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Paul SmythJul 27 2021, 11:20amHi Joseph, could you email me regarding picking up the IMRA gear for your event.

orienteerpaul at me dot com


Paul Smyth
Ian ConroyJul 29 2021, 5:39pmThis route is a fantastic one but it's incredibly overgrown in places. There were only 3 small smoulders after coming off Sheilmartin, hopefully they'll be out by then, if anything it makes it seem even more like the lands of Mordor.
Joseph BoyleJul 29 2021, 8:35pmGlad you like it Ian, can you bring some gardening tools with you the next time. I'm hoping to get out over the weekend and see can I cut some back. Can you let them know about it in Raheny Shamrocks as Kate won the overall last year and Zoe was third female.
Ian ConroyJul 29 2021, 9:51pmYeah, I'll spread the word Joseph! I'd actually thought of bringing the shears with me the next time, it's not my first rodeo - I've been on courses with pruners and shears before! Let me know when you're thinking of heading along and I'll see if I can join you and help.
John MurrayJul 29 2021, 11:04pmJoe I was out on the route tonight and did a bit of clearing. I'll give you a shout tomorrow and let you know the sections needing some work! ;)

And yes Ian is right...lovely route!
Joseph BoyleJul 30 2021, 8:53amI was out yesterday evening to have a look to see if we could incorporate the new fire break that Fingal Council kindly cleared for us and it does seem possible, saving us using the footpath along Carrickbrack Road.

I intend to go out in the morning at about 09:00 weather permitting, the weather forecast says rain but I'll play it by ear.

Fair play with the clearing and this route is a joint effort between us from last year when we tried multiple options.

If anyone wants to put some time into tidying any of the route over the next 10 days, you're more than welcome, see the event page for a map of the route.
Ian ConroyJul 30 2021, 3:22pmI'll take the shears up over the weekend, to see if I can do a bit too. The running on the path back to Sheilmartin shouldn't be an issue with single file running at that point, but it's still a main road, albeit for a tiny amount.
Joseph BoyleAug 3 2021, 2:42pmAs Devil's Glen now has enough volunteers, I'm putting a call out for volunteers for this race, in particular a laptop operator and first aider. We also need additional volunteers for marshalling.
Thomas DonohoeAug 5 2021, 6:04pm"Entries disabled"
Thomas DonohoeAug 5 2021, 6:04pm"Entries disabled"?
Christopher HeatherAug 5 2021, 6:28pmI'm seeing the same message -> Entries disabled
Thomas DonohoeAug 5 2021, 6:32pmcomputer says no. Is it off?
Pól Ó MurchúAug 5 2021, 7:16pmOpen now…
Ciaran CumminsAug 5 2021, 7:34pmHi I just entered Howth race. I raced once last year at Devils Glen but never received a chip, is one required for this race?
Joseph BoyleAug 5 2021, 10:34pmCiaran, you'll be issued with a chip at registration and you hold onto it for future races. If you haven't received your number yet for this year that will also be there and you keep that for this calendar year.
Ciaran CumminsAug 5 2021, 11:42pmThanks Joseph
Joseph BoyleAug 6 2021, 1:37pmAnother call before the weekend for a laptop operator and first aider. We also need some more volunteers for course marshalling.
paddy CorriganAug 6 2021, 9:14pmIt's saying disabled again. Is it sold out
Lillian DeeganAug 6 2021, 11:25pmIt’s showing as available for purchase to me Paddy. Give it another shot with your fingers crossed there.
Joseph BoyleAug 7 2021, 2:37pmJohn, I know the weather's poor today, if you get a chance over the weekend could you have a look at the section down to the road from where you marshalled last year and the little bridge near the new house on the route down from Shielmartin Hill.
Joseph BoyleAug 8 2021, 5:43pmWe still need a first aider and laptop operator for this race next Wednesday. Also for anyone that's been looking at the route on the map, myself and John have updated it slightly to take out some of the more confusing sections.
Ian ConroyAug 9 2021, 3:15pmSo are we running the shorter route that's listed on the Details page?
Ian ConroyAug 9 2021, 3:19pmSorry, see the word 'Junior' now!!
Joseph BoyleAug 9 2021, 4:33pmWe still need a first aider for this race and another 2 helpers would be ideal. Unfortunately the recent announcements on social gathering outside came a little late for us to organise post race sandwiches, however the travel restrictions have been lifted for quite a while, so there's no problem travelling from other counties (Wicklow). Remember registration closes tomorrow at 18:00.
Mick HanneyAug 9 2021, 7:21pmJust seeing your post now Joseph. I have registered to run but if you are stuck for 1st aid I can non-run.
John ShielsAug 9 2021, 10:00pmI'm out myself down as helper so can marshal and take photos. If you can't get a first aider I'll do that instead.
Joseph BoyleAug 9 2021, 10:11pmThanks Mick, but you're travelling a long way, I'd rather you ran, we'll sort something out I'm sure.
Joseph BoyleAug 9 2021, 10:12pmJohn, thanks for that, I'll be in touch tomorrow.
Joseph BoyleAug 10 2021, 4:05pmJust a few points that generally get raised before each race and I hope that the following is correct.
1. For new or existing members that haven't run this year your race number will be available at registration and you keep that number for the year. If you lose your number you must purchase a new one through the website.
2. For new members you'll receive a timing chip that you keep and use for subsequent years.
3. For existing members that haven't run yet this year, your chip has to be re-programmed to your new number for the year.
4. For members that have lost their chip, you should purchase a replacement on line prior to the race.
5. Face masks should be worn in the registration/finish area and also at the start and for the first 100m of the race.
6. "|" the dreaded pipe symbol, I'm not going to try and explain this in relation to the purchasing process, there's plenty on the forum already. However it would appear that Northside people must be smarter as we haven't had any posts about it for Howth.
7. Route marking, please refer to the IMRA link for information on how to follow the correct route and not the idiot in front of you. Easier said than done I was guilty of the same thing myself at the last race I did.
Joseph BoyleAug 10 2021, 4:06pmThanks to John, Ivana and Gordon for great work yesterday evening clearing parts of the trail.
Joshua ChambersAug 10 2021, 10:13pmHi, I missee the cut off for entry online. Anyway to pay for an entry for tomorrow?

Dave DochertyAug 11 2021, 10:33pmGreat race tonight. Big thanks to Jody and crew. I had no idea there were that many trails on that hill.
Conor O'FarrellAug 11 2021, 11:21pmWow, that was another belter tonight. It's not often you get such a mix of everything from steel climbs, fast descents, reservoir circuits and 700m of footpath in one race - not to mention a putting green. Thanks to Joe and his crew for their time and effort.

Results are now up. Please contact me on for any queries.

PLEASE NOTE: Queries here, on the forum will most likely be missed. So contact the email address above.

Sarah BradyAug 11 2021, 11:48pmThanks all, that was lovely. Especially the treats at the finish, I’m still on a sugar rush. :D
Linda RowdenAug 11 2021, 11:52pmBig thanks to Jody and his crew for a great race tonight. Super route (I discovered loads of new trails), fabulous views and a gorgeous sunset!
Mick HanneyAug 12 2021, 8:46amGreat event Jody and team. The route was full of twists and turns, you could never switch off. We got great weather for it too.
You could see the hard work that had gone into the preparation of the route, clearing the way for runners. Well done all.
Caroline ReidAug 12 2021, 9:00amMASSIVE thanks to Joe and all his team for another epic Howth race last night; from very patient marshals, to the massive work put in by John, Ivana, Gordon and Joe clearing the trails, then to come in to all those treats at the finish!!! Wow!!

Howth got the better of me for another year (gave it an extra 1.4km - no reflection on the race marking - there is a reason I was gifted a 'Don't follow me, I'm lost t-shirt'). For the craic and banter with my fellow competitors, that one will go down in folklore for years to come! The stuff great memories are made of! Thanks again :)
Thomas DonohoeAug 12 2021, 9:03amGreat race! what a stun hun of an evening... I ran head first into an overhead branch in the woods behind the golf club and dont remember going up or down the first climb... some craic ... thanks to the volunteers!
David DunneAug 12 2021, 9:10amSmashing event, felt like a real adventure out there last night didn't know what was coming up next.
Some serious work put in to clearing the route so Kudos to all who organised/helped/marshaled/baked some spread at the end.
David PowerAug 12 2021, 9:22amFantastic - a big thanks to Joseph and all the volunteers...lots of prep work to uncover that course. More twists & turns than an Olympic diver could head was spinning by the end. Mentally tiring when you don't know where you're going next or how far is left. Such a luxury to run in Dublin with views all round. I must go back for a leisurely walk and picnic some day. Homework for 2022: study the course map beforehand and/or bring map & compass for en route navigation :-)
Steven PettigrewAug 12 2021, 9:26amVolunteers were excellent. Drinks at the end were amazing. Nicest can of coke I've ever had.
Maeve Maher-McWilliamsAug 12 2021, 9:57amBig thanks to the organisers, marshals and cupcake bakers for a great race!! No drifting off to another planet with all those twists and turns... kept it interesting!
paddy CorriganAug 12 2021, 10:25amGreat race
Great route too
Thanks to everyone who volunteered .
denis beakeyAug 12 2021, 10:49amWhat a challenging course. Enjoyed every step of the way especially the closing section " running by feel" in the woods. A huge thank you to the crew for all the preparation and encouragement.
Barry MinnockAug 12 2021, 11:07amThank you Joe and to all the team for putting together event. Never easy and huge credit to all the volunteers.

For me, while the route took in some new and interesting trails it was unmanageable from a race perspective. It was impossible to race on the course with the twists and turns and bi-directional single-track. The lead group were frequently stopping to figure out route and several ended up running 600m+ extra. The last 2km on this route is also particularly problematic with unnecessary risk.

A credit to all volunteers that enable these events to happen, but I would recommend routes that minimise the need for heavy marking and marshals. That route could easily taken double the marking and 10 extra marshals, so it makes it a very tricky event to manage. Personally I would recommend reverting to the more traditional route over c. 7k with an safer finishing km. Perhaps I'll just volunteer now to set route next year as Howth has been problematic for several years now :)
James HigginsAug 12 2021, 11:45amThanks to Joe and the Team for putting that race together. It can't have been easy and it was easy to see the huge effort that went into it in terms of marking, drinks at the end, and to those who cleared shrubbery in advance of the race. That can of Pepsi at the end revitalised me and was really appreciated! Special shout out to Caroline Reid who ran after me when I missed a turn-off. Thanks, Caroline!
Joseph BoyleAug 12 2021, 5:00pmI just want to say a big thank you to a great group of volunteers (Dan, Ronan, John, Connie, Kevin, Phil, Andy, Ivana, Gordon, Rory, John, Stephen, Colm, Annabel, Niall, Conor, John and Dianne) and participants at the race yesterday evening, it made for a great evening and the weather played ball as well. We also must thank Howth Castle (Deer Park) for the use of their facilities. I know it’s not the norm to single out one person, however, I must give a special mention to John Murray who worked tirelessly on pulling the race together from planning, clearing, marking and marshalling.
Eleanor HopkinsAug 12 2021, 5:21pmA great evening last night. The Donore kids had a ball, will have a story to tell forever about the mad routes they took. Those cupcakse wear a winner too. The parents were also treated to some fab scenery and sunsets from the finish area. Thanks for making everyone feel welcome - see you at another race soon.
Mary CollinsAug 13 2021, 1:59pmThanks to Joe and all volunteers involved with pre, per an post Howth race. Clearly involved a huge amount time and physical clearing and marking of the route in preparation.
Massive effort.
Laura FlynnAug 13 2021, 2:15pmWell done Joe, sounds like you played a blinder on this one. I'm sorry to have had to miss it.
Nobody told me there was gonna be cake .....