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Brendan LawlorNov 30 2021, 2:14pmThe Djouce Remembrance Race will be held on Dec 27th this year

Combining several traditions (Bray Head Christmas Flash and the Djouce Djoggers' Djouce Djog), this race has been nominated to remember those IMRA members who have sadly passed away.

This year we lost Matt Twomey, Andrew Howse and Michael Fallon, may they all Rest in Peace.

If you are aware of any other previous hillrunners (however occasional) who may have died this year please let us know so we can include them in our remembrance on December 27th.

Overall the intended spirit is for a run and some fun to celebrate the lives of those hillrunners who are no longer with us.

Fancy Dress is encouraged!
Alan AylingNov 30 2021, 6:39pmFancy dress you say? Rumour has it a certain gentleman, let's just call him "J", was unable to have his drag costume ready in time for last Friday night's women's race at Kilmac. Hopefully he can put that all to rights on the 27th :-)
Nora LalorDec 13 2021, 11:47amStephen Doorly died 13 August 2021, did hill runs a few years ago, he was a member of GEN.
Brendan LawlorDec 13 2021, 12:59pmThanks Nora

Condolences to his family and friends, may he Rest in Peace
Brendan LawlorDec 15 2021, 8:52pmWe are fast approaching the end of our hillrunning year. A huge thank you and well done to our very hard working committees who managed to cram a pretty full calendar into the last six months.

Our final race of the year is the Djouce Remembrance Run. At this race we take a moment to remember the IMRA members who are sadly no longer with us.

This year four of our members, past and current were taken from us before their time. Andrew Howse, Michael Fallon, Stephen Doorley and most recently Aoibneann Gaughran were all great lovers of the hills and outdoors, and all are sadly missed by those who knew them in IMRA.

Matt Twomey, the great Munster Race Organiser and committee member also left us this year. I'm sure Mick Kellet, Seamus Kilcullen, Mike Gomm, Maurice Mullins, Brendan Doherty, Adrian Tucker and a few more were glad of Matt's arrival up above as he quickly took to organising a hill run for them all no doubt.

Aoibheann's funeral arrangers requested that people wear a splash of colour at her funeral on Friday to recall the vibrancy and joy of her life. We also suggest you add a splash of colour to your own outfit or Fancy Dress on Dec 27th as we recall and remember the many friends we have sadly said goodbye to.

Ní bheidh a leithéidí ann arís

Entries are open and will close at 6pm on Thursday 23rd Dec to give us a chance to print the entry lists.

We could do with one or two more volunteers, running or non running
Radek ZezulaDec 16 2021, 1:04amHello
I filled out my 2021 membership registration a week ago. I want to run Djouce Remembrance Race. I don't have a number. (2671) Can you send it to me?
Thank you, bye.
Mikey FryDec 16 2021, 8:33amYou’ll get it at race don’t worry:))
Gavan DuffyDec 16 2021, 9:58amHi will this be capped to a certain number of runners.
Brendan LawlorDec 16 2021, 10:11amRadek, you'll collect your race number at registration

Gavan, based on previous years I don't forsee any capacity issues, so no limit planned for now

Thank you to the extra volunteers who have signed up. We have enough running volunteers, one more non running should do us

Prize giving will be in the car park after the race
Brendan LawlorDec 16 2021, 10:13amWebmaster, can you combine this thread with the main Djouce Remembrance Race thread please

Please post any questions on the other race thread
Richard MoriartyDec 17 2021, 11:43amIs there a short course option available for the juniors please?
Brendan LawlorDec 17 2021, 11:48amYes, we'll have a short course for Juniors
Jim FitzharrisDec 19 2021, 1:39pmBrendan,

Your first email indicated that race entries would close at 6 pm on 23rd December whereas the event page gives a closing date of 25th December.


Brendan LawlorDec 20 2021, 9:12amThats sorted now Jim

Entries close on DEC 23rd at 6pm
Andrew MowattDec 20 2021, 7:52pmHello everyone, my friend Conor tried to purchase a ticket for the race there and it says there is an issue with the payment, then I tried my card and it still said the same thing, anyone else having these issues? I managed to get a ticket earlier today no problem.
Brendan LawlorDec 21 2021, 7:58amCopied from another thread.. re Payment Difficulties...Note especially re pipe symbol '|' needed in your mobile phone number

..... but triple check that autofill hasn't changed anything even after you've manually inputting it as it can right at the end, Make sure your address matches the bank statement exactly down to UPPER & lower case, punctuation and Mr. or Miss. Even if there are mistakes on the statement, copy them.
Make sure the phone number is as required including the pipe symbol and not spaces, dashes or anything esle. This is the pipe symbol, vertical slash.... |
353|871234567. the "|" character after the "353", is not a number or letter, but the "pipe" symbol. It is normally found to the left of the "Z" key, while holding down shift, on a regular keyboard
Marc HartiganDec 21 2021, 10:40amHi all,

This is my first time entering. Can you let me know where the start point is? Is there parking etc.

Thanking you in advance
Brendan LawlorDec 21 2021, 10:55amHi

See maps and start location instructions here

First Car Park at Djouce Woods, Old Long Hill, Co. Wicklow. There is a vehicle height restriction of 1.8m to this car park.

Parking at Race Start
Brendan LawlorDec 21 2021, 11:00amOld Long Hill
Conor O'FarrellDec 21 2021, 11:01amHi All

If anyone would be willing to do laptop for this race, I can give you a quick run-through before the race at registration.

Brendan LawlorDec 21 2021, 11:03amPlease Ignore previous dropped pin.. I think this one is more accurate
Brendan LawlorDec 22 2021, 7:55amWe have enough volunteers now folks

Happy Christmas and see you on the 27th
Brendan LawlorDec 23 2021, 8:35amREMINDER

Entries for the Djouce Remembrance Race close this evening at 6pm
Miriam MaherDec 26 2021, 12:08pmBrendan, can't attend after all tomorrow. Covid came for Christmas to our house. Wishing you and all the volunteers a great remembrance run. Will remember those gone this year in another way myself, with Aoibhean in particular in my thoughts.

Happy New Year to all, surely it will be a better one:)

Majella GeraghtyDec 26 2021, 4:00pmWill there be an early start tomorrow?
Brendan LawlorDec 26 2021, 4:25pm@ Miriam sorry to hear that. Get better soon

@Majella no early start planned, we have all day

- please stay at home if you have any COVID symptoms
- please wear a face covering at registration and for the first 100m of the race
- jackets are mandatory
- no earphones allowed

We’ve had plenty of rain so wear your grippy runners

See you all tomorrow !
Brendan LawlorDec 27 2021, 2:14pmBig thank you to my race volunteers today
- Niamh- course marker
- Alastair and Conor - laptop
- Alice, Anne, Angela and Paul - parking
- registration- Rachel and Paula
- course marshals - Anne Marie, David and Conor

And of course my ever dependable side kick Gavan

Thank you also to everyone who turned up to run. Special fancy dress mentions to Caroline Reid, Justin Rea and his psychedelic trousers, Warren Swords and his onesie, John Fitzgerald‘s scary mask and Dave Doherty’s wig of many colours. It’s a lovely way to remember our many IMRA pals who are no longer with us

Provisional results are up . Please email Conor ( secretary at IMRA dot ie ) with any queries

Happy New Year to one and all !
Warren SwordsDec 27 2021, 2:59pmThanks Brendan and team for a great race. Lovely event.

The course was running great today, nice and muddy.
Conor O'FarrellDec 27 2021, 3:24pmThanks Brendan and crew for a great race.

Please email results queries to

James H CahillDec 27 2021, 4:14pmThank you Brendan and all the volunteers for a great morning remembering our friends and IMRA members no longer with us. A good muddy post Christmas run with plenty of freezing puddles and an unexpected "extra river" on the way to the river crossing is the perfect commemoration.
Dave DochertyDec 27 2021, 5:12pmGreat craic today. Thanks Brendan and crew. Lovely to see ye all and catch up. Best of luck on all the races coming up.
Laura FlynnDec 27 2021, 6:18pmThank you to Brendan, Gavan and the rest of the crew today. Special thanks to Niamh for not only marking the course on Sunday, but for checking it again earlier today before we all set off. A nice morning out amongst friends and a perfect way to remember IMRA members who are sadly no longer with us but will not be forgotten.
See you all in 2022.
Andrew HanneyDec 28 2021, 2:34pmThanks to Brendan and helpers for a brilliant event. Was lovely to round off the year by meeting up with everyone and to remember those no longer with us..
Mary CollinsDec 28 2021, 2:57pmThanks Brendan and all your volunteers for all the work to let rest of us enjoy the run. Course perfectly marked and marshalled. You spoke so well in memory of those for whom the race was run.