.10.30
Niall Markey7.11
Stephen Lavelle7.11
Peter Doyle7.11.30
Hazel Thompson7.11.30
Conor O'Farrell7.13
Jim White7.15.30
Richard Leahy7.16
Paul Smyth7.17
Michael O'Sullivan7.18
Thomas Galvin7.19
Hugh Kinsella7.23
Peter Sutcliffe7.24
Liam Kenny7.26
Thomas Phelan7.26
Eamon Hodge7.27
Liam Vines7.29
Robert Costello7.29.30
Pol O'Murchú7.30.30
Stephen Kennedy7.31
Bernard Fortune7.31.30
Joe LalorYesterday, 8:43pmFind below start times for non league runners. Times start at 7.12 and are hoped to keep you behind similiar runners who completed the league and are running in the competitive race. Times are based on a rough drawl of your past form, in some cases based on only one race, so not to be taken too seriously. I realise that everyone who purchased an entry does not intended to run but it was easier to give everyone a time in advance. Thanks for your support.

Daniela Boehm7.20
Philip Boylan7.24
Joedy Boyle7.23
Claire Brides7.22
James Clancy7.28
Seamus Connolly7.13
Rachel Cinnsealach7.12
Margaret Desmond7.15
Gavin Dunne7.32
Jim Durham7.19
David Fitzharris7.28
Éabha Forsyth7.25
Sean Forsyth7.25
Michael Gygax7.13
James Heggie7.12
Anne Hodge7.14
Mike Jordan7.32
Maike Jurgens7.15
Sandra Kelly7.12
Philip Kerr7.22
Thomas Kilbride7.18.30
Patrick Killion7.20
Brian Kitson7.29.30
Brenda Malley7.12
Sam Markey7.11
Alan McCarthy7.18.30
Tom McCarthy7.18.30
Orla McEvoy7.7.20
Brian McGuckin7.27
Simon McDonnell7.29.30
Sean Meehan7.27
Finn Moriarty7.15
Richard Moriarty7.15
Dylan Murphy7.16
Ken Murray7.18
John O'Donovan7.32
Eoghan O'Meara7.22
Richard Nunan7.30
Anne O'Donovan7.28
Barra O'Fianáil7.15.30
Niamh O'Gorman7.15.30
Julien Prigent7.24
Caroline Reid7.14
Greg Robins7.17
Adam Scott7.14
Eoin Syron7.30
Rob Tobin7.21
Cillin Whelan7.18

Joe LalorYesterday, 9:51pmForgot to mention there is a €2 charge per car for parking at Pier Gates. Please have exact change ready.
Brenda MalleyYesterday, 10:02pmWill there be a separate start for the short race, or will we start as planned and turn around early?
Joe LalorYesterday, 10:19pmHi Brenda, All runners start at same place at time as previous post. Short/Juniors turn at marshall position 3. Short course just shy of 6km.
Alan McCarthyToday, 11:13amHi just checking this is the correct car park? It says "Wicklow Way Car park at Luggala"
Brendan LawlorToday, 11:18amHi Alan

Yes thats the one
Alan McCarthyToday, 11:29amGreat, many thanks Brendan
Caitlin BentToday, 2:34pmHi Joe, just wondering why my name is omitted on league completion list as I did 9 LL races this year. Some were short courses but I’ve checked with Conor who confirmed they counted. I’ve done my 2 non running helper stints also.
Won’t get to race tonight but just wondering .
Good luck with the event.
Joe LalorToday, 2:58pmHi Kate, it's a list of League finishers who have entered the MM race.
James HeggieToday, 3:26pmJust checking what time we need to get to
Pier gates to register before your start time ? I am scheduled to start 7.12 so if I get there for 7pm is that earlier enough ?
Caitlin BentToday, 3:45pmThanks Joe. I actually missed registration deadline last night. Will be with you in spirit though:)
Joe LalorToday, 3:57pmThat will be fine James.