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Sasha TideswellOct 14 2021, 9:24pmHi just wondering what the age limit is for the short and long routes are? Also can a voucher purchased pre covid be used again?
Thank you.
Robert CunninghamOct 15 2021, 10:30amHi Sasha, Anyone over 10 years old can run the short course as long as it's no more than 5k in distance. Anyone over 16 can run the long Course. Vouchers can be used again from January 1st 2022.
Sasha TideswellOct 15 2021, 12:11pmThat's perfect, thank you.
Hazel stapletonOct 20 2021, 8:43pmIs this short course the same short course that will be used for the World Champs?
Robbie WilliamsOct 22 2021, 2:21pmNo it is the long one that is worlds
Hazel stapletonOct 22 2021, 2:36pmIs only one distance for the worlds? I thought there would be a shorter course for the over 55s in the worlds.
Robbie WilliamsOct 24 2021, 10:02pmYes 055 8km
Lorcan FaganNov 4 2021, 12:53pmHi Robbie, I haven't used/picked up my race bib yet. Will it be available in Clonmel? Cheers
Robbie WilliamsNov 4 2021, 10:01pmIt will indeed
Alan AylingNov 5 2021, 11:01amFinishing at the cross = uphill only route? Or is the way back down part of the race too?
Robert CunninghamNov 8 2021, 8:58amAlan, Race starts with uphill on road, onto some nice trail up and down, then rolling hills and finish at the cross, it's a great Course.
Robbie WilliamsNov 8 2021, 5:25pmIt’s only a 1km walk back to start
Alan AylingNov 8 2021, 9:34pmSounds good lads, I signed up anyway
Robert CunninghamNov 10 2021, 12:20pmA few more volunteers needed for this race please.
Patricia BlackburnNov 10 2021, 2:46pmJust to clarify both courses are going to be available to run on Sat
10.5k and 8.5k. There are no restrictions i.e age or anything like that for this one. Just let us know on the morning which one you want to do.
There's a full race description and course detail on our worlds webpage on :
Michael McSweeneyNov 10 2021, 7:32pmTricha. Website looks great.
Lillian DeeganNov 11 2021, 7:08amI’ll second that Michael. The site is looking well sweet. We won’t feel the months slipping round to Sept. ‘22.

Sending a huge high five to the local organising committee below. Well done everyone!
Hazel stapletonNov 11 2021, 8:39amSmashing website for thw Worlds, well done to the organising committee
Martin CooneyNov 11 2021, 1:06pmWhere is the best place to park for the race on Saturday?
Will there be a few IMRA signs to follow?

Also; the website looks great for the World Masters.
Kealey TideswellNov 11 2021, 1:09pmHi sorry just wondering is there still a 4k short route on Saturday (my daughter is entered 12yrs ) as I see there its 8.5k and 10.5k. And if there's still a 4k does that finish back at the start or at the cross also.
Thank you,
Mick HanneyNov 12 2021, 12:51pmAdded myself to help as First Aid or whatever you need Robert.
What time you need people?
Mary Beth RyanNov 12 2021, 5:20pmHi what time do I need to be there at tomorrow, I have put my name down to help. Regards, Mary Beth
Emer O'ConnellNov 12 2021, 6:42pmWebsite is superb. Wondering where should park please tomorrow? Many thanks
Tom BlackburnNov 12 2021, 9:56pmHi Lads, the race tomorrow starts from Hillview sports club in Clonmel if you are unsure how to get there you will find it on Google maps.
Reg will be open from 9.30am.
Tom BlackburnNov 12 2021, 10:07pmCould all stewards and helpers report to registration at Hillview in the morning before 10 pm please. Thank you.
The junior race will start from the gate at the end of the road at the entrance to the open mountain.
Robert CunninghamNov 12 2021, 10:24pm
Hillview Sports Club Clonmel.
Frank CoughlanNov 13 2021, 9:31amHi Folks, I wont be able to attend today.
Enjoy the day.
Hazel stapletonNov 13 2021, 9:56amThere is a large free carpark just before you cross the bridge near Hillview
Eoin Mac MahonNov 13 2021, 3:41pmExcellent Route
Brian FlannellyNov 13 2021, 4:09pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
John J BarryNov 13 2021, 4:37pmCheers folks. Lovely morning out. It's a fabulous route with a lovely mix of terrain. Great idea with the end at the Grotto.
Miriam MaherNov 14 2021, 4:38pmMany thanks to all the volunteers, great route, race report up. See you next September;-)