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Joe LalorSep 1 2021, 3:27pmAdvance notice re maps. I am running into map boundary issues for this event. If you already have or recently purchased the recommended map East /West: Wicklow East I will supply a small add-on. If you have not purchased already buy East/West: Wicklow South East. Either map will do for the short course.
Joe LalorSep 12 2021, 10:00amI am looking for a first aid volunteer for this event.
Sean SlevinSep 14 2021, 11:46amHi, would a sheet 56 do for this event?
Joe LalorSep 14 2021, 12:58pmHi Sean, afraid not. The features you will be looking for are not on 56.
Is there a first aider out there? According to IMRA rules no event can take place without a non running first aider.
Mike LongSep 15 2021, 11:26amFolks
I am sure this is my fault. I have not done a race for a few months but not able to enter Nav Challenge 2. System rejects my bank card.
Not sure what to do next
Appreciate nay help
Joe LalorSep 15 2021, 11:30amHi Mike, Common problem these days. Don't aotofill when putting in your details. Phone number causing most problems, no 0 and must enter pike "|" symbol
Joe LalorSep 15 2021, 12:48pmWe have a first aider, Mick Hanney has stepped into the breech again. He is in danger of becoming the new Vivian O'Gorman.
This time course is much more runnable but longer to avoid some out of bounds areas. Most of course can be done on tracks with some off road options for the more adventurous. See above advice re maps and be sure to look at map correction at start before heading out.
Mike LongSep 15 2021, 4:22pmPayment went through Joe. Thanks for your help.
Joe LalorSep 18 2021, 6:30pmAll in place for the morning. Long course 9 controls, no change from 18km. A bit longer than I would wish but length necessary to avoid out of bounds area. All can be done mainly on runnable tracks but a few off track options available.
Short course 5 controls and 8km. Mainly on track with one on open mountain.
Early start at 9.30 for those who qualify.
Be sure you see post above re maps and map correction at registration, one small correction but it could save you distance.
See you all in the morning.
James H CahillSep 19 2021, 4:33pmThank you Joe, Nora and Mick and all your volunteers for a great Nav 2. Super course with a bit of everything. Reminder to everyone to check for ticks. On arrival home, I discovered the reason for my slowness was that I was weighted down by one which clearly made all the difference. Thank you for a great day out
Paul MahonSep 19 2021, 4:40pmThanks Joe, Nora and Mick for today's event.
Hopefully Neill recovers quickly and will be back on the hills soon. Some tricky bits out there and of course the temptation to leave the tracks and "Shortcut" in a few places. This generally was a temptation that should have been resisted but tis hard to resist sometimes :-)
Great friendly vibe event with decent folk helping out each other to a fair degree too which is nice to have still in this predominately "win at all costs" world
Joe LalorSep 19 2021, 5:40pmAll home safe (including the flags)
A big thank you to Ger and Declan who defaulted their run to help an injured runner and to Mick Hanney who circumnavigated Croneybyrne to find a barrier to fit his key.
Paul SmythSep 19 2021, 6:05pmA big thank you to Joe, Nora, Mick, and helpers, for making today's event possible.
Richard FoxSep 19 2021, 7:27pmThanks Joe, Nora and volunteers for a great few hours on the beautiful hills. My first Nav challenge but hopefully not my last. Thanks again for the huge effort in putting it together. Cheers foxy
John MurraySep 19 2021, 8:04pmBig thanks to Joe, Nora, Mick and all volunteers for another super Nav Challenge race.

I'm starting to understand Joe's placement of controls. You can be guaranteed that if you approach a river the control is usually on the other side you approach from! lol

Quick recovery to Neill and hopefully it's nothing too serious. Fair play to Ger and Declan for looking after him. It was a well stretched out course so luckily someone was close by to help.
Niall McGuinnessSep 19 2021, 8:33pmI agree Paul Mahon. I think that's why I enjoy the nav challenges so much, it's rare to experience such camaraderie in any event. That said I did have a twinge of regret about telling Alan no 10 was under our lady, as I watched him cross the line just in front me. Many thanks to Joe and crew for a wonderful day out. Very much hope reports of Neill's recovery were accurate.
Neil DobbsSep 19 2021, 8:44pmI seem to be alive and to have posted a race report with more details.

Thanks all! Hope to be out again soon!
Joe LalorSep 19 2021, 9:05pmProvisional Results

Short Course

263 Daniel Boehm. 1:21:03
1331 Brendan Delaney. 1:25:30
2221 Sean Slevin 1:34:50
114 Joseph Boyle 1:50:40
1091 Imogen McGuinness 2:01:07
2106 Adam Bushe 2:01:40
133 Graham Bushe. 2:01:45
214 Peter Cannon. 2:02:20
721 Richard Fox. 2:20:40
182 Hilary Elmes. 2:25:40
518 Thomas Galvin. 2:32:07
193 Vivian O'Gorman. 2:32:07
137 John Fitzgerald. 2:32:07
291 James Curran. DNF

Long Course

275 Paul Mahon. 1:57:53
324 John Bell. 1:59:15
119 Mike Jordan. 2:10:52
1673 John. Murray. 2:30:14
418 Ciara Largey. 2:44:33
564 Andy Keeling. 2:44:45
160 Paul Smyth. 2:46:11
1577 Mike Long. 2:51:43
008 Alan Ayling. 2:53:50
139 Niall McGuinness. 2:54:08
004 Stuart Scott. 2:56:43
431 Gordan Place. 2:57:45
1719 Liam Vines. 3:04:50
2108 Ruth Lynam. 3:06:10
020 James H Cahill. 3:14:48
246 Brian Smyth. 3:20:30
389 Brian Furey. 3:21:34
138 Brian Hutchinson. 3:32:56
581 Linda O'connor 4:11:08
369 Ben Conroy. 4:38:51
858 Francis Conroy. 4:38:53
565 Steven Byrne. DNF
3179 Theo Mooney. DNF
2223 Neil Dobbs. Retired Injured
017 Ger Power Defaulted to help injured runner
971 Declan McInerney Defaulted to help injured runner

I have one possible more DNF (incomplete punch set but can't connect a name to it)
Steven ByrneSep 19 2021, 9:48pmHi Joe, I seem to be listed as a DNF ! I handed over a completed punch set when I finished.
Joe LalorSep 19 2021, 10:34pmHi Steven, will adjust result when it goes to result secretary,had difficulty seeing your no2
Joe LalorSep 19 2021, 10:36pmSteven have your time as 3:26:54
Brian FureySep 19 2021, 10:42pmThanks Joe Nora and Mick for putting on a great course. First NAV challenge. Tough but enjoyed it. Glad to hear Neil is on the mend.
Alan AylingSep 20 2021, 1:58amThanks Niall for that piece of advice about Our Lady. I could still be out there now. Had the control marked in the wrong place altogether!

As for the jungle on the way to #10... thought I had wandered onto the set of Predator. Felt a bit less of a muppet for choosing that route on seeing Stuart emerge from it and hearing others thrashing in there somewhere. Brutal spot. Might bring a machete next time. Or a big sticker with the words "Fireroads are your friends" to stick on the map.

Nonetheless another fun day in the hills. There's something very special about the Nav Challenges. Thanks Joe, Nora & Mick. Well done Mr Mahon on the win!
Hilary ElmesSep 20 2021, 7:52amThank you Joe and all the team for a great day out. The Nav challenges are very rewarding. Good to hear the injured runner has recovered well .
Joseph BoyleSep 20 2021, 8:14amThanks Joe, Nora and the team for a great morning out, there's obviously a great deal of planning goes into it. The weather was brilliant and the banter is great at the end. I'm glad to hear that Neil is recovering and enjoyed his report. Joe, just one thing on the results Richard Fox finished with me as we teamed up after spending an age finding checkpoint 2.
John BellSep 20 2021, 8:21amThanks Joe, Nora and Mick for yesterday's Nav Challenge. It involved plenty of runnable sections but with lots of temptation to take direct lines through the rough stuff. We'll done to Paul and Ciara, and speedy recovery to Neil.
Richard FoxSep 20 2021, 8:56amCheers Joe Boyle. I actually went out with the early starters so I think my time is good (imagine I even spent an extra 30 mins looking for that no 2 check point - how sad am I?). Brilliant few hours though and great to meet ya on the way around. Cheers fox
Alan AylingSep 20 2021, 10:14amAnyone know if the wasp is OK after its encounter with Neil?
Stuart ScottSep 20 2021, 10:37amThanks Joe for a brilliantly planned course, as usual, and a lovely area to Boot (if you'll pardon the pun).

Unlike Alan and Paul, I actually quite enjoyed the jungular shortcuts! There were two other key route choice decisions: 1) take Trooperstown summit on the way out or back and 2) clockwise or anti-clock. I went clockwise and left Trooperstown summit to the end. I was happy enough as there was enough downhill on the way out to motivate me to run and I'd have walked that steep climb home anyway. But I'd be interested to hear what the rest of ye thought of your routes?

Glad you're on the mend now Neil, that was a scary experience and well done Ger, Declan and Mick for helping out.
Mick HanneySep 20 2021, 12:14pmRecover well Neil.
I never quite got to catch up yesterday, it was not through lack of effort. I now know that there at at least 5 different barriers, possibly more granting, access into Clara Vale forestry.
First 2 gates I tried didn't open with the keys provided.
3rd gate opened, which left me an adventurous drive through the forest trails of Clara Vale (got some interesting looks from walkers!) to reach you last known point, but alas ye had departed by the time I got there. It was a bit of a motor nav as some of the trails didn't work out!

Has a separate conversation about how we might need with a wasp sting. Advice I've read would appear to be we could only administer an epi-pen if an individual themselves had one, and were known to be allergic. Best outcome in this case was timely arrival of the professionals.
CiarĂ¡n RyanSep 20 2021, 7:35pmI wasn't at this event yesterday but the wasps are dying off at this time of year, and are coming out to feed so be wary. I got a particularly nasty sting that forced me to cut a run short yesterday morning. I had some piriton in the car (due to a lifetime of bad reactions to any insect bite/ stings) but ended up having to go to a GP yesterday evening.

The one thing I did manage to do was get as much of the sting out as quickly as I could. This brought down the swelling in my arm over a few hours.

Speedy recovery to Neil and well done to the lads who helped you out.
Gordon PlaceSep 20 2021, 8:36pmThanks Joe and Nora and volunteers. Glad to hear Neil recovered well and fair play to all who helped.
Great course and blessed with the weather. The nav challenges are great, a few hours running the lesser known spots and a week of splinter picking. Can't beat it
Joe LalorSep 21 2021, 2:12pmOur overall navigator for the year is Mike Jordan, congratulations.
He will be presently be presented with the Mick Kellet memorial trophy (a fellow clubman)

Results: cumulative times over the two events

Long Course

Mike Jordan 4:03:53
Paul Smyth 5:09:54
Ciara Largey 5:14:32
Ruth Lynam 5:48:55

Short Course

Brendan Delaney 3:05:00
Peter Cannon 4:00:30
Adam Bushe 4:16:35
Graham Bushe 4:16:40
Vivian O'Gorman 4:51:42
Thomas Galvin 4:51:47
Hiliary Elmes 6:51:36
Richard NunanSep 21 2021, 6:42pmWell done Mike !