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Muireann CodyJun 14 2022, 10:28amHi, I had planned to do this run and bring a couple of friends who are visiting from the States but I have now a work diary clash I can't get out of. Cheeky request but if anyone is driving from or through the Dundrum area could they take two passengers with them? They are big trail/mountain runners and this was to be a highlight for them on their trip here.
Laura FlynnJun 14 2022, 11:09amHi Muireann. You’ve picked a nice one for them. This is a great route.
We have a limit imposed by National Parks of 100 for this race so I’d advise them and anyone else keen to run to make sure and register as soon as possible after it opens.
Hugh McDowellJun 20 2022, 1:01pmMuireann, I will almost certainly be running this race and I would be happy to bring them. My email is hugh mcdowell 88 @ gmail dot com.
Muireann CodyJun 22 2022, 9:24am@Laura. Thanks for that. I have warned them to register in time. I am just sorry to be missing it myself.
@Hugh. Thanks a mill. So kind! A friend of mine has offered to take them but I will keep you as back up if you don't mind as we all know best laid plans etc.
Eamonn HodgeJun 27 2022, 9:04am25 entries sold in 3 minutes!
Jim WalshJun 27 2022, 9:14amHi Folks, what are the details for a junior entry? Do I just show up with my son or do I need to pay entry in advance? I don't see any options for selecting junior entries.
Thanks in advance.
Joe LalorJun 27 2022, 9:35amHi Jim, see forum posting of Jan 31st, might be some help
Maeve OReillyJun 27 2022, 9:56am@Jim Create an account for the junior, shop for race + membership from that account.
How long (approx kms) is the junior race?
Eva FairmanerJun 27 2022, 10:02amJust a gentle reminder - Roisin had a Scarr/Lough Dan thread already opened so it is a good idea to check before you start a new topic that there is not one there already. Important information can be lost if there are two or more threads running relating to the same topic.
Jim WalshJun 27 2022, 10:09amCheers for all the info!
Eimear O'BrienJun 27 2022, 2:47pmHi, just wondering if there will be anymore entries for wed, I just went to register online and sold out already. If someone has an entry they don’t want closer to the time please let me know:) Thanks:)
Maeve Maher-McWilliamsJun 27 2022, 8:25pmIn a similar boat to Eimear - any entries going, I'd be delighted to take one. Wondering are voucher's allowed in this race? Thanks, Maeve
Laura FlynnJun 27 2022, 9:43pmHi Eimear and Maeve, unfortunately we don’t allow transfers and we’re not accepting vouchers at tomorrow’s race due to the restriction on numbers.
Laura FlynnJun 27 2022, 9:52pmWe will have an early start on Wednesday at 7pm. The early start is for the long course only.
If your preference is to do the short course please do not take the early start as this will create confusion for the results/laptop.
Please tell the registration team at registration if you intend doing the early start.
Looking forward to seeing you all.
Laura FlynnJun 28 2022, 12:36pmThanks to all who have volunteered for tomorrow night. You will have received an email already from Roisin who has done all the prep work but unfortunately can’t make it tomorrow night now so I’ve been promoted.

Hilary and Tim won’t have received the earlier email so I’ll email you separately with your roles. We’ll still meet at 6pm with registration opening at 6.15pm rather than 6pm as advertised.
Elizabeth WheelerJun 28 2022, 9:28pmAnyone going from south city centre direction tomorrow evening? Need a lift… will do prior antigen test etc if worried.
Seán MeehanJun 28 2022, 9:31pmI'm leaving from ballyfermot I could give you a lift
Eamonn HodgeYesterday, 10:49amHi Elizabeth,
If you can get the Dart to Dun Laoghaire I'll be going from there. 5:30/5:45.
zero eight seven 753 eight one 34 if you want to send me a message.
Laura FlynnYesterday, 11:58amWe’ve been asked to let you know that there are people currently living in the scout centre at Lough Dan so please be aware that this is their home and respect their privacy.
Also, there’s a big concert tonight at Marley Park so traffic in that area will be very bad if you need to factor that into your travel plans .
Aideen BurkeYesterday, 1:11pm@Elizabeth…. I’m leaving from Dublin 8 (SCR) if that’s any help
Hilary JenkinsonYesterday, 10:38pmWell done to all out on Scarr tonight. However I have a bit of grouch I need to unload. I was a volunteer tonight and my job was sweeper so at the back I met an American lady. After a while I realized this person should have the early start and then I noticed she didn't have a chip and then she told me no she didn't have a number. She had been told by friends that sure you can run it no problem. Well it is a problem. She had never done a hill run before and her so called friends had left her to run on her own. Whoever her friends are it is very irresponsible you put your friend at risk and you also put IMRA and volunteers in a very awkward position. The conditions this evening were challenging enough with the recent rainfall. Also it was limited to 110 runners with the National park. If we go over those numbers we will jeopardize future races.
I'm all for having a good time on the mountains and I get that we want to give visitors a unique experience but please consider a hill run is very different from a road run.
Conor CavanaghYesterday, 11:23pmHi all, thanks for a great event this evening at Scarr. I lost some items in the car park afterwards I was wondering if anyone picked up a rain jacket and runners? If you could let me know who might be best to ask about this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, C
Sean GrimesYesterday, 11:41pmHi all. Thanks for a great event tonight. Just checked results and my name is not there. Sean grimes 191. Thanks again
Conor O'FarrellYesterday, 11:50pmHi Conor

Laura has your runners and jacket. You can drop her an email at Laura dot Flynn at imra dot ie.

Róisín McDonnellToday, 11:01amA huge thank you to all the volunteers who gave of their time last night so that everyone could enjoy their run on Scarr. I would also like to thank the committee for their behind the scenes and not so behind the scenes support in particular Laura Flynn for taking over for me when Covid struck. Thank you all.
Laura FlynnToday, 11:31amThanks to all our helpers last night. You were a great support in every way. Well done to Becky and Warren on their impressive wins.
We had some challenges, not least being the issue raised by Hilary in her earlier post. It was unfortunate but thankfully ended well.
The limit of 100 on this race imposed by NPWS meant that we had to have pre-registration only to allow us control numbers and give everyone a fair chance of entering. Despite this a small number turned up last night looking to enter. The race director does not have discretion on the night to allow people who turn up, to run.
Please do not do this at future races where we have restrictions on numbers and please do not run these races if you are not registered.
Conor NolanToday, 11:34amThat was a cracking event last night. Great course, had the flavour of an LC race. The soft going was even softer after the rains. Great fun. Thanks to Laura/Róisín and their enthusiastic team of volunteers. Remember, without volunteers (that's all of us) there'd be no racing.
Warren SwordsToday, 11:40amThanks to Roisin, Laura and team for a great race. Their bravery in the face of the midge onslaught was commendable while the rest of us hid in our cars.

The route has only been in use since 2021 but already it's established as a classic race. Tough climbing, tricky descents, open mountain and some bog hopping.

John Shiels captured a great photo of the sprint finish between Conor Nolan and Gavin Dunne.

Gavin went for the tried and tested dip at the finish line but the wily Conor remembered the timing chip is on the shoe and got his foot to the mat first.
Hugh McDowellToday, 11:44amLaura/Hilary - I contributed to that problem last night so please accept my apologies, and my sincere thanks for helping us out at the end.

Super course and big thanks to the volunteers.
Gavin DunneToday, 12:40pmFantastic race last night. Thanks to all for putting it together and the volunteers who stayed cheerful despite the weather.
Rookie mistake by myself at the finish. Well done Conor and great picture John.
Conor NolanToday, 1:03pmThat's a great photo sequence :) Thanks John, sorry Gavin.
Eamonn HodgeToday, 1:38pmGavin's chest is ahead but Conor's foot (chip) is on the mat first! Don't dip: lunge!
Francis ConroyToday, 1:49pmFirst to say I missed the early start and went in the main run - I noted same at the check-in desk - with all the preparation under way I guess it got lost in the 'confusion'.
Thanks to all the volunteers for an enjoyable event (except for the midgets) - particularly those out on the course, those who put down the markers and those who went out to check all got back safely.
Eimear DeeganToday, 2:39pmThanks to all the volunteers. Great report from Hazel who was still covered in bog up to her shoulders at the finish line, a very dramatic race.
Aideen BurkeToday, 3:32pmFantastic race - thanks to the super RD and volunteers. Huge respect for standing out there amidst the midges and rain. Brilliant report. I too fell victim of the man-eating bog hole - thank you to the kind person who doubled back and pulled me out, it was very much appreciated! I'll bring the goggles next year.
Caroline ReidToday, 4:55pmWell done everyone on a great race last night! A big thanks for your patience and co-operation with the car parking! We did well to fit in over 80 cars but we may have to improve our carpooling for some upcoming races. GREAT race report Hazel :)