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John MaherJul 12 2021, 9:40pmRobbie, forecast is for hot weather. Will there be water on the route? Or do runner have to be self sufficient?
Vlad LenJul 12 2021, 9:54pmGood question, want to know too
Simon DugganJul 12 2021, 11:22pmThere’s a water outlet from the dam at Lough Eighter 14km in. I drank from it a few weeks ago. No ill effects.
Niall LagrueJul 13 2021, 10:14amHi Robbie, is there any early start option for the reeks?
Robbie WilliamsJul 13 2021, 1:58pmHi Lads

Thanks Simon for that.

Ye can’t expect us to get volunteers to cart up a few gallons of water.

Yes water at Lough Eighter outflow other than that it’s a dry course.

Definitely no early starts lads, this is an extreme mountain event, all folk signed up should have the adequate experience and training history.

Thank you
Robbie WilliamsJul 14 2021, 8:25pmFor those that like to dot watch the best of IMRA runners battling it out on Ireland’s highest peaks …

Here you go …
Robbie WilliamsJul 14 2021, 10:14pmAll competitors have been sent an email
Brian MullinsJul 18 2021, 7:34pmMassive thanks to all the volunteers yesterday, special shout out to Michael McSweeney who saved me and likely many others I would guess with water and coke at the top of the island. I chuckled to myself when Robbie mentioned feeling dizzy due to the heat etc at the briefing before the race. I wasn’t chuckling going from Beenkearagh to Carrauntoohil when I was reduced to an overheating babbling wreck!

Congrats to Ruairi on the win, I expected as much beforehand as he is tearing it up in races this year, and that’s an impressive time in that heat. Be sure to take that form to Norway for whatever races you manage to do over there. Remember Skaala Opp is right up your street, a total vertical horrorshow ;-)

Final thanks to Colm Moran who pulled me up Beenkearagh as I was mumbling about how great the Isle of Jura Race was back in 2019 when we both did it and agreeing that it’s one to go back to do again despite the fact it’s longer, more technical and usually has worse weather than reeks skyline!

Apologies again to Robbie and the MMRA crew for crying off on my volunteering for the Carrauntoohil Classic today, another hot one, but alack the rolled ankle coming off caher has turned out to be a reoccurrence of the avulsion fracture I came back too early from. Should make the races in the alps in late August/early September particularly memorable/death marchable!
Mícheál O'MullainJul 18 2021, 8:32pmA massive thanks to Robbie and team for an excellent event with the, as always, slick organisation. A special thanks also to Rob and crew at Hydro where I bailed in delirium. My excuse is the after shock of Pfizer vaccine…Brian isn’t buying that excuse though!

Looking forward to next year…and hopefully worse weather!…already.

And congratulations to all the winners…it was hard earned this year.
Simon DugganJul 18 2021, 11:32pmDeepest thanks to Robbie and his fantastic team - many of whom helped me out of the multiple ruts I found myself in yesterday. From Tom McLoughlin on Beenkeragh who came to my aid with salts sticks and directions when I arrived to the summit in a sorry state of heat exhaustion, to the marshal that did all he could when I rolled an ankle at the devils ladder ( & the lady hiker who offered me coffee at the time - COFFEE?… Lol…….) and finally to the gentleman on the zig zags who produced and opened a fresh bottle of lucozade orange to me - thank you all.
Conor MurphyJul 19 2021, 10:32amIt was just flawless, so well organised, some of the volunteers must have spent 10 hours in that heat. Thanks so much to all who helped out, it's become the highlight of the racing calendar.
Conor KeaneJul 19 2021, 11:01amJust wanted to echo the sentiments above. A show of real professional organization with the flawless running of a tough event. Thanks all who made it possible.
Ruairí LongJul 19 2021, 12:59pmI think everyone who was there can agree that this past weekend in Kerry was a perfect example of how fantastic the IMRA community is.

Incredible organisation, amazing volunteers and a tough course. What more could you want.

Thank you to everyone who was involved. I've already convinced myself I'm looking forward to next year, if only it were 10 degrees cooler.
Paul SweeneyJul 19 2021, 2:48pmWell done to all runners and massive thanks to IMRA and volunteers for such a great weekend in the mountains.

I've put together some photos of the start of the skyline race, going up everyone's favourite climb to Cruach Mhor.
John BellJul 20 2021, 12:36pmHi, I have a pair of ALTRA LONE PEAK runners that were left behind after the race. They have an imra tag on them. If they are yours, please let me know on O85 725I496 to arrange collection. John
Peter BellJul 20 2021, 1:01pmMassive thanks to Robbie and his Munster crew for putting on a great weekend of running. The Marshalls did a great job on the course.
Well done to all the winners, there was some top runners racing.
I was just happy to get to the finish line where the ice cold beers awaited.
Perfect weekend in the beautiful kerry had.
Roll on next year for more racing and glorious sunshine.
Colette O' DonoghueJul 20 2021, 2:23pm@John Bell, I believe that Rosy Temple was looking for a pair of missing Altras over the weekend so they could possibly be hers!?
Alan AylingJul 20 2021, 4:54pmStill buzzing from that weekend. Race report up.
John BellJul 20 2021, 9:08pmThanks Colette. I've been on to Rosy.
Simon DugganJul 21 2021, 10:37pmRace report up for anyone who is horribly bored on this Wednesday evening.
Kristen O'SullivanJul 22 2021, 8:05amThank you to Robbie and all of the volunteers for a great event on Saturday. Everything was so well organised. Thanks especially to the Volunteer in Beenkeragh who gave me the Tuc Crackers which definitely revived me a bit to get me through. A tough day Saturday for Volunteers standing out in that heat - thank you!
Brian SmythJul 22 2021, 12:26pmHuge thanks to Robbie and base crew and all the volunteers and summit marshals on the route. It was as tough a day for all of you as it was for the runners in those temperatures. Much appreciated folks. Those perched on any of the route’s summits displayed inspirational heat tolerance and commitment; and were a very welcoming sight as one clambered onto their perches and got their reassuring words of encouragement. What a route!! Very testing heat , water consumption to bate the band, sit down rejuvenation had to be adopted on many an occasion. The ridges are magical , all of them on this route; and visibility was as good as it gets in the reeks which was a heart-lifting bonus. Cruach mor and Beenkereagh ascents , remind you that you are alive and kicking , but that you should have prepped better : ). Great atmosphere and spirit around Cronin’s.
Thanks to all who made it what it was . Happy to make the finish line this year. Can’t wait for next year!
David PowerJul 24 2021, 10:33pmReport inspired by Tour de France now crafted. Also on my blog:
Alan AylingJul 24 2021, 11:42pmGreat reports Simon & David, thanks lads! Is it wrong that I'm still on a bit of a high after that race, a full week on?!