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Peter BellJun 7 2022, 12:58pmDevils glen race is going ahead tomorrow Wed 8th. Shop is open. You must sign up to Devils glen to race. Djouce woods entry does not count.
I could do with some more volunteers. Please sign up if u can.
Many thanks
Roelie SmitJun 7 2022, 9:05pmHi Peter, not sure when you were last in Devils Glen. If the route is same as last year there is a fallen tree across the path as one comes down to the finish line. It’s just above waist height so a high hurdle or limbo wilt get you past that.
Also, they have tarmac’d the road from the main gate to the car park with a bit of a ledge/drop off either side which may prove tricky parking along the side of the road as last year, especially low slung cars.
Peter BellJun 8 2022, 10:54amThanks for the heads up Roelie.
Mikey FryJun 8 2022, 11:00amI’ll bring the chainsaw:)
Graham K. BusheJun 8 2022, 11:02amShouldn't that be a "Heads down" Peter? :)
Mikey FryJun 8 2022, 10:11pmWell done pete apart from the tree and no raffle tickets great show:))
Andrew HanneyJun 8 2022, 10:31pmThanks to Llllian and Peter for a great race this evening . The easy thing would have been to just cancel but we have great people at IMRA who do the hard work and keep us racing. Wonderful night for it. Well done all.
Warren SwordsJun 8 2022, 10:36pmCheers to Peter and Lillian and all the volunteers. Remarkable to turn around the race so quickly after cancellation of Earl's Drive. Really impressive. Just shows important volunteers are as one of them had to tell Peter what direction the race started before race briefing. Ha. Great team effort
Lillian DeeganJun 8 2022, 10:52pmGreat going tonight everyone. For me all the thanks in the world goes to Peter Bell and his crew for swinging everything round so quickly allowing us to keep the trail league going.

As most of IMRA will know, we have a calendar that is totally jam packed. From the committee side, when Earl's Drive became a non-runner for definite Tuesday morning, our aim was to try not to lose an event upsetting the league scoring. And the great thing about the IMRA community is it doesn't take a lot once a call goes out. In all honesty, we only joined the dots my side. Peter swung into action as soon as we asked. So a huge huge thanks goes his way for tonight and all his efforts in such a short time frame.

What I learned tonight is/was next time we do food by a finish line, we need 4 times as many sambos.

Lastly, tonight's race is the first of the LL and TL races where I have not a single uncollected prize voucher. For me on the to do list, that is massive.

Kudos to Peter & crew on a job superbly executed.
Lillian DeeganJun 8 2022, 10:56pmWarren, hat tip for remaining up right while racing hard on the route. I found myself giving you a swift once over at the table to see what I'd be needing to patch you up. Well done ;)
Sean ForsythJun 8 2022, 11:06pmBig congratulations to Peter and crew for turning that around tonight, great effort by everyone involved.

My daughter, Éabha thanks you too..she was delighted doing her 1st (of what I hope is many) IMRA run. She was also delighted with the sambos, coke and her 1st prize..she was absolutely gutted she didn't win a spot prize though.

She also told me to tell everyone that she thinks all the runners are the nicest people she has met
Karl BourneJun 8 2022, 11:17pmThanks so much to Peter, Lillian and crew for another smashing evening on the trails. The spread afterwards was great as well as the atmosphere and raffle. My first time doing Devils Glen but it won’t be the last. Super course, fast and furious
Roelie SmitJun 8 2022, 11:35pmTo echo what others have said already. A big thanks to Peter and all involved in the change in venue and thanks to all the volunteers on the night for giving up your to help with registration, parking, marshalling, etc.
All greatly appreciated.
Richard FoxJun 9 2022, 7:32amThanks to Peter and all the vollies for a brilliant evenings entertainment. Amazing how such an event, including permissions, course marking, goodies set up at the end, wonderful marshals around the course etc etc etc etc etc can be organised in a blink following the earlier cancellation. Thanks again
Peter BellJun 9 2022, 9:27amBig thanks to all my helpers last night, everyone jumped straight in and made my job very easy. Lillian was brilliant to have by my side. Glad everyone made it back safely and enjoyed the night.
Laura FlynnJun 9 2022, 9:43amSorry to have missed this one. Well done to Peter for stepping up and to Lillian for pulling it all together and making it happen. You both made it look easy….but it’s not!!