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CANCELLED - Djouce Remembrance Race

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Brendan LawlorDec 7 2020, 9:24amIts been a funny old year, Lockdowns, race cancellations, frustrations and challenges.

And to cap it all we can't hold our Remembrance Race to honour the many legends who have passed away and who all contributed so much to our sport.

Thankfully despite the very large toll Covid has taken in the country and elsewhere, none of our members past or present passed away this year (so far and fingers crossed).. for that we can be thankful.

So on December 27th, if you go out for a run, think about some of the people who are sadly no longer with us. And if you don't get out, stop for a moment that day and remember them.. we will honour them again next December

Ní bheidh a leithéid arís ann
James HigginsDec 7 2020, 9:49pmSadly, Brendan there is one to report. Eddie Hughes ( passed away recently.

He ran 58 IMRA races between 2002 and 2006. Himself and Maurice Timmins always travelled to IMRA races together.

Eddie was better known in BHAA circles where he organised AIB's cross-country race in Maynooth College for many years. However, he had a fondness for the hills, IMRA and was always a regular in whatever pub we ended up in after races.

May he Rest In Peace.
Brendan LawlorDec 8 2020, 8:20amThanks James, I've added Eddie's photo and may he rest in peace
Laura FlynnDec 8 2020, 6:31pmWell said Brendan and thanks James for relaying that sad news about Eddie Hughes. I remember him well. May he rest in peace.