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Robert CunninghamJun 4 2022, 10:11pmEntries open for Galty Half, Volunteers needed.
Geoff PetelkaJun 18 2022, 6:32amGood morning
Does the race start at 10am or 11am? I'm confused by the recent update.

Michael McSweeneyJun 18 2022, 9:20amNormal start is at 11am. There is an early start option at 10am, but your result won't count for the big money prizes. :-)
Geoff PetelkaJun 18 2022, 4:01pmPerfect, thanks Michael
Santi HugoJun 20 2022, 9:32pmHello. I'd like to take part in the race, but have no car... Is anyone driving from Cork City, by any chance?
Shane O'NeillJun 22 2022, 12:23pmHi santi, if you can get a bus to fermoy I can collect you there.
Let me know if its possible.
Nicole O ReganJun 22 2022, 1:28pmHi, do I need a timing chip for the galtee half on Saturday? I’m only in it for enjoyment not racing.
Michael McSweeneyJun 22 2022, 4:18pmNicole.
No timing chip needed on Saturday, and racing is enjoyable. :-)
Santi HugoJun 23 2022, 10:03amHello Shane, I've checked, and it sounds like complicated.... Thanks anyway!
John O ConnorJun 23 2022, 11:35pmIs there a registration process before hand or is it turn up and run job?
Deirdre O GormanJun 24 2022, 10:22amJohn, you must enter online beforehand; no entries on the day. Registration closes at 6pm today, Friday 24th. Make sure you are also signed up as an IMRA member also.
Ibar MurphyJun 24 2022, 11:06amHi, just wondering if there is any risk of the race being cancelled due to the yellow weather warning? Hoping it's not but travelling a long way so would be good to know well in advance if there is.
Michael McSweeneyJun 24 2022, 6:39pmNo fear of it being cancelled I'd say. Should make the going under foot more interesting. :-)
Piotr BergelJun 24 2022, 6:43pmHi
I missed the registration, is there any chance to get entry for the race in the morning before the event, please?
John O ConnorJun 24 2022, 7:08pmBit of rain never hurt anyone.
Tom McloughlinJun 24 2022, 8:40pmHi, just wondering is there an email going out with final details in it? Any updates to Mandatory kit and registration time etc. Thanks
Kevin LenihanJun 24 2022, 10:14pmJust finished marking the course there...bring plenty of waterproof gear lads..its fine and wet up there. If the fog etc is down especially coming off lyrenacapall be careful to keep an eye out for the yellow fluorescent tape on the poles..can be easy to miss them in the fog. Best of luck tomorrow..hope ye enjoy the route/race.
Robert CunninghamJun 24 2022, 10:15pmNo entry available on the day. Email going out shortly. We recommend you carry waterproof trousers but not mandatory.
debbie ryanJun 24 2022, 10:46pmGuys
Just wondering with the weather conditions and my lack/lessor of experience with open mountain is it a bad idea to take part? i dont use gps etc. I go on the markings.
Amy Tait WestwellJun 25 2022, 4:19pmThanks guys, that was a really well organised race, and a great route. Especially thanks to the marshall at the top, what a hero.
Robert CunninghamJun 25 2022, 6:19pmBig thanks to first time RD. Liam O'Donnell great job. And to all the volunteers today, the weather was a bit harsh so big kudos for bearing it. Also thanks to Stephen from Kings Yard for the great facilities.
Declan McInerneyJun 25 2022, 8:13pmAmazing race Will be back Thank you to all the volunteers Fantastic job
Craig HynesJun 25 2022, 11:09pmThanks to all involved it was an amazing coarse and race. First time to do a race like that . It was amazing
debbie ryanJun 26 2022, 11:25amThanks Liam,Robert and all the volunteers and kevin for marking.
Tough conditions for the volunteers to be out in. Gr8 race.
Thanks for the lovely sandwiches and treats afterwards.
Simon DugganJun 26 2022, 12:29pmA huge thanks to Liam, Robert and their team of selfless volunteers for a great days racing on a fantastic course. 2 laps would make for the ultimate mountain marathon. ;-)
Deirdre O GormanJun 27 2022, 10:08amA massive thanks to RD Liam and all the volunteers (especially summit marshals Jason & Johnny (I think that was your face peeking out!). Also a huge thank you to anyone who stopped to help after I sprained my ankle; in particular Paul (who had driven down from Galway and interrupted his race to let my use him as a walking stick until I could get down in to the valley), the guy with the bandage (sorry, I didn't catch your name but it was greatly appreciated!) and volunteer, Wojcieck, who walked the two miles back to the finish with me, at a painstakingly slow pace! It really shows the community spirit of IMRA that so many are so willing to help each other on the hills.
Brian FlannellyJun 28 2022, 6:50amResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Craig HynesJun 28 2022, 7:50amI see the result are up. I had a finishing time of 2 hours and 29 mins but says in results I came in last place with a finishing time of over 4 hours. Can anyone explain this?
Tom McloughlinJun 28 2022, 8:20amCraig, email Brian - I'm in a similar position myself