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Liam BoweJul 26 2022, 12:59pmHi Leo, I see on line entry only for the Lug on Sunday. With normal entry fee and no limit on numbers, is that correct - no vouchers?
Leo MahonJul 26 2022, 7:22pmSorry Liam no vouchers
Christopher SteenkampJul 26 2022, 8:15pmHi. Is there a cut off time? Thanks
Mick HanneyJul 26 2022, 9:01pmWhy no vouchers Leo, as a matter of interest, as other events are allowing them?
Leo MahonJul 27 2022, 2:54pmMy apologies Liam we will be accepting vouchers on Sunday I see you have already entered Please make yourself known to me Sunday
Leo MahonJul 27 2022, 2:58pmHi Christopher the race on Sunday is not fully marked
It’s only marked at the summit
So I’m thinking you are a novice mountain runner Can you read a map and compass?
Christopher SteenkampJul 27 2022, 10:06pmHi. My wife will be joining me. But she wants to walk it. So wondering if she will be back in time. We are not novices though :)
Brendan LawlorJul 27 2022, 10:50pmHi Christopher

This event is not suitable for walkers. If your wife wants to walk the route while you run, she can do that but should not enter the race. Also Log na Coille is a serious mountain challenge in bad weather ( as expected on Race day) and as Leo says you should both be able to navigate with a map and compass

Hope that helps
Leo MahonJul 28 2022, 6:19amRegistration opens t 11.30am
We could do with 2 more running volunteers to assist with car parking
liam kennyJul 28 2022, 9:34amhi i missed cut off for entry, has anyone spare voucher i could swap for cash please
Richard LeahyJul 28 2022, 11:44amHi Leo, happy to do running volunteer, but I used up my last voucher last night and registration does not appear to have opened at 11.30 as per you message?
Brian KitsonJul 28 2022, 11:48amIs there any chance entries could be opened until Friday evening. I didn’t realise it was closing at mid night last night (thought it was tonight)
Conor O'FarrellJul 28 2022, 12:06pmEntries are now open until 18:00 on Friday. I'm not sure why this was set incorrectly but, for once, I don't think it was my fault.

It may take a while for the race page to update the new change, but if you go directly to the shop, you should see it in there.

Leo MahonJul 30 2022, 4:59pmPlease bring your own drinking water to the finish
The weather is not going to be kind to us tomorrow
Harriette RobinsonJul 31 2022, 7:42amHello I will be there but I am not running so I am happy to volunteer if you need more help last minute. Also happy to be running volunteer for car park suites if needed. Harriette
Leo MahonJul 31 2022, 7:52amThanks Harriette I’ll find a job for you see you 11 ish
Harriette RobinsonJul 31 2022, 10:17amThank you Leo but sorry I am getting a lift with a runner so I won't get there until 12noon. See you then.
Angus TynerJul 31 2022, 6:00pmSummit times are in the photos. Ended up being a glorious day up there.