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Joseph BoyleJan 3 2022, 5:52pmThe first race of the 2022 WSL League is just over two weeks away and I'd just like to highlight a few issues that normally arise for new members. Registration normally opens 2 weeks before the race is scheduled. To register for the race you must first become an IMRA member for 2022 and you can do this now. Signing up has been causing a few issues over the last year or so, therefore the following are a couple of links that should explain why you're having a problem.
Another problem has been signing up Juniors and the following link to a previous forum point should help with this.
A couple of other points that are usually issues that should help new members.
1. When you register, you get a number that you use for the whole of 2022 and you can collect it at the first race you attend. If you need to replace this you will have to purchase a replacement.
2. Existing members will already have a timing chip, however new members will receive one at their first race of the year, this chip will be necessary at all Leinster races and you keep this chip for good and every year it's linked to your new number. Again if you need a replacement you have to purchase it on the website.
3. You must carry a weatherproof jacket for each race and at present you must wear a mask at registration, at the race start and for the first 100 meters as well as at the race finish.
Christopher HeatherJan 10 2022, 2:48pmHas the event registration opened yet? cant seem to see the online entry
Joseph BoyleJan 11 2022, 12:34pmChristopher, it hasn't opened yet, it's usually a week before the event.
Joseph BoyleJan 13 2022, 9:11amThanks to everyone who volunteered to date, there's been a great response, given that this is the first race in the Dublin/Wicklow calendar. However due to the nature of the course we could do with 2 or 3 additional volunteers. So if you're carrying an injury or had too much to eat over the Christmas holidays put your name down now.
Avril ChallonerJan 13 2022, 3:08pmI'm one of those nursing an injury (broken leg!) but am back walking again and should be able to drive from tomorrow pending an xray. I hope to be able to volunteer so have put my name down but will retract it if I can't.
Joseph BoyleJan 13 2022, 3:32pmThanks Avril, you'll be glad to get off the Turbo Trainer. Can you let your club know about the race, my message to them bounced back. No problem I understand if you can't make it.
Avril ChallonerJan 13 2022, 4:16pmI'll let them know! I am only dying to get off that turbo trainer and get back running. Can't happen soon enough.
John MolloyJan 13 2022, 5:09pmHi Joseph,

If you still need helpers for Howth, I can be there.
John Molloy
Margaret DesmondJan 13 2022, 5:19pmI can also help out no probs
Andrew HanneyJan 13 2022, 5:59pmAnyone volunteering needs to go the event page and click on the volunteer options at the bottom of the page.
Joseph BoyleJan 13 2022, 9:06pmThanks again to everyone who volunteered, we have enough now. Please look to the next races if you intend to volunteer.
Brendan PollardJan 15 2022, 6:33pmHi Joseph.

Do you expect to open up registration for Howth this weekend?

Alan AylingJan 15 2022, 6:56pmWord on the street is entries will open Tuesday
Brendan PollardJan 15 2022, 7:02pmthanks.