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Eoin O'MalleySep 6 2021, 2:40pmWhen is entry opening for this?
Angela FlynnSep 10 2021, 1:51pmEntry is open now.
Updated the route map and shorten the length of rough stuff / high heather. Same ascent/descent but shorter & steeper.
Don't forget to leave your brakes at home for the descent off Luggala /Fancy Mtn ;-)
John CrehanSep 12 2021, 6:31pmThis may be a silly question but never run an Imra race before so forgive me but it says major junctions marked would you say you would need navigational skills to run this race?
Mikey FrySep 12 2021, 6:49pmDon’t worryJohn volunteer of the year John bell will be marking the whole coarse :)
John BellSep 12 2021, 8:20pmThanks Mikey. Yes the route will be fully marked so no navigation needed. Knocknaclohogue and Luggala are two of my favourite hill to train on, so it is fantastic to have permission to race there.
The car park is the same as the recent MM Trail & Ultra, so plenty of parking and a nice coffee van for after.
John CrehanSep 12 2021, 8:39pmThanks John and Mikey for the responses. I'm going to try make it out if not I will see you at a future event.
Joseph BoyleSep 13 2021, 8:14amI was up there on Saturday and there was a full film crew setup in the front half of the car park.
Conor O'FarrellSep 13 2021, 9:16am@Joe, they are getting set up for "IMRA, The Movie!" ;-)
Pól Ó MurchúSep 13 2021, 9:20amMust have been getting ready for next weekends filming I’d say Joseph! Just trying to figure out where best to capture the mighty mountain runners. :-)
Karl BourneSep 13 2021, 9:54amHi folks. Is there a juniors route for this race? Many thanks, Karl
Brendan LawlorSep 13 2021, 10:54amSo what connects The Beatles and IMRA ?

Yes its the Luggala race !

Thanks to the redoubtable Angela Flynn and her trusty sidekick John Bell, and others we are all being offered the unique opportunity of a race starting in the world famous grounds of the Luggala estate. The previous owner Garech Browne was a very familiar face in some of the pubs in Roundwood, until his passing in 2018. He would indeed have been a fan of our traditional prize giving, had hill running been his thing. The current owner Italian financier Count Luca Rinaldo Contardo Padulli di Vighignolo has very kindly agreed to allow us access for our race. No doubt Angela used her very considerable persuasive charms to make it so.

This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity so get signed up, you won't be disappointed !

'I read the news today, oh boy...'
Conor O'FarrellSep 13 2021, 3:43pmWe still need a laptop operator for this race. If anyone would like to take it on, drop yourself in on the volunteers page and I can arrange a training session with you, most likely via Zoom.
John BellSep 14 2021, 10:36pmJust giving Conor's message a bump. We still need a laptop operator. If someone is willing to give it a go, Conor has offered to go through the setup tomorrow evening, via a zoom call, or if someone has experience but is running could you help on the morning with the initial setup?
Alistair HodgettSep 15 2021, 7:14amJohn, I'd be happy to setup the laptop and assist registration if I can still run.... Alistair
John BellSep 15 2021, 1:29pmHi Alistair, that would be a great help. I'll add you to the running volunteer list. Thanks
John BellSep 15 2021, 1:31pmNo junior course this time. Even one hill would involve over 300m climb and tough terrain.
Thomas BakerSep 15 2021, 3:49pmHi
This will be my first event, looking forward to it!
Do I need too buy a bib through the online shop?

Thanks a mil
Gordon PlaceSep 15 2021, 4:08pmHi Thomas, you'll get your first number and timing chip free at your first race, and only have to buy a replacement if you lose them. you just have to buy race entry
Graham K. BusheSep 15 2021, 4:12pmHi Thomas, welcome to IMRA. You can collect your running number (588) at the race. If chip timing is being used you can also collect your chip. You should keep these safely for the remainder of the year to use in any other race you wish to enter. If you lose either, you can then purchase replacements through the online shop.
Hope you enjoy Saturday.
Paul SmythSep 15 2021, 4:18pmOne thing to be aware of for next year, is that you get a new number each year, but you reuse the same chip each year, unless you lose it and have to replace it.
Thomas BakerSep 16 2021, 7:25amThanks all!
William Paul FenwickSep 16 2021, 4:00pmHi, would anybody be kind enough to let me carpool with them from Dublin please? Happy to show you my proof of vaccination and meet where ever is convenient, will certainly be easier than cycling from north Dublin!

If possible can you please give me an email on w (dot) p (dot) fenwick (at) gmail (dot) com ?
Patrick MurraySep 16 2021, 6:55pmIs there any late enties available for Luggala?
Michael MaughanSep 16 2021, 7:18pmAalso wondering about late entries
Ibar MurphySep 16 2021, 7:20pmMe too, I was trying to purchase for over an hour this afternoon but couldn't get the payment to work.
Mikey FrySep 16 2021, 7:41pmAfraid not lads they don’t do late entries:(
Patrick MurraySep 16 2021, 8:11pmNo bother, thanks for the update Mikey.
Conor O'FarrellSep 16 2021, 8:58pmI’ve reopened it until 11pm. If you don't see the entry linkninnthe event page, check "membership/shop/online entries" and you should see it in there.

Ibar MurphySep 16 2021, 9:35pmYou're a gentleman Con. Thanks very much.
John BellSep 16 2021, 10:42pmWe've changed the route slightly and updated the route description after a trial run with Mikey & Peter yesterday evening. Changes highlighted in CAPS.

Volunteers, I've sent an email with details for race day.
Alan AylingSep 17 2021, 12:45amWas it too tough for Mikey & Peter? ;-)
Mikey FrySep 17 2021, 8:15amAlan we were thinking about you thought you might have cry in the ferns:))
Ben ConroySep 17 2021, 12:43pmHey I know answer probably no but any chance of a late entry or register at the event?
John BellSep 17 2021, 6:19pmUnfortunately not Ben. There is a Nav Challenge on Sunday morning with a long and short course option, and registration is open until Saturday at 18:00.
John BellSep 17 2021, 6:28pmPlease remember to bring your timing chips. We will hopefully have it working.
Also please park at the back of the car park (directly opposite Pier Gates/Luggala) and leave the front nearest the gate free for other users.
Mark BerneySep 17 2021, 6:55pmEvenin John,
Would you know if there is a height restriction barrier at the car park as I might be travelling in my 2.6m high van,
Cheers Mark Berney (995)
Gordon PlaceSep 17 2021, 7:08pmNo height restriction as far as I can remember, just double farm type gates.
Mark BerneySep 17 2021, 8:37pmThanks Gordon
John BellSep 17 2021, 11:09pmOne last thing. If you need to go, please make use of the toilets in the car park, provided by Wicklow County Council.
Thomas BakerSep 18 2021, 2:19pmTHANK YOU John, Angela and all the amazing volunteers and really friendly runners (and the Luggala owners for giving access)! I had a great time, really enjoyed meeting you and looking forward to the next event!

Andy KeelingSep 18 2021, 2:36pmGreat race today. Thanks to all the team. A reminder though that the ticks are still out there and hungry for your BLOOOOOOOD! Just removed a tiny little mother sucker. Check those sexy legs of yours.
Thanks again team. Cold coke can at the finish was much appreciated.
Vivian O'GormanSep 18 2021, 3:16pmA super race today!! A big thank you to John, Angela and all
the volunteers. I know there was a lot of work in the background
to have this race so well done all...
John BellSep 18 2021, 3:27pmAs Andy mentioned, please check for ticks.
Congratulations to the winners today. In the men's it was Brian followed by Conor and Mikey 'French Fancies' Fry, in the ladies it was Caroline, followed by Orla and Aideen, and fresh from her recent trip to the Mourne's representing Ireland Emily first FJ. Please be patient on the results, the timing mat decided to not work properly.
Thanks to the team of volunteers, Alice, Miriam, Alistair, Laura, John, Henny, Ciara, Niamh, and the Kileen Family. It made Ange and my job easy and enjoyable.
Thanks to Luggala for allowing us in to the Estate. It is an amazing venue for a race and it would be fantastic to back in the future.
Some nice pictures are already uploaded.
Brendan LawlorSep 18 2021, 4:03pmGreat race today.. thank you John , Angela and team both on the day and in the background.

It was a great course, really well marked though I dare say I wasn't the only one cursing John Bell half way up Lugalla !

Thanks to the Luggala estate people and Peter Kennedy for his parking again

It was really nice to see two old friends of ours Mags Grennan and Kevin Grogan back out on the hills, both looking hale hearty and sprightly ! Maith sibh!
Laura FlynnSep 18 2021, 4:40pmAnother super day out. Thanks to all involved but especially Angela and John.
Great to see Kevin Grogan back in action again and our 3 times ( at least?) World Masters Champion Mags Greenan and family. Things are looking promising for the Irish team Clonmel 2022.
Mags and Seamus’ son Conor had a great run to take 2nd place today behind a very strong run by Brian Furey.
Alistair HodgettSep 18 2021, 5:59pmGreat event, thanks to Michelle and family for the great photos. The minerals at the finish were also much appreciated. Next year can we have the carpool back for lifts back to the car park?
James H CahillSep 18 2021, 7:18pmThank John and all your volunteers for a great day out. Thank you Angela and everyone who put in the background work to make the race happen. Than you to Luggala estate and whomever donated the very much appreciated minerals at the end of the race. I am betwixt and between thanking whomever put Knocnaclohoge and Fancy Mountain in the way of what otherwise would have been a marvelous little loop. Thank you all for giving up your time, adding a great new race route onto the calendar and long may it continue.
Alan AylingSep 18 2021, 8:54pmWell, ye didn't quite manage to take the record from Downshill - for the longest trek to a race start ;-)

Cracking route though, fierce climbs, some lovely tech descending, a fast bit or two thrown in. Not to mention the magnificent location! And super well marked. Wonderful event, a huge well done to all those that made it happen. Hope it's back next year!
Peter BellSep 19 2021, 11:52amHave to say, i loved that race yesterday. Its one of the nicest spots in the whole of the wicklow mountains. Luggala is defo one of, if not my favourite mountain. The views are class and the trail is a beauty.
Big thanks to everyone that made it happen and the marshalls who cheered us on, as we all struggled up the mountain.
It would be a great addition to the race calander.
Well done to all the winners.
Brian FureySep 19 2021, 10:45pmAgree with Peter. Great course and weather held up. Lovely morning down there for it. Thanks John, Angela and volunteers for all the efforts in putting on a great race
Brendan LawlorSep 20 2021, 9:36amOver 900 photographs taken and uploaded for this race, all of them in glorious sunshine with stunning backdrops.

Many thanks to all our photographers, with a special shout out to our junior ones.. watch out John Sheils, there are new kids on the block !
John ShielsSep 20 2021, 9:49amGood to see new photographers coming up through the ranks Brendan. I hope to be back out on the hills in a few months.
Angela FlynnSep 20 2021, 6:06pmHidden inside a secluded Irish valley lies Luggala, an exquisite eighteenth-century house at the centre of a 5,000-acre estate. In 1937 Ernest Guinness presented Luggala to his youngest daughter, Oonagh – one of the three famous ‘Golden Guinness Girls’ – following her marriage to the fourth Baron Oranmore and Browne. Oonagh described Luggala as ‘the most decorative honey pot in Ireland’ and made it the centre of a dazzling social world that included peers, painters and poets, journalists and junkies, scholars and socialites. On Saturday, the 18th September, a not so dazzling array of other characters got to enjoy access to the ‘most decorative honey pot in Ireland.’

It was a really great day out on the hills and the spectacular views almost made the 700m total ascent worth it. Many of you here and on the forums have expressed your appreciation to us for organising this event and we are grateful – it was a team effort of many people, but a special mention must go to Lorna, the estate administrator who (before injury enjoyed mountain running herself) and really drove our request forward with the estate committee.

I will end with a little story that is mentioned in the book: Luggala Days: The story of a Guinness house by Robert O’Byrne.
He tells in the book that in the golden days of the estate, a certain married lady was engaged in a liaison with a gentleman in London -their communication being somewhat limited involved sending telegrams to each other via the post office in Roundwood. Whereby the ‘telegragh boy’ would upon receiving the message would mount his bicycle and deliver said message all the way from the village in Roundwood to the Luggala lodge – await a reply and cycle back to Roundwood so that it could be forwarded to London, a not inconsiderable distance and challenging climb by bike. It is told that the young man may have had made said journey 4 if not 5 times in one occasion and wearily getting back on his bicycle had to deliver the last message of the evening it read ….’good night darling’. Now.. if that doesn’t put our efforts on Saturday into perspective – nothing will!
Brian KitsonYesterday, 12:27amThat's a lovely post, Angela and a belated thanks to you and John and all the volunteers for putting on such a magnificent race. Fanta Lemon never tasted so good.

Report up.