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John OflynnSep 2 2021, 2:03pmShort Route 4.6k aprox 200m elv
Kieran LynchSep 6 2021, 5:38pmIs the short route for juniors only? Does it start at the same time as the long race? Cheers.
John OflynnSep 6 2021, 8:33pmHi. Short route is open to everyone. It starts at the same time as the long route
Kieran LynchSep 7 2021, 8:17amBrilliant. Thanks John.
Stephen O KeeffeSep 8 2021, 6:45pmHey , just wondering if there is a route map for the rollercoaster :)
John OflynnSep 9 2021, 2:15pmYo. No route map . The final route has not being decided on yet as with the rain over the next few days we might change some parts to avoid the muddier sections. I hope to have a route map at registration on the day.
John OflynnSep 10 2021, 2:02pmReg open at 9.30
nigel dunneSep 10 2021, 2:37pmHi I tried to purchase race entry multiple times however I remain unsuccessful in my pursuit of entry. I followed protocol to a tee. Any advice ?
Richard NunanSep 10 2021, 4:53pmThe phone number must be in the correct format: 353|871234567. Note that the "|" character after the "353", is not a number or letter, but the "pipe" symbol. It is normally found to the left of the "Z" key, while holding down shift, on a regular keyboard. I can comment on the phone, because it is different on most phones.

This is the most frequent issue -
Martin CooneySep 12 2021, 8:50amTo the RD,
I booked this race but unfortunately won't be able to make it today.
Enjoy the route & race all.
Martin Cooney (658).
Cathal PriorSep 12 2021, 3:10pmMany thanks to all the volunteers this morning. The race route had a nice variety, packing (almost) 10km in to Curragh Woods. Super job on the race markings, guiding us through the maze of pathways.
Declan CunninghamSep 12 2021, 3:50pmVery enjoyable race in testing conditions! Big thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it happen.
Nessa RochfordSep 12 2021, 6:32pmWow..a super route and thanks to all the volunteers..what a roller coaster of a route.loved it thank you to all.
Henry MilwardSep 12 2021, 7:57pmToday was my first attempt at a race like this, extremely enjoyable, well done to a friendly crew of stewards. Naively I wasn't expecting the descents to be so steep but they were a great thrill especially in the conditions.
Dominic ManningSep 12 2021, 10:37pmThanks to the volunteers, tough to be out in such wet conditions and tougher not to run.
Brian FlannellySep 13 2021, 2:11pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Sally-Ann LynchSep 13 2021, 7:33pmThank you so much to the organisers and volunteers!! It was a wonderful technical obstacle course. Thanks again to Dermott who pulled me out of the thorns after my fall.
John OflynnSep 13 2021, 8:31pmThank you all for your comments
It gives all the volunteers great satisfaction when we hear that you enjoyed the race and our efforts were worthwhile
IA pity you missed it Martin I know you would have enjoyed the course
Pat DohertySep 13 2021, 10:19pmTo John O'Flynn - Hey John - Pat Doherty here - can you update the race results - or just to put it out there - that i should be marked down as DNF... completed only 8.7km yesterday when the route was 9.9km - took a wrong turn along the way! All v. embarrassing on my part! Hope the placings can be amended
John OflynnSep 13 2021, 11:17pmHi Pat
Thanks for your bringing that our attention
And we will look into it