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Phil behanJul 19 2020, 10:51pmI know this race is a bit away, but hoping to start my daughters mountain running career at this. She’s a junior only 9 years old so I’m wondering is it ok if I run alongside her on the junior course? I’m also happy to volunteer doing car park or some other role before the Junior Race. Thanks. P
Lillian DeeganJul 19 2020, 11:45pmOnce we get an RD and full crew in to organise this years race Phil, we'll get the page updated with detail on a junior route w/ distance noted. But yes, it should be fine for your little lady to join in. And your spot on - all u10's run with a parent or guardian.

The next two weeks or so should see the page updated and added to by the RD to be. Keep an eye on here for news.
Lillian DeeganJul 21 2020, 12:12pmHi all,

I'm looking for an RD and full compliment of helpers for our PWS event on Aug. Aug. 12th. We are a few weeks out from race day, we need to get an organising team in place shortly to avoid the race being pulled from the calendar.

Thanks, Lillian
Aubrey O'NeillJul 28 2020, 12:52pmHi!

I'm just new into the IMRA circles but would love to help out at this one (won't be running here so available for whatever is needed!). Let me know!


Andrew HanneyJul 28 2020, 1:41pmHey Aubrey, you can add your name to the volunteer list. Once logged into the site, on the race event page you will see the volunteer option at the bottom. As you’re new to the game just volunteer as a helper.
Aubrey O'NeillJul 28 2020, 6:13pmSuch a newb! Thanks Andy!
Gordon PlaceJul 29 2020, 8:51amHi All,
Is Cancelled Downshill up for purchase in the shop instead of PWS by mistake?
Tim ChapmanJul 29 2020, 9:02amThis shouldn't open until next week according to the details. Scalp has gone up.
Brendan LawlorJul 29 2020, 9:36amScalp sold out in 29 minutes !
Kevin O'RiordanJul 29 2020, 9:44amIt looks like extra entries have been added for Scalp. Naked warrior dancers get first refusal.
Aubrey O'NeillJul 31 2020, 7:05pmApologies, I've had to remove myself as a helper for this one. I didn't realise at the time but travelling to Donegal that evening!
Phil behanAug 2 2020, 11:49amHi guys, I can help out to do car park or anything required before the junior race. I would then like to run with my daughter on the junior course. Do I need to buy 2 entries or just one for her ? Thanks.
Brian McGuckinAug 2 2020, 2:27pmHi Phil,
Thanks for the help, regards to your question I'll check with the committee and let you know,
need a few more volunteers also.
Conor NolanAug 2 2020, 8:40pmBrian and Brian, a heads-up that there is a lot of clear-felling both side of the track when you enter the woods. First trail up through the trees may be gone, hard to see. Just so you know.
Justin ReaAug 2 2020, 8:46pmAlso lots of wind fallen trees after the descent off Ravens Rock. As I run there a lot I am happy to work out route with RD or marker
Brian FureyAug 2 2020, 11:15pmJustin meeting Brian at 6 tomorrow evening for a walk on the course. Be good to have more help Brian 0872834308
Brian FureyAug 4 2020, 10:37amFirst trail up through the trees is ok - but there is machinery in the way. If that's the case still next Wednesday - race will continue up the fireroad instead of that first forest section. All other part of course will be the same as 2019, 2018.
I walked it yesterday evening. Thanks.
David G FassbenderAug 6 2020, 10:57amApologies if this is hassle but if there are any cancellations in the next few days, I would happily take them over. Thanks!
Laura FlynnAug 6 2020, 11:42amHi David, unfortunately we don’t operate a cancellation policy or list for people who missed out and want to run. Hopefully you can make one of our other races.
Robert CostelloAug 7 2020, 11:43pmThere may be a few DNS with Kildare, Laois and Offaly in lockdown.
Shane O'ReillyAug 8 2020, 10:36amHi Robert, all,
I am registered for PWS but I live in Kildare so I will not make it now. Was looking forward to the return but back to the canals and hills around Kilteel for me for now...
David G FassbenderAug 11 2020, 2:24pmThanks, @Laura Flynn, for confirmation! Signed up for MM 1/2 so will definitely get out!
Alan KilbrideAug 11 2020, 4:31pmHi,

Looking forward to the race tomorrow!

I have my number and race chip for 2020 already.

I know we don't need to sign in with pen and paper from reading the covid document, but will I need to "tap on" with my race chip tomorrow?

Or is it just a matter of turning up and running? (I have registered online for this race).

Graham K. BusheAug 11 2020, 5:21pmHi Alan, Tap your chip and make sure your name is checked at the Reg desk so we know you are running. Enjoy
Rory BurkeAug 12 2020, 9:37amHi All, I'd like to get my no-show apology out of the way - had a re-occurance of an old injury over the weekend and after a little tester this morning its pretty clear I won't be able to make it up and down PWS tonight! Sorry to have taken a place from someone but I hope ye all enjoy a lovely evening on the hills
Muireann CodyAug 12 2020, 9:50amHi,

I entered this evenings run but now I can't make it if you want to take my name off the runners list? I don't know if this means someone else can take my place?
Henny BrandsmaAug 12 2020, 3:31pmHi was looking forward to run my first imra run tonight but unfortunately do to injury I am not able to participate, could you please take my name of the list, would have signed up as helper but there seem to be enough volunteerrs tonight.
Regards Henny.
Laura FlynnAug 12 2020, 5:37pmSorry to hear you’re injured Henny. I checked with Brian and he said there’s no need for you to come tonight. Hope you get this message on time and you can put for feet up for the evening.
Alan KilbrideAug 12 2020, 10:55pmThanks for a great race, really well organised!!

Great to be back in the hills ;)
Robert CostelloAug 12 2020, 10:56pmThanks for a great race tonight Brian and volunteers. And quick with the results too. On places, I was ahead of Mike and Marcus - not that 18th v 20th counts for much! Just glad to be back racing.
Phil behanAug 13 2020, 8:49amFair play yesterday Brian and all other volunteers. My daughter loved the junior race. Thanks again and glad no one hit the gate with their cars !!! P
Laura FlynnAug 13 2020, 8:50amWell done to you and your team on putting on last nights race. It’s really greatly appreciated by us all.

We’re still looking for a Race Director and volunteers for next weeks race at Glasnamullen. Please consider it if you have race directed before. That race won’t go ahead without one.
Conor O'FarrellAug 13 2020, 9:01amThanks Brian and team for a great race last night.

What a tough race! It really is a relentless descent from the moment you hit Prince William's Seat all the way to the finish line.

Results are now up, thanks to Jason and the laptop team for their excellent work.

Please send any queries to

Ross FitzgeraldAug 13 2020, 10:58amWell done Brian and crew last night for a smoothly run race and a speedy track!
Great to be back on the hills of a Wednesday night, thanks again to all
Warren SwordsAug 13 2020, 11:29amThanks to Brian and all the volunteers. The organisation was exceptional last night, from sign in to marshals and marking.

I did query Mikey and Gordon's directions near the end of the race but that was only because they were pointing us back up a hill.

Also apologies to whoever I said "Ah for **** sake, you're back again!" I confused them with someone else due to mask haha!

Brilliant course.
Thomas DonohoeAug 13 2020, 12:00pmgreat event and course , thanks to the team for their time and efforts
Jenny Uí ShéAug 16 2020, 8:23amHi Brian
Thanks for organising a great race. And Thankyou for your understanding when I was concerned over Aaron my son at the end after discovering the had done the senior race instead of the junior race!
Brian McGuckinAug 16 2020, 11:38amNo Problem Jenny,