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MARK DARBYAug 24 2021, 9:56amHey Guys

Does anyone know the route for this one, or at least the starting point of the race? Might see about making it my first IMRA race but wanna find out as much as I can first :)
Gordon PlaceAug 24 2021, 10:40amHi Mark
The old carlingford route is Carlingford - Foxes Rock although that is 16km so maybe it's a new route?
If that's it, be tough enough with some nav in bad weather for a first IMRA race, assuming it won't be marked and no GPS allowed
Stuart ScottAug 24 2021, 12:54pmOr it could be the old old route of church to summit and back? The suggested route on the map followed the path which gave an easy to follow option but if I remember rightly, free route choice was allowed which made the direct option much more enjoyable! . I'm sure the RD will provide more info nearer the time.

Mark, I don't know if you're familiar with the area or what your nav ability is like but it'd be worth talking a walk up on a clear day so you can get your bearings. As Gordon says, if the Foxes Rock route is used it can be quite discombobulating between the summits if the mist is down. But don't let that put you off - once you're properly prepared, you'll definitely enjoy it!
MARK DARBYAug 25 2021, 12:22pmyeah I live in Dundalk and was doing plenty of running up around ravensdale & cooley mountains. Now there was always someone with me navigating but sure isnt that half the fun :)

Cheers guys, will do that I reckon
Lillian DeeganAug 26 2021, 8:38amThanks Gordon and Stu. Turlough is making shapes for a revised route for this one.

Mark - you’ll be grand to race Carlingford. The race route will be marked all going to plan - we won’t have it as a non GPS Champs route akin to years previous. There likely will be a long and short course. Detail is being worked on at the mo. Keep an eye on the forum here for updates.

Louise KeoghSep 20 2021, 1:45pmHi.
Will this route require navigation skills or is it marked?
Barry O'NeillSep 23 2021, 9:20amAny details on this race, course etc.
Turlough ConwaySep 23 2021, 9:41amHi all.

Will have details on this up a little later today. Race will be based from the new look Lumpers pub in Ravensdale and the course will be circa 15km heading to summit of Black mountain with a different route back.
Main junctions and points will be marked and navigational skills with compass would not be necessary.
Course and more detail up later.
I am looking for laptop operator and First Aid volunteer. Not a bad one to get the volunteering in there for laptop as relatively smaller numbers and bigger gaps etc.
Updates later. Ask any Qs here. Thks
Turlough ConwaySep 23 2021, 9:56amProvisional Route here (copy and paste into browser) :
Turlough ConwaySep 23 2021, 10:46amWe have a First Aider for this event.
Now just looking for a laptop operator. (If its first time being laptop operator its not a bad event to try out)
Mike JordanSep 23 2021, 4:43pmHi Turlough, the course looks great.
In case you're not aware the rescheduled Leinster Orienteering Championships are due to take place in the same area on Sunday October 3rd. Sounds like parking near Lumpers and courses around Carnawaddy. More info here:
Stuart ScottSep 23 2021, 4:51pmMike, sssh! I'm hoping to do both (and given my current speed, they may have to be at the same time)
Paul SmythSep 23 2021, 5:07pmThat's hilarious, as I am also planning on doing both!

There is an open question over whether I will be able to make it before HR registration closes, even though I can probably make the HR start on time. As it won't be possible to leave the O-event parking before 12:30 I think I'll probably have to bring my bike up with me, to get to the hill-race on time.
Louise KeoghSep 23 2021, 7:06pmThanks Turlough for all the info. Is there a short and long course as previously mentioned in the forum?
Sean GrimesSep 24 2021, 7:12amYes a short routes also would be lovely for us novices
Shane LynchSep 24 2021, 12:21pmAt first glance - it looks like the route will be running through/near the assembly area for the orienteering,(point B on the map) so you’ll get plenty of cheering and support there and no doubt elsewhere on course. Parking for the orienteering event will be along the forest road near this point B. It is important to note that as fell runners are finishing the race along the downhill forest track there will likely be cars driving down this track after the orienteering event so it’ll be important to watch out for cars pulling out from their parked position as you fly past.
Turlough ConwaySep 24 2021, 5:08pmDue to the clash the race is being moved to Carlingford @ same time.
Parking permitting the race will be a lung bursting climb of Slieve Foye via Famine village and Barnavave and descent back.

Back up route will be the more familiar route from the Church in Carlingsford to Slieve Foye and back.

More details to follow and apologies for changes.
Map up.
Turlough ConwaySep 24 2021, 8:35pmHi all. Still looking for running volunteers for this, a laptop operator and summit marshalls.
Turlough ConwaySep 28 2021, 11:55amFolks. Really need a few volunteers to step up for this.
Running volunteers at least. Also, if anyone is travelling with someone who might fancy a hill walk to take on a summit marshall role.
Jeff SwordsSep 28 2021, 3:42pmHi Turlough,

I plan on running but I can do registration and set up the timing mat if we're going to use them.
Anne LyonsSep 28 2021, 3:51pmHi I can volunteer if you need , I won't be running
Turlough ConwaySep 28 2021, 4:04pm@Anne. Thanks a mill. Would you be ok for a summit marshall? Need someone at top of Slieve Foye and top of Barnavave if possible for short course.
@Jeff. Help with registration appreciated Jeff. Will be manual timing so help with sun dial appreciated also.
Anne LyonsSep 28 2021, 4:17pmHi yes I can do whatever suits,
Anne LyonsSep 28 2021, 4:19pmWhat time should I be there for turlough
Turlough ConwaySep 29 2021, 6:15pmHi Anne

I'll send details in an email to the Volunteering group this evening.
Turlough ConwaySep 29 2021, 9:28pmFull race details up now.
Pól Ó MurchúSep 30 2021, 3:20pmReally looking forward to this race. Looks like a great route that Turlough has come up with. This is a fab part of the country with some great trails and mountains that are probably much less explored by most of the membership and a great opportunity to try one of the less visited IMRA routes. It's really not that far from Dublin either and also a great chance to try some of the best coffee and treats that Louth has to offer at Home at the Schoolhouse Cafe! ;-)
Jeff SwordsSep 30 2021, 3:32pmSounds like you're inviting us all around to your house for tea and cakes too while we're up there Pol.
Pól Ó MurchúSep 30 2021, 3:53pmyou are more than welcome Jeff as long as you are bringing the tea and cakes... :-)
Irene FinneganSep 30 2021, 5:50pmAlso available to help on Sunday if need for the race
Ciaran CumminsOct 1 2021, 8:07amHi does anyone have a GPX file of the route?
James TierneyOct 1 2021, 2:22pmHi there, sorry for general query but this is my first IMRA run and I'm just checking if we need to bring anything other than normal trail running gear? Do you just collect tracker at registration?
Turlough ConwayOct 1 2021, 4:30pmHi James/all.

Will be a requirement to carry rain jacket, hat and gloves.
Steep descents so I would wear studded shoes or trail shoes with good grip if possible.

Course is over Barnavave summit onto Slieve Foye summit and same way back. Short course people turn at Barnavave Trig point. Challenging course and not much trail.

Nice outdoor area at Schoolhouse Cafe, Greenore for apres match chat and prizes.

Please, keep Covid safe from door to door on Sunday. Avoid badly ventilated indoor areas, be safe in your car.

Thanks for Volunteers for stepping up on relatively short notice!
Alan AylingOct 1 2021, 4:30pmJames - a waterproof, windproof jacket is mandatory kit for all IMRA races. Otherwise normal trail running gear. Warning - very short shorts are subject to slagging ;-)
Lillian DeeganOct 1 2021, 4:50pmIrene, thanks for the help offer. If it is still an option for us, would you pop your name in on the helper listing. RD Turlough will be in touch to firm up on what he needs in advance of Sunday. Cheers, Lillian
James TierneyOct 1 2021, 5:14pmThanks Turlough and Alan, much appreciated
Turlough ConwayOct 1 2021, 9:51pmHave sent a few emails to Volunteers. If you're volunteering and not seeing them let me know. I am using turloughconway at g mail dot com
Could volunteers be at carpark @ 10:30-10:45
Anne, there is a closer place for the summit walk. Check email. Thks
Brendan LawlorOct 3 2021, 4:39pmThanks Turlough, Laura, Peter and the route and summit marshals for a great race today.

There are lots of running options up in the Cooley mountains so hopefully we’ll be back again next year !
Louise KeoghOct 3 2021, 6:11pmThanks to all the crew today for an epic race. Really enjoyed that. Looking forward to heading back soon to actually take in the view at the top!
Turlough ConwayOct 4 2021, 12:32pmConor has done his magic with the results and a load of summit pictures there also thanks to Irene M and summit gang.
I'll put up a report later. Anyone else please fire one up. Was a good day out. Thanks to all volunteers.
Michael BligheOct 4 2021, 12:40pmA lovely route, very enjoyable.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen, particularly the summit marshals who looked like they might be blown away when I passed through.
Louise KeoghOct 5 2021, 7:47amHey. Can any locals recommend a good trail map for the Cooleys? 1:25000 if it exists. Thanks in advance
Pól Ó MurchúOct 5 2021, 8:36amDoesn’t really exist unfortunately. There’s the East West map on the Táin way which also has a few other walking routes marked and would cover the area but not great detail really or there’s the OSI map which is pretty poor overall both of which are 1:50,000. I think the East West one is prob the best of the two.