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Barry WalshJul 23 2020, 3:29pmHi all, just wondering when entries for the Galtee half are opening?

Robbie WilliamsAug 2 2020, 3:19pmHi all Munster runners..

This race is on in 3 weeks time.

Can I ask potential volunteers who have prahaps ran some of the last few races , to give their time to volunteering at that.

Can you put yourselves down on the events page please & thank you
Robbie WilliamsAug 4 2020, 9:08pmThis race is open for registration.

Please note that there are no lists once full.

Please make sure you are definitely (within reason) available to do the race on the day as it can be disappointing to take a place that another runner could of had.


Thank you all.
Brendan CollinsAug 4 2020, 10:32pmHi Robbie
I’m not around on race day but free to help with course marking etc any evening leading up.
Robbie WilliamsAug 5 2020, 10:32amHi Brendan

I think Tom Blackburn & Barry Hartnett are sorting the marking

Thank you
Ailbe QuinlanAug 9 2020, 2:08pmHi Robbie,
I have registered the Galtee Half-Marathon, but due to a clashing family event I will have to forego my entry to this race. Could someone please remove me from the register?
Might it be possible to transfer the payment for use at a later event, preferably to one of the Munster based Half-Marathon events?
Robbie WilliamsAug 9 2020, 7:04pmAlbie,

Apologies but imra have a strict no refunds no transfers policy as is run by volunteers
Ailbe QuinlanAug 10 2020, 10:50amHi Robbie,
Ok that's no problem. Appreciate all the work that's done here. Best of luck.
Mike CaseyAug 11 2020, 12:39pmHi Robbie, I’m trying for that last entry but getting an error.
Deirdre GalvinAug 13 2020, 2:48pmHi,

My most sincere apologies, but I am unable to take my place up for next weekend's race. I understand that there is no refund or transfer.
Thank you, and sorry once again!
Aindriu ComhraidheAug 13 2020, 8:29pmHi,
I'm also getting an error message when I try to enter.

Martin MullaneAug 13 2020, 10:30pmBeen trying to book and keep getting an error message.
Jason DowlingAug 13 2020, 10:44pmAll entries are sold now which is causing the error. I'll look to clear up the error over the weekend..
Kevin BroughtonAug 17 2020, 1:21pmHi, what time do you need volunteers to be there on Saturday morning?
Durand BernardAug 17 2020, 10:31pmWhere can l download galthee route for garmin forerunner watch please
Gordon PlaceAug 17 2020, 10:43pmHi,
Try this
Barry HartnettAug 18 2020, 1:13amHi Kevin, there will be an email going out to the helpers tomorrow evening. But probably 9am at Kingsyard.
James FergusonAug 18 2020, 8:20amHi all, new here but live just down the road from Kings Yard. Happy to come and volunteer if you need any more help or even run if you have had any late cancellations? Cheers
Kevin BroughtonAug 18 2020, 2:03pmPerfect, thanks Barry
Joseph BoyleAug 18 2020, 3:08pmBernard,
You could try the following GPX or Garmin link if Gordon's doesen't work for you.

Ailbe QuinlanAug 18 2020, 3:17pmHi guys,
I had posted on Aug 9th that I could not make it, but turns out that I will be ok for the race.
I see that I am still entered, so please leave me on register and I'll see you on Saturday.
Barry WalshAug 18 2020, 6:05pmI guess we are in jeopardy...
Walsh RowanAug 18 2020, 6:46pmSporting events are allowed to proceed without spectators, so...
justin foleyAug 18 2020, 8:44pmJoseph Boyle
is the garmin link private?
Christopher MurnaneAug 18 2020, 9:03pmHopefully we can still race on saturday, sporting events still allowed and if GAA can continue surely we can run outdoors.
Jim FitzharrisAug 18 2020, 9:19pmI would defer to the lawyers and those of a Jesuitical mindset, but I believe that IMRA events would be classified under outdoor gatherings and not treated as sporting events like GAA, FAI, etc.

On that basis, a limit of 15 is totally impracticable for an IMRA race when you take into account the volunteers/helpers present as well.

I know little about insurance (except that we all pay too much for it) but I am sure that IMRA's insurance policy would be invalid for a race that the insurers deemed to be in breach of the new Covid regulations.

Sorry to be a party pooper!

Just my tuppence worth.
Walsh RowanAug 18 2020, 9:51pmIf we have a priest knocking out a Novena up at the cross would the race be classed as a mass.
Jason DowlingAug 18 2020, 9:55pmMass gatherings are banned so it would probably depend on the type of mass given :)
Lillian DeeganAug 18 2020, 10:15pmFour weddings and a funeral - Robbie, how many have you in :)
Barry HartnettAug 19 2020, 12:34am140 in total
Robert CostelloAug 19 2020, 12:55am@jim why would you classify GAA and FAI events as sport and not IMRA? All those years of telling people I was running a race when it’s now been interpreted as the equivalent of meeting up for a barbecue and a few beers at the weekend. :-(
The outdoor rule is aimed at gatherings for parties and social events, not sport that can easily facilitate social distancing and other Covid prevention measures. The Taoiseach confirmed this verbally already. I expect (and hope) to see clarity from Government and the various bodies in the morning.
Andrew HowardAug 19 2020, 8:11amWhile i believe these new restrictions are draconian, I completely agree with Robert Costello below, the outdoor restrictions were put in place to stop social gatherings. If contact sports where two teams are going at each other for 80 minutes in close contact is ok, and if crowded pubs are ok just because there's a plate of chips on the table , then surely mountain running where people are in clean mountain air with plenty of wind, and who spread out quickly, is less risk and should go ahead. It's about time Sporting Organisations in Ireland fought their corner on this matter, and not simply roll over as an easy touch.
Niamh KellyAug 19 2020, 10:23amI also agree with Robert Costello and Andrew Howard, I hope we get clarity today as I was also hoping that the ''all sporting events including close contact'' included us.

as what has been said all ready we are not a social gathering and it is much easier to keep our social distance compared to other sports like GAA or Rugby
Christopher MurnaneAug 19 2020, 10:36amAthletics Ireland have just come out to say that the national's are still going ahead so no reason why imra races can't proceed.
Jeff SwordsAug 19 2020, 10:57amWith the qualification that it's behind closed doors. Semantics I suppose.
Gordon PlaceAug 19 2020, 11:13amPresumably to exclude spectators, not too many of them on an IMRA race
Barry WalshAug 19 2020, 11:18amBefore everyone decides for themselves what should and shouldn't happen I think it is best left to those running the event to make a decision on how they best see it to proceed. If they are happy with it off or on, we all should be too.
Gordon PlaceAug 19 2020, 11:29amEh, it's a discussion forum Barry. A few people, many who know each other, having a bit of chat about the situation and latest news. No doubt the committee will continue to do what's best and permitted
Robbie WilliamsAug 19 2020, 11:30amHi All

We are meeting tonight and hope to have some guidance from our governing body (athletics Ireland) so will post on this tonight or tomorrow morning with an update.

Joseph BoyleAug 19 2020, 11:41amJustin,
Try this link from last year, but you may not need it anyway. If it doesn't work, I also have a Viewranger link or if you search for Galtees Half Marathon on Viewranger it'll give you a load of options.
Gordon PlaceAug 19 2020, 11:43amI think the link above should just download the gpx directly, not open a webpage
Barry WalshAug 19 2020, 12:53pmSteady on Gordon, just acknowledging that we can postulate on what's best but the decision is up to the race organisers. Nothing else intended.
Gordon PlaceAug 19 2020, 1:03pmSorry Barry, wrong side of the bed this morning
Mick HanneyAug 19 2020, 7:06pmGood man Robbie.

As they would have said in Father Ted, long before Covid, anything to be said for another mass?
Robbie WilliamsSep 12 2020, 8:10amHello Runners

For anyone that didn’t get a chance , we will be releasing extra spaces for the Galtee Half Marathon which will take place on Sat 3rd October.

This will be in next few days.
Will post here and on Facebook once open.

Great to be looking forward to some races again.

Please note as always, IMRA has a strict no refund no transfers policy, so make sure you can actually make it, rather than take a space for someone who definitely can.

Thanks for your patience.

Robbie WilliamsSep 12 2020, 2:28pmJust to clarify;

Anybody ALREADY entered Galtee and that cannot make the new date is entitled to a refund.

Please email;

The no refund no transfer policy is for any of the places being sold this week.
Brian O'GradySep 14 2020, 8:36pmIf there are any available places I'd be grateful to grab one. Thanks
Robbie WilliamsSep 15 2020, 3:28pmA number of places available from midnight tonight lads.
Sally-Ann LynchSep 16 2020, 3:20pmAre you looking for volunteers for this race?
Brian O'GradySep 16 2020, 9:05pmThanks Robbie
Barry HartnettSep 18 2020, 11:07amHi Sally,

If you dont mind an hour or two up on the hills id be delighted if you volunteered.

Sally-Ann LynchSep 19 2020, 1:23pmHi Barry,
Sounds like a fun day out. Count me in.
John MannionSep 20 2020, 11:26amany spaces left for an IMRA virgin?
Gerry McGuinnessSep 22 2020, 4:22pmI have signed up for the Galtee Half but now find with the new Covid 19 & IMRA guidelines I should not travel to the event as I live in Dublin.
Is it possible to have the entrance fee transferred to another event or a refund.
Mark RaleighSep 22 2020, 4:50pmLads, is the race now sold out? Get an application error.
Brian EastwoodSep 22 2020, 6:03pmHi I'm also trying to sign up but getting an error
Brian EastwoodSep 22 2020, 7:13pmStill says one place left. Be great if ye could fit us in.
Robbie WilliamsSep 22 2020, 9:16pmHi Lads, for a few races it has an error and shows one entry left.
If its showing one left it is sold out.

PS: Any original sign ups the cannot travel either because of new date or that are residing in Dublin please contact

Please note there is no list for extra space with dropouts etc.
Nagles race is next on 17th October all going well and registration will open in next week or so.
Patrick Mc GrealSep 22 2020, 10:14pmAny spaces left or people looking to transfer an entry?
Robbie WilliamsSep 23 2020, 7:24amIMRA doesn’t do any transfers I’m afraid.
Grzegorz KiedaSep 29 2020, 9:29amHi,I just registered i'll will new bib number on the morning of race registration, #8. Thank you, Greg
Paul KennedySep 30 2020, 2:21pmHi, I'm signed up to run, it's my first IMRA event. Is it just proof of payment for the event and the race number within that mail required to get a bib number on the morning? Thanks, Paul
Barry HartnettSep 30 2020, 10:52pmThats all Paul yes.
justin foleyOct 2 2020, 7:32amlooking for a open link for the route that can be downloaded to garmin.
earlier links in thread are locked or not working thanks
stephen erswellOct 2 2020, 12:15pm

Hi Justin, try this one.
justin foleyOct 2 2020, 5:43pmthanks Stephen
Mark QuigleyOct 2 2020, 9:21pmHi . Just wondering should I have received an email about registration in the morning?
Conor MurphyOct 3 2020, 5:11pmThanks to RD Barry and all the volunteers today. The perfect event, from parking to facilities to route, a really great race.
Mícheál O'MullainOct 3 2020, 5:45pmI second that. A great event and very well run
Tom McloughlinOct 3 2020, 6:17pmMighty day out, thanks to Barry and everyone involved!
Brian O'GradyOct 3 2020, 6:42pmFantastic event. Thanks Barry and everyone else out there on the mountains today
Niall BennisOct 3 2020, 7:00pmThanks for a great day out.
kieran o sullivanOct 3 2020, 8:52pmlovely day-thanks to all volunteers for making it happen
Kristen O'SullivanOct 3 2020, 9:10pmGreat day out, thanks to the organisers and volunteers. Very well run event and a very enjoyable course!
Alice ClancyOct 3 2020, 10:18pmThat was such a brilliant race! We all know MMRA never do things by halves and that was in evidence in spades was so well organised and lovely to see everyone . A huge thank you to Barry and the volunteers.
liam lynchOct 4 2020, 8:38amThat was a very well run race. Congratulations and thanks to organisers and all who made it possible. Galtees were at their best!
Sam HandOct 4 2020, 9:07amGreat day out yesterday! Thanks to the race director, organisers and volunteers for all the time and effort put in to make it happen.
Angela FlynnOct 5 2020, 12:09pmThanks a million to Barry and his team of volunteers for what was a really smashing day out on the hills. The weather, route, parking, organisation and general good humour of all the munster crowd made it especially enjoyable. The goodies at the end helped with the long car journey home too. Much appreciated
Brian FlannellyOct 5 2020, 6:57pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie